Powerful Truth Behind The Powerof49 Campaign – DomesticViolence

In recent times the #Jaagore or #PowerOf49 campaign has gained steam in India. With the general election, 2014 round the corner feminists have wonderfully pulled together their strings to concentrate all attention for their cause or rather to themselves. Tata Tea didn’t let this chance go out of their hand to promote their brand. So they have taken a unique strategy to use this opportunity and Indian women to promote their own brand with CNN-IBN as the media partner.

The focus of this article is Domestic Violence (the complete DV ACT here)

In a recent discussion on CNN-IBN featuring Shabana Azmi, Flavia Agnes, and Rashmi Anand –


This channel wanted to showcase the issue of domestic violence against women and urged everyone to speak up.

This Jaagore campaign specifically demanded the following from each political party in order to get into power –

  1. A politician with a clean record – without any record of dowry demand.
  2. Promote awareness of women’s rights on property and housing – parental as well as husband’s property.
  3. Support system for survivors of domestic violence
  4. Support system for sexually abused children
  5. Severe punishment for female foeticide

If we hear the entire conversations in the discussion we will have an impression that men in the family are more abusive and women are the sufferers. Even though the discussion was on domestic violence it touched upon topics like dowry, dowry death etc.

Let’s look at the detailed discussion and how that has taken us to a completely different direction –

The abuser is male to Tata Tea – remember Ratan Tata is also a male

Punishment for domestic violence as shown on JaagoRe site

(please let me know if you find this punishment in the actual ACT)

Rashmi Anand who claimed that she is a survivor of domestic violence and her child developed learning disability due to domestic abuse is actually fooling everyone. If you have ever seen the movie Taare Zameen Par that was on the same subject you will know what I mean. Learning disability is something that any person even in normal families can have and there is no particular explanation that can be given for this disorder.

The channel while discussing abuse in Domestic scenario simply switches over to other topics like dowry and dowry death cases that consist of 50% of crimes against women. We all know that 98% of such cases are actually law abuse. In fact, many readers of this article might have been subjected to such misuse in their life as well.

Females are only victims

Note the statistics show in a discussion of domestic violence includes dowry and dowry death cases. Whereas these are treated under different sections of Indian law.

Regarding Dowry Death even though Flavia explained the DV Act, she did not clarify that in most such cases the death may not be for dowry demand. In fact, in one such case, SC has ordered the prosecution to establish cruelty under Dowry Death law first. This was the case where the woman committed suicide after her own parents tried to separate her from her husband. This was still recorded as dowry death and gone up to the Supreme Court for trial.  You will get more information on dowry death with the related RTI here -(Read – Dowry Death and Bride-Burning in India).

The Jaagore panelists complained of police inaction etc and claimed that anything other than dowry case is not taken seriously by police. Let’s take a look at the benefits given to women under domestic violence law (read the law here. Chapter III, page 4) –

  1. State appoints a protection officer at state’s cost (taxes paid mostly by men) to protect the woman.
  2. Any person can give information on domestic violence to the protection officer and no civil or criminal liability shall be incurred on the person (so it may be even false or fabricated for personal gain).
  3. Duties of police officer or magistrate are also defined
  4. Duties of shelter homes, medical facilities etc to provide free services
  5. Service Providers can record the complaint and forward the same to the magistrate, do a medical checkup, get shelter home for the person. There CAN NOT be any legal suit against such providers.
  6. Legal notice to be served by the protection officer (at state’s expenditure). Remember men do not have this facility, rather they pay taxes to carry on these activities against them.
  7. Counseling of petitioner and respondent either singly or jointly by the judge or service provider (in most of these sessions husbands are threatened and extorted by the service providers).
  8. Women get the assistance of welfare experts
  9. If needed the proceedings can be held in camera.
  10. Right to reside in husband’s shared household. So the husband and his family members may be asked to get out of their own home under this provision.
  11. Restraining orders to the accused from coming near to the victim. (so the husband and family members are thrown out of their own home)
  12. Respondent to pay monetary relief for any reason he deems fit. So even if the complaint is a false monetary relief is granted.
  13. Copy of the order to be given free of cost to the woman while the husband pays for it.
  14. Custody order goes to the woman while the husband pays money
  15. Interim maintenance and ex-parte orders given against the husband. So the magistrate may not listen to the husband while giving interim maintenance order under this section.

After reading these provisions yourself, do you really think the panelists’ claim on Domestic violence has any ground?

Flavia and later Shabana Azmi too said that women need to get property rights in their father’s property. This is something Men’s Rights Activist Swarup Sarkar has been demanding for last several years in all national debates on IRBM. Feminists like Flavia have always claimed that women do not claim that property and hence they needed husband’s property. However, today they have just reiterated the point made by Men’s Rights Activists only.

