He Hacked His Wife’s Email and This Is What Happened


“My wife has the simplest password possible for her emails – 12345. Good thing that she had this password for all her email accounts.”

He sounded quite optimistic that he has managed to get a strong case against his wife. He just hacked into all his wife’s emails using the same password and collected evidence that she was cheating on him and carrying with her illicit relationship with her boyfriend for the last six years. He thought Adultery that is considered as a valid ground for divorce under IPC 497 will get him some relief.

“I am sad to note that the child who I love more than myself is not mine. I have admitted him to a school, I have done everything for them, still, she is regularly sleeping with her boyfriend”….his voice was heavy this time.

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The emails read most raunchy and intimate details of his wife’s relation. In one of the emails, she wrote: “I will apply these techniques when we meet on the bed next time ..Mr. Penis”…

I could understand what would have been going through his mind when he discovered all these emails written by his wife of seven years. For whom he has done everything possible. Taken her to different places, bought her all luxury items, taken her to best possible doctors in the city wherever they have lived, taken her for dining in fine restaurants every weekend..still his working wife was cheating on him.

“She used to deny sex with me, it has become so heartbreaking for me that I have even thought of visiting prostitutes for satisfying my desire, but I wanted to be happy with her so never gone astray.”

He could not cry when he said these but he was looking elsewhere just to avoid eye contact. He trusts me more than his own lawyer now. Lawyers only understand and speak the language of their business, they don’t help us.

“I can’t believe she has cheated me with the son too. I love the child so much and he can’t stay without me. You know first, three of a child’s life is so beautiful. I don’t know how will I forget him. When I told her about giving me divorce she and her parents alleged that I have illicit relation and they threatened me and my parents of criminal action. Believe me, I do not have any relation to anyone. I loved them I don’t know what to do now. ”

I had no words to pacify him. Women like his wife are parasites protected by Indian laws. These prostitutes don’t bother about their family. All they want is to satisfy their sexual desire with anyone they want and still enjoy the money and status of their husband. They are bolstered by the feminist laws and the feminist political parties.

These are the men who either commit suicide or kill their wives. Some of them go one step ahead of killing their in-laws too. If the husband kills himself the wife immediately becomes an innocent divorcee, innocent single mother and still become entitled to the property her poor husband had. The child is told about how cruel his father was no matter if the mother was a bitch and a prostitute. The man who has just committed suicide becomes the instant villain. In Sarkari books, their suicide is written as one more farmer suicide. Feminist leaders come on national feminist TV shows and cry foul how farmer suicide is being highlighted by criminal groups who claim to be MRA groups. TV viewers easily buy their points as these programs always have feminists outnumbering MRAs. Then the host of the program does everything to suppress MRA views, not giving the MRA a chance, hiding facts, showing biased and false stats and concluding the debate with a feminist view. Thus the single mother is always made an angel and the husband who committed suicide becomes the wife beater. No one takes their statistics. Police come to arrest the husband first if they try to gather evidence by installing CC TV or by checking the wife’s mobile or emails. This is because men in India are considered as criminals with one simple allegation from a woman. So much when the Indian society is patriarchal and oppressive towards its women.

I tried to pacify him by saying that many men are forced to forget their own child. They are not even allowed to meet their own child and their own children are brainwashed by their mothers and become haters of their fathers. All single mother-child undergo these cycles. Whores are the new queens of our social system today.

He had a lot of hopes when he came to me. I had to cut him down, show the reality. Tell him probably he will not be able to prove that these emails were written by his wife and no one else. Because when it comes to the criminal justice system, when the adultery case comes up for hearing courts consider the woman as the victim NOT as the perpetrator.

He was surprised. I had to give him instances where the court has actually granted more alimony or increased the alimony to such wife after the husband challenged any lower court alimony decision in higher courts.

There was a protest in Bangalore where men wore skirts like women. Among other things they also protested that IPC 497 (adultery laws)* treated women as husband’s property; when, in reality, IPC 497 didn’t punish a wife for being disloyal to her husband and the husband was still asked to “Beg, Borrow, Steal” by the court to maintain the wife. I told him that such men who came to protest in skirts actually come to our weekly meetings in their Chaddis (underwear) crying to save their families from their cruel wives. The men who were saying IPC 497 considered a wife as the husband’s property, forgot that this is the reason a husband is asked to pay maintenance to a wife and rarely a wife is asked to do so. They said the IPC 497 was biased against women when it couldn’t even hold a woman responsible for her behaviour. This is the level of bigotry we have in society.

