Woman Murders 90 yr Old, Steals His Valuables

A woman is caught for the murder of a 90-year-old man who lived with his son and his family in Hyderabad. (See the news here).

This woman was a close acquaintance of the victim and just a few days before the incident she and her family were invited to the house of the victim for a family function. Even though the news article does not say this, but what the local people have revealed to me she has taken a duplicate of the house keys secretly while she came for functions and then on the fateful day she had come alone for the purpose of stealing valuables in jewelry, cash, and other valuables.

Neighbors said that this woman had earlier engaged herself in stealing in two of her other relatives’ house in Hyderabad, the modus operandi being the same.

Since she was a distant relative to the victim she knew all the details about the victim and she knew that he would be alone in the afternoon time. Since he takes sleeping pills in the afternoon to sleep she was very sure of carrying out the operation without even being noticed.

She entered the house first with her duplicate keys, stole valuables that included an LCD TV. The problem happened when she called the driver to carry those things downstairs as they were heavy. The driver stumbled on something and with the huge thud, the old man became awake. Since he knew this lady, the lady killed him along with the driver.

While they were coming out and the lady was carrying the huge suitcase downstairs one of her neighbors has offered help but she refused. The neighbor who offered help also lives alone.

The murder and dacoity in the house would have gone unnoticed and probably untraced unless one of the neighbors didn’t have a CCTV camera. The Santro car used in the crime and the driver was detected by the CCTV footage. Contrary to what is mentioned in the news item, neighbors say that car was found by a police patrol team with the TV inside. When they cross-questioned the driver about the TV the driver gave contradictory statements and eventually got caught.

After this what the neighbors told me is even shocking. When police took the woman into custody at midnight and brought her to the police station she blamed the driver for the incident. The driver was beaten up heavily but the woman was not even beaten up even though both were taken to judicial remand.

The police behavior of beating only the male accomplice and leaving the woman unbeaten only shows deep-rooted misandry of the society. The woman is an event manager and she has two big houses in Hyderabad. I also came to know that her sons also have their own flats and in no way, they are in need of money. But still, this behavior shook everybody’s confidence in that area.

Probably we are living in a society where our relationships are all breaking for good. When the close relatives cannot be trusted the distant relatives also will be seen in the eye of suspicion. If these incidents increase in the society and more women get into crime and still get preferential treatment like this then women will be encouraged to be criminals and put the blame on men. Maybe tomorrow she will put the entire blame on the driver and will say he has blackmailed her as some neighbors have already pointed that out to me. This may be their internal misandry as well that they see only a man as the criminal or behind a crime.

The need of the hour is to recognize criminal women and punish them heavily if we really want justice to prevail in our society.

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