Why Did This Professor Kill His Children?


Guruprasad’s Suicide Note

[I have taken good care of you. why you people (wife and in-laws) are trying to do injustice to me? 

I have purchased whatever you wanted.I have done cooking for you. When you were pregnant I purchased a car for you because the bike journey is not good when you were pregnant.

You and your parents imprinted me as a criminal by filing false cases (498A..etc) on me. I am unable to bear the torture of false cases.

My father-in-law manhandled me many times and I never manhandled my wife or anyone. But they have projected me as I had manhandled and I am insane which is tormenting me.

I have requested my wife many times to join and live with me but she refused.

Finally, I have written letters to her working office Infosys and it’s chairman Narayana Murthy to solve this problem but no use.

I had written a letter to Central Home ministry about the misuse of 498A by his wife and her family.

How my property should be distributed written in detail in a letter.

To his wife, he said – as you do not need me or my kids and you need only property so we are leaving this world. His last wish to the Indian Govt. is to stop 498A section and innocent husbands not to get affected like him.]

The above was the excerpts from the suicide note written by the ICFAI professor A R Guruprasad who killed his own sons before killing himself.

Misuse of IPC 498a on Guruprasad

Shame is ashamed yet again in India. This time through the hands of another empowered woman who has not left any room for an educated scholar to live a peaceful life. Indian women are yet again shamed by the blatant misuse of our impotent justice system that takes years to deliver justice, the words of the last letter written by an erudite scholar A R Guruprasad and the sufferings depicted therein goes beyond the intended audience and knocks straight on the doors of Indian Parliament and Indian Supreme Court.

This letter shakes the hearts of all Indian men who have suffered these atrocities. The innocent faces of two most beautiful boys on the earth will not see this world anymore, not because they didn’t deserve the same but because the cruel Indian legal system didn’t allow them to live.

How Media Projected The ICFAI Professor

Indian media has continued to shame us by portraying Guruprasad as a cruel father for what he has done to his children and by completely ignoring the enormous pain and heartbreak he had gone through in his married life. Indian media has done enormous injustice to a suffering father’s emotions and to the emotions of an erudite scholar who didn’t see any hope for life for himself and for his sons. With best of his abilities, he tried to reconcile with his wife and repeatedly appealed to her for living with him. Even on the fateful day, he has tried that. He failed all the time. His greedy wife has kept his children away from a loving father and showed interest only in his property.

A man who was never a crackpot as claimed by a part of our media because he has done research like this. Media by projecting him as an eccentric person only proved to be biased and failing yet again to do justice to their own profession. This media did not read or understand his letter, they did not try to delve into the problem but jumped conclusion by branding him a cruel father. The common man is also no exception. In their comments, many men oblivious to the facts of his life commented that he should go to hell and only hell. Oh yes…he was already living in hell, the real hell will not be even worse.

The Message in Guruprasad’s Suicide

His suicide letter clarifies a lot, it tells us that his wife not only did not want to live with him, probably she didn’t want his children too. We see many such cases in recent times where women refuse to carry children of the man they are married to and also refuse to leave them. These greedy criminals take full advantage of our legal system and politics of women empowerment.

He was manhandled many times by his father-in-law but he has always shown restraint to his wife. In-spite of being maltreated by his in-laws he has always taken care of his family. He has provided them with all luxuries when it was needed, yet all he was gifted by this cruel system was misery and pain.

The role of a man is considered to be that of a provider and protector of his family. He has shown all those characteristics throughout his life, he wanted to protect his children and that is why he wanted to compromise with his abusive wife and abusive in-laws. He has written letters to all possible people he could think of to reunite his family but failed. He failed because his cruel wife wanted only money and property and not a family.

So, a protector and loving father failed to protect his own family. He failed miserably to protect two of his sons from the clutches of their own mother who didn’t want them either. So, when he decided to end his life due to these atrocities how could he ensure safety and security of his own children? Any loving father in this situation will understand that the cruel mother will kill his children slowly when he is not around. He foresaw the fate of his little children who didn’t even get chance to know their father properly.