In this discussion we also find actor Khushboo urging women to have zero tolerance for violence and saying “even women can get angry, turn around and hit a man”. But when it comes to punishment of such abusive women these women never talked about punishing such women. Unfortunately, in other debates, they have never agreed to that form of violence as well. We understand feminist double standard here.

Channel’s claim that India’s sex ratio plummets to the lowest level in the world conveniently avoided to check the real census data that shows the percentage increase in 0-6 yrs girls have been more than percentage increase in boys between the same period (read – Census 2011: Number of women are increasing at faster rate than the number of men in India.). This is how feminists and even popular media channels like CNN-IBN create illusion and falsehood.

The more shocking revelation comes when the anchor of the program tells outright lie and states the findings of 2007 study by WCD ministry on child abuse, and shows that fathers or other male members of the family abusing the children mostly. Whereas the same study shows that children suffer abuses mostly in the hands of their mothers. Let’s look at some of the shocking graphs from the same WCD report (find the whole report here) that exposes the lies of CNN-IBN and the panelists –

No one to protect boys – not even brands

Refer to – page 37 of the report

Children in conflict of law
Boys are only left to become criminals

Refer to – Page 37 of the report

If more boys are in conflict with the law then who do you think are subjected to greater abuse in childhood?

Boys are left out on the streets – no welfare

Page 39 of the report

What does it mean that more boys are on streets? Aren’t they the most abused lot?

The panelists lied in the show that mostly children suffer abuses from their fathers or other male members. See this –


Refer to page 47 of the report


Refer to page 55 of the report


Refer to page 56

The discussion shows a case from Gujrat where they claim that the father had been raping the elder girl for years and then switched to the younger girl. The younger girl filed a complaint with police and when this case was highlighted on CNN-IBN the girl withdrew the case.

This is very hard to believe especially when we have very strict laws for rape, one channel like CNN-IBN taking up the cause, we have women police stations, state women commission and a ministry for them and innumerable laws and institutions helping women in India. This is also hard to believe especially when the man in question has no law, legal institution or commission or ministry in his favor. Above all, he had a media channel like CNN-IBN against him, a media that can expose even powerful ministers and lawmakers.

Now based on the panel discussion on the #Jagore site, if you think more girls suffer sexual abuse as shown in the show, you will be wrong. See this shocking stats provided in the same WCD report –


Refer to page 75

Now refer to page 77 of the report and see the shocking stats of percentage of boys and girls facing one or more severe forms of sexual abuse. You will be shocked to find that 23.06% boys reported such severe forms of sexual abuse compared to only 18.58 percent girls. Even on page 79 in other forms of sexual abuse, we find boys suffering more than the girls. These statistics expose shameless lies of personalities like Flavia, Shabana or the channel CNN-IBN so badly that we fail to recognize them as human beings as they have projected a completely false picture of domestic abuse of children.

Even boys are more exposed to porn in their childhood –

With no support system – boys are left to be abused

Refer to page 94

In another shocking revelation on emotional abuse of children through humiliation a hopping 51.02% boys reported emotional abuse compared to 48.98% girls (refer to page 108)

In fact the above graphs presented from the same report that the channel quoted exposes the channel and cruel feminists who not only have no knowledge of the subject they were giving expert opinion about but they have confirmed yet again that they can only be the cruellest form of mother who can create so much hatred for little boys that the boys are hated even in the womb.

What is more shocking is to find a channel like CNN-IBN and a revered brand like Tata Tea is associated with a campaign of liars that can only destroy the balance in our society and suppress the real form of genocide. “The male genocide”.

Is it enough that you hate these liars – the people, the channel or the brands associated? That will not stop them from spreading lies in all forms. You need to demand punishment for these liars to project their biased views. You need to boycott the #PowerOf49 campaign, Tata Tea brand, and the brand CNN-IBN.

If you understand the danger in line for our future generation in the hands of feminists like these, share this in all your networks and demand punishment for the liars.

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  1. Lies of Jaagore campaign – Education


    • Please share it to every possible network you have. Make others read this article and know the dangers lying ahead. Your money is taken to screw your life and your future generation for good.


  1. The article makes a common human being to think……………….
    Oh is the same Rashmi, who used to come with different fake id in men groups?


  2. I had the honour of meeting Ms. Flavia Agnes once and I admire her sincere devotion towards championing the feminist cause.

    I must say that all the five demands enumerated above seem quite valid to me and we don’t need brush them away under the rug,

    Dowry deaths are ‘dowry deaths’ and one incident cited above can’t dismiss the authenticity of these dowry death accusations. There is definitely more to it than meets the eye.

