Debate – How Men Should Have Divorce?

No man wants to pay for a broken relationship and to someone who will no longer contribute to his life either directly or indirectly. Paying any money to such women simply because the man was once in a relationship is considered as parasitism of women.

Also there is a big debate on if dowry is illegal how can alimony be legal?

Dear readers, from your perspective how do you think a man should get divorced? Invite comments from MRAs, MGTOWs, men and women. Let’s start the big debate- how a man should get divorced? Your opinion matters.


  1. Divorce without tears——In lighter vein——-He should ask his friends, relatives and parents to publicly whip lash him , on the street corner of his “estranged wife” , for having made a bad choice, which had ruined lives of his parents , brothers and sisters……live the house….. as an act of penance …….become a roving monk (without mobile and address)……….come back…….find wife remarried…… “Forgive her and seek Divorce with NIL maintenance/ alimony”……….much better than going to courts


  2. Once it is made up, and clear that both dont want to live together, there should be clear and compelling way to close the chapter. There should not be any gender bias. Where a woman does not want to return, especially in Restitution case filed by husband, Neither Court nor woman have any right to spoil the life of other by dragging the case. Each has to earn for themselves, and should be on his way, without becoming burden on other. When woman is not ready to accompany and support huby, on what ground they can ever ask for permanent alimoney. Simply be matured, and live if you have dignity of your own.


  3. It is very simple , your ex want money by extortion and blackmail by abuse the law like 498A/DV/CRPC125 etc against you and your age old parents/sisters. So, your first Job to stop that, so that Next time she will think twice before file such cases to any one. But if she get easy money, will advice others or encourage others as example, how she get money without much effort, result more and more men and thier family will suffer under such Legal Terrorism.
    Next is need massive awareness against all anti-men law and our enemy is not individual, enemy is the ideology , that men have to pay the price irrespective it is his fault or her fault.
    MCD with Zero money is first step as win this battle as Target no.1 for every Men of India or refuse the Divorce with Huge Money for self comfort. Those pay money and take divorce actually make miserable at least 10 further innocent men’s life.


  4. India needs to legalize premarital agreement. Division of property, whether or not alimony(gender neutral) should be paid and how much should be strictly according to the premarital agreement and not according to discretion of judge. Also contract marriages need to be introduced wherein couple would remain married for a predetermined period of time. After this contract would expire. If both of them desire it can be renewed.

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  5. I think the better question is how should a man (or anyone) get married? My thinking is have a pre-nuptial agreement. Such an agreement can then cover your specific situation. That can include alimony type provisions as called for (or not). To let the often insane state laws be in control of a divorce is just nuts.

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  6. once marriage is over she is no more a wife, no duties of wife she is doing, then why to pay alimony? emotional, why emotional has to be enforced as law? duty of parents is to raise a child (son/daughter) so that they stand up in their own feet, and after divorce if still lady needs support means that she was under bad parenting, so she must go back to that school, not to husband’s school.

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    • To whom it may concern:

      In America, it is believed that women reach their “peak” at the age of 30. From that point on, she begins a slow and gradual decline in ability, in appearance, and in value.

      To compensate women for this natural inequality, “the powers that be” decided to give restitution to married women in the form of financial compensation for all the years she invested in her marriage – knowing that she will not be able to command very much from men in the future.

      In a way, the social engineers and legislators in America have thusly determined that women steadily decrease in value after the age of 30, whereas men and their assets tend to increase in value as they age. In the minds of our social engineers, granting women alimony, exorbitant child support, spousal maintainence, etc,…is just an attempt at leveling the playing field.

      Let it be known that I do not personally endorse this belief system, but am only trying to add clarification as to why this madness is effecting your country. It has been said that “When America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold.” – Little by little, the world is becoming more and more “Americanized”…and that’s never a good thing. Be on guard and fight it tooth and nail. Peace be with you.

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  7. Marriage is built up on three pillars- love, respect and trust. If its broken, then no point in staying together. Here women file false cases as a counter, when men apply divorce.
    I feel the best option is mcd with zero alimony. Let her beg for divorce and come to the table with zero settlement. Men should never apply for divorce in the india.


  8. Out of such stifled situation, the only co lateral damage that happens is the Child born out of the wedlock. Alienating from its Natural Guardian and you run post to pillars just to see your own child once or twice a month.