Husband Suicide, A Reality No One Bothers

As a counselor of such cases, I know that in all such cases the mother will invariably slow-poison the minds of the children against their own father. I will not be surprised if that was happening in this case too. The innocent children were being pushed to a corner by the cruel society and by their cruel mother and her family members. In this situation what else a dying father could do? what else a loving father could do to ensure that his children do not die every day? NO. Psychologists say in these cases men chose to end their genes themselves and not leave it to the cruel world to end them little by little every day. These include every man who is probably commenting on him today. Only they need to undergo such cruelty and see their own children going against them or dying at the hands of such a system every day.

For information of those who are praying that he goes to hell should know that equal number (if not more) mothers also kill their babies. And are already demanding this as a right  –

Cruel Feminism – Now mothers want right to kill their own babies

Filicide – Killing of Children by Their Parents

The killing of children by their own parents is not new. It is known as filicide (killing children up to the age of 18 years). Psychologists have shown (fathers who kill) that the stepfathers kill their stepchildren more as biological fathers have vested interest in saving their own genes for future. In a research done by Resnick (2) in 1969, there may be many reasons for such paternal filicide, out of which these two seem to have worked in this case –

  1. Altruistic filicide – The parent kills the child because it is in the best interest of the child. And
  2. Spouse revenge filicide – for taking revenge on their spouse.

Friedman et al. In their study in 2005 (3) have shown that 50% fathers who kill their children (filicide – suicide) and then commit suicide were suffering from depression.

What Do Psychological Studies Say

There are many psychological studies that have shown different other neurotic disorders behind such filicide. None of these can be ruled out in the case of Dr. Guruprasad as well. Some of these might have caused due to the unending cruelty meted out to him by his in-laws and primarily by his own wife.

I was initially shocked to see the method of killing his children. He killed them by cutting their throats. That is very cruel according to me. But I was surprised to see the psychological analysis in this regard. In their paper on “Fathers who kill their children: An analysis of literature” (1) psychologists have shown that this is the most common method of killing their children by the fathers.

The researchers commented that such violent crimes “may be fueled by rage coupled with mental illness.” The researchers noted that very often these victims do not seek any psychological help or help of counselors. We understand the real problem of men in such cases. They consider them as a protector for everyone from the childhood but they don’t know how to protect themselves.

In this case, it was also found that the father has covered the dead bodies of his child in his plot in Medchal (a locality in Hyderabad). Psychologists say that fathers who do this show that they are actually ashamed of killing their children and wanted to hide the same. That is what we understand from Guruprasad’s act as well. He was ashamed of killing his children but he was driven to do the same by the cruelty of our legal system that denied justice to him and to his children.

Psychological Analysis of His Actions

The question is then why did he try to send an SMS to his wife and finally didn’t send it. This could have been his message to his wife to show that he won in the battle. He didn’t allow her to enjoy the blessings of their sons. She ruined his life, he ruined hers.

But then why he didn’t send it finally? By his elaborate seven-page letter it is clear that he was forced to end his own life he was frustrated by the non-responsive and cruel society as no one came forward to his help and he decided to end his genes in his children too. It is clear that this society didn’t allow him to live anymore. But his final decision of not sending the SMS coupled with covering his dead children shows he was ashamed of his behavior and just wanted to end his life fast.

What Does This Incident Show Us?

This incident shows clearly the level to which misuse of women-centric laws has gone. Men cornered from all sides are left with no option but to commit suicide and end their own genes. Guruprasad wanted 498a to be repealed, he didn’t succeed. He needed help but he didn’t ask anyone about it. He didn’t approach any MRA and decided everything on his own. He was educated, hard working and a loving father. He wanted his feelings to be reciprocated but this cruel society and his own family didn’t reciprocate. His wife and in-laws are directly responsible for the fate of him and his children. If our legal system can not take immediate action against them, it will only prove itself to be impotent. It will only create room for many more such murders before we see complete anarchy around us.

Mr. Guruprasad was never a criminal. He was a loving father and a caring husband as elucidated by his suicide note. He was faithful to the judiciary and legal system. That is why he has sent letters to authorities but in vain. So he was pissed off with this society. He wanted to eliminate his lineage, his existence from this earth. He also didn’t want his children to suffer at the hands of their cruel mother. He was ashamed of his act too. So he attacked them from behind, he couldn’t face them. He buried them and did perform last rites meaning he wanted them to live peacefully hereafter. This happens when a protector fails to protect himself and clearly demonstrates the cruelty of his in-laws.