    So, let’s face the reality and any attempt to defend the perpetrators of such heinous crimes is desperate and very sad.

    LAST but not the least, no personal attacks on me, but if someone still wants to go ahead, my middle finger salutes you. 🙂


    • Miss Rush-me
      Why mummy daddy of ablaa nari not inside jail for giving marriage bribe, like dahej / dowry to mummy daddy of man? They are engaged full fledged subversion of shaadi free-market economicks.
      Right? You agree or not agreeing? Why they do this? Because no one marry daughter without financial incentive? Or because daughter has high life-style with pita, so expect pati to give same. This is so unbalanced. Please help us see light in dark. Please.


      • Dear Mr. Garv

        A trip down the kindergarten would surely do some help to your cognition skills.
        The girl’s parents don’t have a choice but to give dowry to fill in the tummies of the greedy man & his family. Our patriarchal society doesn’t offer much space to execute the free will of a daughter’s parents. So, first fleece the innocent and then get them arrested is just so unjust & pathetic.

        I am dead sure that you are one of those trolls (MRAs) down-thumbing the comments at the recent blog post of the feminist blogger ‘indianhomemaker’.

        Come on, guys, tell me who it is? Losers.


    • So Rashmi, you have respect for someone who tells open lies on media and is famous that way, You have respect for someone who fools the whole nation is showing fathers / men as demons whereas the same report that she cites in the debate actually shows completely opposite picture, the readers understand your level now.

      You said one incidence of Dowry death shown, is to show dowry death is not what people think it is and not what liars like Flavia Agnes portrays it to be. It is something that is designed to demonize Indian men.

      Lastly, your middle finger is precious, keep it saved. It will be of great use to yourself.


      • अग्रज पार्थ । सादर शाष्टांग प्रणाम !
        हट-योग, ज्ञान-योग, ज्ञान-योग, तप-योग के साथ-साथ,
        समाज में पुरूषों पर बढ़ रहें खप-भोग की ओर ध्यान देने के हेतु
        कोटि कोटि नमन, आर्य !


  3. Domestic violence towards women (daughters-in-law in particular) can also take subtle forms in many Indian families.
    I would like to share a link from my favourite auntie’s blog:


    BTW, what about the down-votes at some comments at this blog link?

    I am very sure quite a few nasty MRAs are trolling at that blog.


    • Surely, many dowry harassment and DV cases happen and there are laws to protect women from that. But whats your take on the misuse of those laws and false DV, dowry and rape cases? When such misuse take place, the accused man is left with no choice but to fulfill the greed of girl and her family. Why don’t you ever speak about that? Don’t you have any idea that more men commit suicide than women every year!

      If you want to talk about women’s issues, go to your feminist forums! This is a place to talk about men’s issues and bias against them.

      Btw, this is not a place to cry about your down-voted personal blog. I’m not sure which ‘nasty mra’ you’re talking about, but I know of the ‘nasty feminists’ who troll at this blog :p


      • @typicaljoe

        It seems that you don’t understand that forums are supposed be all-inclusive spaces (though you may consider this forum to be an exclusion). You can’t establish the supremacy of one-sided opinions at a forum by asking the ones that differ to shoo away.
        That’s not done.

        PS That blog is not my personal blog.


      • @ typicaljoe

        BTW, thanks for recognizing the inherent societal pattern of abuse of our women that sanctions social evils like dowry etc.
        So, you finally accept that the society is biased.

        Loved your comment 🙂


  4. I would like to ask a question to Rashmi on typicaljoe comment…

    Surely, many dowry harassment and DV cases happen and there are laws to protect women from that. But whats your take on the misuse of those laws and false DV, dowry and rape cases? When such misuse take place, the accused man is left with no choice but to fulfill the greed of girl and her family. Why don’t you ever speak about that?

    Can please clarify this statement?


      • Rashmi,

        MRAs are not at all supporting any kind of abuse of women. They are just against the abuse of men and they are simply asking for better, gender neutral laws that ensure peaceful life for men (and women).

        I’ve personally seen families destroyed by misuse of such laws. Not just the man but his entire family (including women) is put in horrible condition. We just don’t want the laws to be misused and thats what we are fighting for.

        We are not against women, we are against the bias against men (and their family). Why can’t you admit that men also fall victim to abuse and bias? They do! Neglecting the fact doesn’t make any sense.


      • महादेवी ! सरस्वती ! ज्ञान-नेत्री !
        कहीं आप वे … विदुरा रश्मी *टन** तो नहीं ?
        नारायण ! नारायण !
        तब तो आप दुर्गा से दुर ही रहुँ तो बेहतर !
        शिव ! शिव !


