This Is Why Indian MRAs Celebrate Congress Defeat

Indian MRAs are rejoicing the defeat of the worst political party ever in Indian national history – the Indian National Congress. Or should I put it as the defeat of the most treacherous family that has spearheaded a campaign for breaking Indian family system for so many years.

If we look back at the recent past to find out the biggest reason of this defeat most of us will conclude that the deadly one hour interview of Rahul Gandhi on Times Now is responsible for this defeat. For those of you who want to have some fun in this serious discussion, take a look –

No wonder why social media burst out into laughter seeing the immaturity of Congress leadership in sticking to (some says licking to) a family (‘s feet) as if there is no other capable leader in the whole Congress party. It was boon for MRAs as well. The immediate result was Congress had someone from within who was working against the party and that led to such record-breaking stats on social media –

Rahul’s interview might not be a big surprise to many (mainly MRAs) as they would have already known about the mediocrity of this family. Rahul just made that belief prominent. Even though later Congress tried to bring Priyanka to the forefront, the family’s image was permanently blackened by Rahul to every Indian national.

The biggest blunder the Congress leadership has made was not to take any lesson from this. Probably they have become so spineless in last so many years of bondage to one family that they have lost their foresight of this future debacle.

The mistake that Rahul Gandhi made in his interview is beautifully illustrated by this image from an unknown source below –

Rahul's INterview
Rahul Speaks to Arnab

This interview showed that Congress could not come out of the primitive British divide and rule policy in so many years. The party had already shown that through creating gender biased family breaking laws dividing men and women and creating a deep rooted gender divide in the society. Result? Such one sided laws created gender hatred in the society and robbed Indian women of their dignity rather than creating honour for them. Rahul has just exposed this flawed sense of women empowerment in this interview, when he gave Women Empowerment as answer to most unrelated questions.  The nation understood the stupidity behind the Congress’ led empowerment theories. Indian MRAs have been showing this danger for many years but Rahul made this so evident himself that women themselves became ashamed of their own empowerment. Even the whole Men’s rights movement could not achieve such level of success in so many years.


Congress manifesto later continued with same faulty stand on gender related issues as they wanted to empower women even through most foolish methods. Obviously MRAs didn’t miss the chance to expose this and thanks to this interview all MRA views were accepted by common Indian people, very easily. Even prominent feminist campaigns like #Powerof49 or #Onebillionrising or #50millionmissing could not save Congress on their women empowerment views. One Rahul and his exposure of Congress’ policies on empowerment was good enough for the nation to understand where Congress was taking India.

Indian MRAs have been trying to show the danger of this faulty policy for a long time. In fact when IRBM was set to be introduced in parliament many MRAs have written to all MPs to stop promoting gender hatred and introducing family breaking laws under the name of Women Empowerment. There was grave concern of violation of article 15(3) as well, but the Congress leadership have ignored all appeals to them and showed their audacity and great disrespect for Indian people.

So Indian MRAs had to start propaganda against Congress and all its misandrist MPs. MRA bloggers, twitter campaigners, letter campaigners, SMS campaigners have created enormous wave in various media against Congress’ misandrist policies and created a whirlwind against the party. All MRAs created a negative wave among the families that suffered legal terrorism about not to vote for Congress. As a result all family members of these families voted against Congress as well.

On the other hand even BJP manifesto too was not very friendly to Indian men or their needs. But BJP as a political party never shown slavery to one family or was bound to choose national leader from one family. BJP was more sensitive in choosing the words in their manifesto especially when handling gender issues.  Probably they understood that Indian men’s Rights groups can not be ignored or taken lightly in this internet age. BJP has also recognized the dangers of promoting false sense of women empowerment after Rahul’s interview. Rahul has made so much fun of their own strongest political agenda that BJP didn’t take much risk in continuing the same.

If Rahul Gandhi is the sole reason for Congress’ defeat then Indian MRA community is definitely the catalyst of this defeat. Even though Arnab and Times Now has always been misandrist but unknowingly they have done a great job in exposing this false sense of women empowerment. Only for this one hour interview Arnab Goswami has become a hero for Indians and especially Indian MRAs.

Indian MRAs are rejoicing today. At least misandrist Congress and similar other misandrist minds are out of our national politics. Prominent misandrist names who are out of parliament are Kapil Sibal, Suhasini Ali, Rita Bahuguna, Rakhi Birla, Sazzia, Nagma All of them lost this election. They might have fought for different political parties but carried one single agenda – creation of gender divide in society. All of them lost.