Can The Society Bring Justice?

All people who work in Infosys with Guruprasad’s wife Suhasini need to understand the gravity of her crime and if the company doesn’t sack her immediately, they need to boycott her completely. All her neighbors and relatives need to discontinue their relations with this criminal family until they are sent to rigorous imprisonment for these murders. If the legal system can not punish them for being women, we as a society can do it collectively; else such women and families will keep haunting us and keep claiming innocent lives and then portray themselves as victims.

Check out the statistics on domestic violence against Indian men –

Survey on intimate partner violence against Indian men

Let’s bring justice to ICFAI professor A R Guruprasad and his children from this injustice by a cruel woman and her family members. Let’s stop legal terrorism under false 498a cases and prevent husband suicides.

*Image Courtesy – Deccan Chronicle


  1. Fathers Who Kill Their Children: An Analysis of the Literature by Sara G. West, M.D.; Susan Hatters Friedman, M.D.; and Phillip J. Resnick, M.D – J Forensic Sci, March 2009, Vol. 54, No. 2
  2. Resnick PJ. Murder of the newborn: a psychiatric review of neonaticide. Am J Psychiatry 1970;126(10):1414–20.
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  4. Friedman SH, Horwitz SM, Resnick PJ. – “Child murder by mothers: a critical analysis of the current state of knowledge and a research agenda. Am J Psychiatry 2005;162(9):1578–87.
  5. Mick Philpott – Fathers who kill their children. Huffington Post



  1. Poor Husband. His wife ruined his life. Sorry state of affairs that illogical 498a & related laws are also baised & favours wife, despite of self realisation that they are useless & not effective.
    So painfull to read that he even took away his lovely childrens also, as they were also abandoned by their shameless mother.


    • Same is the story of lakhs of husbands and their families who are compelled to face false case like 498a, DV, 304B, CRPC 125 by their wives and in laws.

      Out of these lakhs of innocent husbands more than 65000 are driven to end their precious lives.

      My heart goes out for his family who will always be suffering due to the untimely demise of Mr.Guruprasad.

      Media, like always, have failed to bring pain of the innocent man to the light and delivered injustice.


  2. No words partha.
    My first reaction when society questioned me what is your opinion on this was
    “The husband or father or male here was a faltu guy, how can he kill two innocent kids before killing himself”
    He must have joined MRAs to fight for his child custody. It would have taken more 10 to 12 years for him. There is no other way. These sick feminists, sick Medea, sick society can never understand the agony what a male undergoes after marrying these kind of women mentality in the society. Neither Femenists nor psychologists are thinking of evolving these mind sets of women who are spoiling our marriage system.
    Big level research needs to be done on this corporate office system of work which is not family supportive unlike our Indian govt services which are humanistic in nature


  3. Its high time when no one is ready to listen the pains of harrased husbands. Where sour officials are taking this country. Young and brilliant men are forced to waste thier time in courts and police stations. If he doesn’t know about the sif movement than we need to spread the word more strongly.


  4. Shameless Indian/Telugu media is not even realizing that he sacrificed his own life and country lost a talented person. They are only projecting that he killed his kids.

    Please go through below link for his research achievements.


    It is unfortunate that he took the matter too seriously to give away 3 precious lives.


  5. very well written and pointed out the reasons…It will be very useful for the others who are in these problems. Please do ask help with councilors or check online for help if you are in trouble like this…nothing will happen other than ending life.


  6. Many innocent families are into turmoil with the misuse of this 498a. I had seen the disputes on guru prasad suicide and one thing is clear that she has filed a false case on him which ruined his life and inncocent children too.
    In the tape recording suhasini asking her husband guru prasad didn’t you slap me . As per the fact if he has slapped her then she should file on DV act but why the hell she filed q case


  7. Why the hell she filed 498a on him. Isn’t that the misuse of law by women. His letters clearly shows his love and concern for his family . There are many families undergoing the pain of this misuse law 498a . It’s the right time for the govt to act on it so that you could save many more guru prasad as such families. I know the suffering as am also a victim to this law by my greedy wife and parents …


  8. This is sad indeed. Although i can understand why he whould have done it i cannot accept it. He needed the support that feminists deny men. If he had spoken to the MRA or any other equal rights advocate he and his lovely sons whould have been alive.