  9. I insist Dowry be made legal as alimony is legal and if there is some deliberate fault on the part of woman like adultery , cruelty and deceiving the husband about a major ailment which may cause an impediment to a normal sexual life etc etc in such a case …the husband be given divorce without alimony once there is fault is proved within 4 months.In case the husband wants a divorce irrespective of no fault of his wife ,then also divorce be given within 4 months but in this case the alimony amount should be equal to that of the dowry registered in the marriage certificate.In case there is some incompatibility then efforts should be made for 4 months extensively imploring them to reclaim the relationship and counselling them so that they may ammend the faults on their sides and also showing them what is good for them in their respective spouse advocating them that divorce is always bad and staying together is good and making them know each other more so that they may negate their differences.If all efforts have failed then they must be left alone so that some more time may be given to getback.If then too,if there are no signs of cohesiveness then divorce must be granted.Everytime divorce is invoked there must be 4 months time frame to make efforts to save the marriage.(:)

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    • In case the man initiates the divorce on his part alleging some fault on his behalf and he is able to prove it then “Divorce” should be granted within 4 months (Note:- 4 months period to exert efforts to save the relation.. ) and it should not be made mandatory for him to give back the dowry money as alimony.My argument in this case for no alimony is because the man is divorcing because of the woman’s fault and because it is the woman at fault it makes sense not to give back the dowry as alimony.This will place the responsibility on the wife to cooperate to the success of the marriage rather than to leave it or ruin it as she will lose out on money.Also it can be contested that since the man uses “Money” to maintain his wife during the course of marriage and he is legally obliged to do so and also as he spends so much money on her to provide her with other goodies(Taking to restaurants,movies,recreation parks,shopping,jewellery etc etc ) which goes unaccounted during the course of marriage,the money or assets given as Dowry may suffice him for this apparent spending.(:)


      • In case it Mutual Consent Divorce(MCD) after ‘The 4 months time frame’ that some more time may be 8 months making the total time to the traditional and established 1 year as it its the case as the couple are requested to stay aloof for 12 months once the divorce is granted.Amen.


        • In case of irretrievable break down of marriage,the minimum time period for which the couple need to stay aloof under this clause must be 1 year instead of current 3 years.In this case ,the husband should give back the dowry as alimony in case divorce is granted.And right from the time ,one of the spouses initiates the divorce under this clause,again normal 4 months time period t should be allocated and another 8 months time for the couple to get back as usual.


  10. I have seen certain cases which ended up as an MCD and without any alimony but the guy was pounded with a maintenance case years later. So while settling for MCD, it is always fair to pay a token amount as lifetime alimony terming it as full & final settlement just not to leave any gap. for future claims. MRAs should consider paying a token amount, say 50K Rs, as charity and forget about it. My 2 cents.

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  11. To whom it may concern:

    Much of the madness in India today, is the byproduct of over 200 years of British rule. Needless to say, British ghosts still roam the old corridors and halls of justice, hence they are able to usurp considerable influence on present-day politicians and policies – from the grave.

    Case in point:

    Samuel Comyn published “The Law of Contracts and Promises Upon Various Subjects…” in 1826. This is important to know, because it effected England, Canada, America as well as India. This lengthy book was comprised of major legal theorists regarding various subjects pertinent to American and British law.

    Please read the following judgment from a court magistrate (1824) who was confronted with a lawsuit filed by a man, hoping to seek compensation from his fiance for breaking their pre-marital contract, when she upped and married another man without granting him just compensation as provided by law. A law that had been successfully utilized by women.

    The Judge ruled:

    “For the law doth not intend that the man is advanced by marriage; and therefore such a promise of marriage to him is of no consideration in law, and by consequences, no action can be founded thereon. But it is otherwise where a man promiseth to marry a woman, because in the eye of the law, marriage is an advancement to the woman.”

    So, in the eyes of the British aristocracy and through their misguided code of chivalry, marriage is intended to help advance a woman throughout her life, whereas it is not intended by law, intent, or purpose – to be of any benefit to man. In fact, men are of no consideration at all. Perhaps this will help to explain the horrific sex biases and gender inequalities that we see in the western world and India today. God save the Queen!

    Peace be with you


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