Indian MRAs has once again created a success story by their campaign against all misandrist leaders. The message to the leaders is loud and clear – No more husband suicide, no more atrocities against men, no more creation of gender biased laws. One who does not take lesson from this election will also face the same fate in future.

Suicide Stats, India
Suicide Stats, India



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  1. Thanks Partha for yet another crisp and poignant blog. Along with JB, I would also like to thank voters of Chandni Chowk who ensured that Kapil Sibal does not get another opportunity to wreck families.


  2. Mens Right Activists have been spreading the NOTA option throughout this election process, and its amazing that it indeed got a significant share of votes……which directly implies that there are many men and women who were indeed frustrated with the current governance and definitely the women appeasing polictics.
    A very apt article….a new era for MRA begins now.


  3. With Namo in power, am I now free to wear a micromini-skirt on Delhi streets like I used to?

    The future seems bleak with these moral custodians of Indian culture in power. Sick!!


      • Would be better if you ask the same to the men who lounge around freely in shorts and vests?

        What do you mean by ‘private parts’?


    • India got its own cultural values since centuries. what to say, ppl say its passion and its their wish to wear those kind of dress on streets. Even a foreigner likes to wear saree’s or some good dress which makes women more respectful. But few ppl in our country thinks this is an empowerment given to us.


    • Unlike how feminists try to tilt the sympathy towards themselves…we are not against women wearing mini skirts, boozing, smoking or doing whatever they wish. However we want gender equality. There shouldnt be any more free lunches… reservation in education or parliament for women. No gender biased laws for women……wonder why the feminists keep begging for reservations and biased laws.


    • As an MRA all I want is equality in real terms. Let women wear something or nothing at their discretion. Practically who cares what a women wears! What affects us is by and large as follows:

      1. How much a women gets pissed off when she is trying to get attention by smaller clothes and we don’t give any.

      2. How much a women drinks before some MAN has to take risk of dropping them to their homes or boy friends house.

      3. How much she is earning(or not able to) as some MAN has to fill that hole in he rlife be fatherm brother , boy friend or the most most BECHARA on earth called POTY.

      4. How much wrongly entitled the women was raised as “princess” by her parents.

      5. How much she paid for a driving license to create so much of insecurity on roads.

      6. How may false cases she has filed already.

      7. Please add am kinda getting bored …


      • @ mraprakhyat

        You have mistakenly assumed that women wear to invite stares from mensfolk. They dress up for themselves and not for the perverse pleasure of men around them.

        Got it!

        Why all this hue and cry when women dress up in short clothes and none when men do the same?

        Shame on you.


        • A women can wear what they want. They can send signals want they want. Don’t tell me that a women wearing halter for a pool side party in December month in India is for keeping her warm and not to dear attention. Anyhow continue … its the first step to women empowerment. One last thing ..please pay for that halter yourself don’t expect a Man to fund it !!


    • Please vote for Rahul Gandhi next time or better shift to Amethi OR RaiBareiley.
      Avoid Vadodra, Varanasi, Bangalore, Pune and Delhi (especially Chandani chowk area).


  4. Very Good article, we will surly win one day when the laws will not be gender biased, rather as per our constitution both rather all three genders have equal right where as this congress has played so badly just to gain votes that it has created hatred amongst husband & wife.
    Girls father are using their married daughter for minting money from her husbands shame on them.


  5. //Girls father are using their married daughter for minting money from her husbands.//

    State facts here NOT pathetic lies,

    I don’t need anyone’s permission or approval to wear my dress so who are these commentators who are trying to be magnanimous that we don’t have any problems with women doing this & that…

    Even, if you guys have probs, I don’t give two hoots to such men.


  6. Men wear shorts and vests but they don’t cry when women stare at them, while women start crying when men stare half-clothed women 😉 Men don’t cry for respect in public, its women only who keep crying for respect. Thats the point! You can have liberty to show anything and we can’t have liberty to see that? Wouldn’t you advocate to have equal liberty for men and women? hehe…

    Grow up and say something that makes sense to sane people 😉 Men are always taught to respect women, not sluts!


  7. @ typicaljoe

    There you are, you won’t change. You said it. Men don’t complain because women don’t go about leering at them (maybe some perverts would enjoy if women did that) but women complain because men do exactly that, leer at them.


    • There you are. You do it all the time. Feminists never stop complaining.

      You won’t change because you enjoy attention of men by showing your naked body but you don’t want to get blamed so you always cry when men stare at you.

      Keep crying little baby…


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