    It is pathetic that the feminists still beleive that being girly is the reason why men suicide and refuse to see their actual reason for suicide.
    All the best fighting those monsters.


  9. Just reverse the roles of husband and wife in this incident for a moment. And the wife committed a suicide. Guess what happens to the husband and his parents and siblings? All of them would be behind bars the very next moment.
    Gender biased laws. The only crime Guru Prasad did was marriage.
    Really feel sorry for his helpless state that lead him to this incident.


    • Well Said. Just one point I want to add. Marriage is not always that bad. It is because of some b**ches who has made it dirty due to their own failure or jealousy. Most of the time it is wife’s MIL or FIL who makes fun of gender biased laws to try to take revenge of their own life’s failures on the poor husbands. One thing for sure id Guruprasad loved his sons and respected his wife all along. To keep the sons out of the trauma he could not find any other solutions. Only extreme love can give that strength. If he was a criminal, he would have killed the bit*h instead of himself..


  10. When there is no recourse for an Honest Man, then he would turn to such an extreme step. Who is creating such an environment for the Men of the Country that they have nowhere to go, when faced with such humiliating, Life Defeating situations which have Legal and Moral Sanction! It is the Blind, Sycophants in the Garb of Politicians, Social Workers, Capitalists ( who want to sell, beyond human capacity to consume), Media, Common Man who does not Speak up, Dishonest and God Hating Criminal Minded Fathers and Mothers and Relatives of these Witches who are promoting ONE LIFE full of LIES!


  11. She is the most cruel woman, i have ever heard off.. sorry seen. Why would one kill his own children and that too by a man who cared them so much.

    Why would his wife file a 498 against him. The professor mentions that FIL man handled him. There is nothing wrong to beat wife and FIL in such a scenario. Should he always take the beating or what?

    If he was so bad, why would he keep sending letters to government officials, who do not work at all and wait for some response. And that too an year ago.

    She should be amputated and left on the road to beg.

    An affair can change your life. Best Example is this woman. Now, she will spend all her life in prison, with her mom, dad & brother. I hope the professor is won in this way.

    If she comes out by any chance, Take it for granted that Justice was buried in professors Plot in Medhal.

    Very sad to see our media being one sided and supporting the lady. And the worst being blaming the professor who is dead. They are good at nothing.


  12. completely agree that boycott by society and workplace has a lot to do in curbing this type of crime by women who r too adamant due to biased law


  13. A R Guruprasad was not a criminal, he was a victim, just like thousands of victims of biased laws of India. Imagine the torture this poor guy had to go through that he felt his life and his own sons life as priceless. When will we open our eyes ? Lets promise each of us will at-least save one such victim from committing suicide. There are few Men’s Right Activities in every city in India. Lets promote them and Save Indian Family.


  14. I don’t want to work and pay taxes to a government which treats Men as pieces of trash.There really needs to be a mens commission for full time activism against such things.We need to donate as much money as possible for the men’s organisations.This thing needs immense sacrifice on the part of the youngsters of India to uproot feminism once and for all.


  15. especially she is educated and with that every person in this world can easily understand she dont want to live with him, take revenge on him for that filed criminal case. She dont want to share kids with him for visitation if court allows but court wont listen. So she has to do all sort of bad things against him so that he can giveup… This is what happened and she won. He was no more. This lady must be boycotted from society and no job…. and let her realize till she die what would have been her life if she would have reconciled with him while he begged many times… JUST because she is earning and just because her parents giving shelter she never realized what was marraige meant it , she never understood mistakes are happen in every family but every one has to adjust…She will realize soon on her own without him how difficult the life is … let her eat money and stay forever with her parents


  16. To me it seems more like a deranged father killed his poor kids and in a very violent manner. Maybe he was violent to his wife as well for the same reason. He should not have been given visitation rights.


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