National Cleavage Day: Bold And Dirty Is New Empowerment


National Cleavage Day6

Did you ever imagine that something like this could exist and not for creating awareness but for feeling equal? Celebrating National Cleavage Day on 27th March becomes a form of empowerment for the feminists today.

National Cleavage Day1

We may be shocked to see this in India but everything is possible when something is done purely for business purpose by a bra brand “Wonderbra”.

Women know that they are sexually stronger as men’s testosterone is bloody strong to make them weak in terms of sexual matters. Yet the term is coined that “man is the stronger sex” no one realized it is due to their physical strength and not a sexual one.

Now feminazis and to be precise a corporate house is giving a different sense of empowerment – Show your cleavage and be empowered.

National Cleavage Day2

And the main page on their website tells the visitors to feast their eyes with the awesome pics of female boobs sent from all over the globe. Well, the word feast tells us how feminists themselves want to be treated, it is a problem when a man thinks the same way. He becomes a predator. It is never a problem if a woman wants her to be treated like that.

National Cleavage Day3

This website also gives women from all over the world a chance to submit their booby pics and give a treat to everyone.

National Cleavage Day7

And no wonder why some of the women commented on the link saying “maybe one-day women will have the ability to publicly boob out”.  Alas, misplaced empowerment syndrome eating the brains of women.

National Cleavage Day5

The website also features the best boobies in Hollywood movies. The showdown will definitely keep the men boobytrapped.

But that is not all. The feminazis have tried to portray boobs as the identification symbol for the women. A contest designed on the site asks the visitors to identify the woman based on their boob pics. Oops, really they have nothing else to offer for identity.

Guess whose boobs Guess the boobs

In the entire site one, the section with 15 important facts about boobs gives us some real information rather than showing a skewed definition of empowerment. We come to know from this section that an even breast reduction surgery for men is equally popular in America and many other amazing facts.

15 facts about your breats

Just imagine if men have ever demanded anything like showing their penis in the open. Oops, that is bloody against the law and is considered as vulgar and attract punishment for Sexual harassment of women. I wonder when this kind of tickling with men’s sexual emotions will stop by the feminazis. When they will start having a straight definition of empowerment and not the skewed one like this.


Please note that by writing this post I never meant that men need to celebrate “National Penis Day” now to show equality or display private parts in public to show equality. I came to know that someone from Dallas Texas has sent a job application with a picture of his penis after I published this. Please note I strongly condemn any such behaviour that is against the law of any land and I don’t promote breaking any law while I criticize feminism.


*For other campaign analysis click – here



    • Well said 🙂

      Women want liberty to show their naked body but they start crying when men look at them. Staring counts as cruelty against women! Men are also seen shirtless sometimes but they never complaint if women stare at them. Men take responsibility of their own safety, unlike women.


  1. Let us celebrate Butt Crack/ Bum Crack/ Natal Cleft/ Gluteal Cleft/ Anal Cleft every year. all these words define only one part in our body. We generally call it as Ass Crack.

    Urban Dictionary gives two more words for the same. The “Plumber’s Crack” or “Trucker’s Crack”. Because, when a plumber comes to home to fit the tap, he generally bend down shows his back crack to whoever stands behind him.

    I Prefer Natal Cleft a medical term for ass crack or Plumber’s Crack.


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