Product Review – Nivea Men Body Deodorizer

Nivea Men Deodorizer promotional material

Recently Nivea Men has released a new body deodorizer in the market with the claim that it would fight body odor for 48 hours.

Nivea Men claim that it’s India’s first body deodorizer that uses a unique skin friendly concentrate to help fighting odor at its source.

The initial Nivea Men promotional material also claimed that one can get day long freshness in just one use because the deodorizer concentrate formula prevents the formation of body odor.

This deodorizer comes in two varieties, Ice Cool and Energy. I have reviewed the variant “Ice Cool”.

Nivea men Icy Cool Deodorizer

Nivea has sent me a special pack for review as a part of a blogging campaign. Kept inside a nice and uniquely designed box that opens by pulling it from one side but do not get separated from the main casing. The color, glossy finish of the deodorizer box and its outer look gives a feeling of ice cool deodorizer inside. The deodorizer can is sleek in design and its color too give a refreshing ice cool feel. So when you unwrap the product for the first time you get a unique feeling. Nivea Men has done a good job in creating a positive first impression of their product.

Before I used this product, I read through the instructions and noticed the following on the perfume bottle (written as is from the bottle) –

  1. The concentrated formula gives you an instant cooling sensation on application
  2. 48-hour protection against body odor
  3. No need to reapply during the day
  4. With a refreshingly icy cool scent
  5. Skin tolerance dermatologically proved
Nivea Men Body Deodorizer Pack

It was important for me to test all the above claims while I test the product. Hence I decided to use the same for a few months under different weather conditions and during my different daily routine schedules and form any conclusion about the product. So I have tested the product for four months (between July-October) in Bangalore before I wrote this review. For those who are not aware of Bangalore weather, it’s dry and mostly pleasant. Also, I do not sweat that much and in general I do not have anybody odor problem.

Results of use

As the first impression goes, the first application of the Nivea men deodorizer gave me an awesome feeling. It is cool, refreshing and the friendly to the skin. For checking friendliness to the skin, I did try this product on an irritated skin even though the instructions clearly say not to do the same. But I wanted to test its worth and I did not have any problem. So I concluded that their claims 1, 4 and 5 are true.

I was skeptical about their second and third claims so I tested the product in different daily schedules and found both the claims to be not true. As I do not have body odor problems even in normal conditions and Bangalore weather makes it impossible for me to have body odor, I tried to see if the fragrance remained as is after a 12 hour day. This test failed in all different test conditions. I applied the product in different parts of the body including wrist just to check if it stayed after 12 hours. But it didn’t. Even when I was at home the whole day and applied the deodorizer at 12 pm after bath I did not find the fragrance in the evening.

Nivea Deo

Overall, I found the product Nivea Men Body Deodorizer to be satisfactory and it is true that it does not contain gas. It’s a concentrate deodorizer with refreshing cool fragrance. It’s also non-irritating for the skin and hence it scores over other deodorants available in the market. The reason I want to give additional brownie points to Nivea Men Body Deodorizer over other deodorants in the similar segment is its awesome cool fragrance that is truly unique and refreshing.

Priced at Rs 250 for a bottle of 120 ml this product made me happy with some of its tall claims. Even though the bottle flaunts Hamburg, Germany it is actually manufactured in Himachal Pradesh, India. The product comes with 2.5 years of expiry and it seemed value for money for me.

My rating, 3.5 out of 5.



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    Great Stuff!

    I use a Nivea Fresh Ocean Deodorant it comes with the fresh aqua fragrance that helps you stay ahead in every venture by giving you long-lasting freshness.

    Here’s the link in case you want to check it out.


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