He came to me for new hope. After knowing the reality he became more dejected when I told him probably Mutual Consent Divorce (MCD) would have been better. “MCD!! when the wife does not want the same”…he laughed at me. “This is how you can help?”

Yes, I don’t boast of my magical counselling skills. I can’t change India’s legal scenario. If you are the one who somehow managed to get to know about your wife’s character – you don’t have legal recourse.

So no matter if you suspect your wife’s fidelity and get her password and chat records or SMS details or her sexual intercourse video – you as a husband is the criminal. In the eyes of law, you are showing cruelty to your wife, in the eyes of a society filled with she-males today who probably want to go unpunished for invading into your private life your wife is discriminated against. So don’t expect wonders overnight. Fight for changing the laws first and then expect justice.


*Back then Adultery laws were not scrapped by the SC. Currently, Adultery is only a civil offence in India amounting to cruelty and thus one can get a divorce under the same.

**This article is a part of the Adultery series. All articles under this series can be found – Here


  1. I do agree wid u… (even though I am a woman)….. they make laws for women but there many who misuse it.I have already seen 3 so called dowry case where women are literally harassing and blackmailing their in laws…
    Nice to read your blog…. i am amused at how u used a simple prompt and voiced for something as serious as this…..
    Mine is a very simple story…. You can read it here if you wish…..


    • Thanks for stopping by my blog on Password, which was written for a social cause and to highlight legal terrorism unveiled in the country rather than anything else.

      But your acknowledgement of the fact that you have seen other women misusing these laws. But this is not enough. If you read my other blogs you will know how these laws are never made to empower women rather unleash legal terrorism in the country. Even as a woman you are not an exception and you are also a target. You will understand this if you read my other blogs.

      Yes the topic of women empowerment is a complex social issue today, rather made complex by our politicians and popular vote bank politics. So the bloggers like you who are considered to be the thought leaders of the country are required to come forward and write about these and create awareness to stop this or else face anarchy. I have any articles to prove this.

      Well, it is your life and it is high time decide what you want to do..remember these laws only empower criminals, police, judiciary and govt, machinery and NOT ordinary women like you…all the best for your silence..


      • Getting into any sort of decent conversation is so difficult at this blog.
        Men here use shaming tactics to intimidate and shoo away guests who support women’s rights.

        Personal attacks on female commentators galore by the blog owner himself (crude reference to female private parts) and another male visitor (imagines the female commentators at this blog to be nude and even explicitly expresses it)


  2. I never advocated public nudity and exposing private parts. I never made any such comment. Such remarks came from your end.
    Moreover, I have lived my life with a liberal mindset, thanks to my school. My alma-mater’s octogenarian principal (an Indian female) had a strict uniform code for all girls including the teenaged high school ones.
    It was compulsory for all girls to wear skirts that were atleast 2 inches above the knee level at all times. Any girl who didn’t comply, was severely punished and fined by the school prefects.

    Now, those high school girls must be exposing their private parts as per MRAs? ?


  3. And, there’s more – my school used to conduct sex education workshops in collaboration with international organisations for students more than a decade ago for both boys and girls, jointly. I was a part of it like others. We were told how condoms are used with a real condom, packet.
    It helped us, both boys and girls to have sex more responsibly.

    Now, you may single out girls and call them sluts, that’s your take. But this is the reality, a decade ago.


  4. Men must be trained how to make such women pay for their cheating. This man sounds so weak. He is afraid that if he does anything to rebuke her that he will come to harm and that is how he is controlled. HE has to go beyond this fear and see that he has already lost everything specifically his self respect what more can he lose. And if she she is going to make false charges on him then he should make them real if he is going to jail anyway. The most dangerous man is a man with nothing to lose. I am not saying that he physically harm her and her lover. But am saying is that he should first figure out how to disappear from her life and then to get revenge on them both but in such a way that it doesn come back on him. He has to stop being a victim and instead become a predator.


    • He is afraid of Indian gender biased laws and position and power of his in-laws. In this case, he was a simple guy, whereas his in-laws were not only socially and politically well-connected but were more aware about legal systems.


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