  5. @Rashmi,

    No sensible person would find any inherent pattern of abuse of women, and even if someone does, women are equally responsible for that pattern 😉 don’t you think so?

    And you should learn how to use internet forums. Raising random points doesn’t make sense. You should stick to the topic.


    • @typicaljoe

      How are women responsible for their own abuse? Why would they sanction their own abuse?
      Women don’t have a choice to make decisions for themselves. The moment a woman tries to fight the gendered oppression & biases, her voice is clamped down & she is shamed .

      That’s exactly what we feminists are doing. defying the established gendered norms in our society.
      Not that I am in any need of your support, but then you are only offering legitimacy to our fight by asking women to be responsible for their rights.


      • Women are responsible for their own abuse because many of them are abused by other women, and not only men! The media doesn’t want to show anyone other than men in bad light and hence they won’t show any stats that describe how many women are abused and oppressed by other women. And oh, you would never want to check stats by yourself, right? All you want to see is what media shows because it shows something that you like and not what is true! And when person like Partha Sadhukhan brings the truth in front of you backed by solid statistics, you don’t agree because it is something you don’t like to see!

        “The moment a woman tries to fight the gendered oppression & biases, her voice is clamped down & she is shamed ”

        ARE YOU SERIOUS???

        Would you agree if I put the same statement the other way around? How about this: “The moment a man tries to fight the gendered oppression & biases, his voice is clamped down & he is shamed”

        Pick up any news paper, magazine, turn on any news channel or even an entertainment channel…everybody is talking about women’s issues and women’s rights! Just everybody is fighting the so called gender oppression of women; Sachin Tendulkar, Farhan Akhtar, Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan…and the list goes on and on! Even daily soaps like Diya Aur Bati (and many other), game shows like KBC and reality shows like BiggBoss talk about women’s issues and fight for their oppression! Just open your eyes and see it. Would you still say that woman’s voice is clamped when she tries to fight?

        Problem is that you allow the media to manipulate your thinking and your beliefs. You never try to see the real picture which is beyond what the media wants to show you! If you say that women don’t have a choice to make decisions for themselves, then whose decision is it to come on this blog and comment? Isn’t it your own decision? or is it your “owner” who makes you do so?


  6. @typicaljoe

    Yes, those few women who abuse other women are also worshippers & slaves of patriarchy.
    Yes, some women oppress like mothers and sisters of husbands.
    They are always on my HIT list.

    Men have to fight only the law, women have to fight both law & societal norms.

    Men are abused? How many? By whom? By other men obviously Oh yeah!!


    • प्रिय प्राण प्यासी रश्मी ~ आशा है जंगल में सब सकुशल मंगल है।

      जब पैत्रिक एवं पति के संपत्ति पर हक़ जमाना हो, तब तो आप की बहनें, आप पर लालची होने का लांछन नहीं लगातीं?
      किंतु पुरूष बेचारा, आजीवन श्वान तुल्य परिश्रम करता जाए, तो आप जैसी आधुनिक विदुषी उन्हें कंजूस कहलाती हैं क्यों?
      दरअसल, हमारे देश की अधिकतर अपितु अधीकतम नारियाँ आपके नक़ली निर्यात फलसफों को तिलांजलि देती हैं।
      क्योंकि वह जानती हैं स्त्री- पुरूष के संबंध के सर्वत्र रूप। मात्र अंगल भाषा के प्रयोग से आपकी तर्कों का आदर न होगा।
      चित्कार एवं चर्चा के पार्थक्य को जाने बीना अन्याय का ढिंढोरा पिटना, कौन से समाज का दर्शन कराएगा?
      अचरजपूर्ण विडम्बना का प्रमाण दे रही है, आपके अतिशयोक्तिपूर्ण वक्तव्य!

      तुम्हारा हारा हुआ, परंतु फिर भी शुभ-अभिलाषी,
      कुमार का गौरव (गोविंदपूरी) 👳😆


      • @ Kumar Ka Gaurav

        Yes, Mr. Already-defeated well-wisher (yay!!)

        Just don’t try and act smart with me. First go and learn proper forms of address. Your comment is full of empty rhetoric & downright abusive.. What do you mean by ‘pran ki pyasi’??

        Please, Partha, you should take it upon yourself to edit his comment which obviously you won’t. There go your biases.

        And, I can understand all of it just in case you thought that I wouldn’t understand your Hindi. I always got the highest grades in Hindi and Sanskrit in school and all the dumb boys of the class were left gaping like apes at my scores.lol.

        I don’t consider my using English language as a means of hiding my inefficiencies in arguments. So, this ‘angal bhasha’ line was plain stupid.
        Feminists know no language barriers, Feminists only understand one language, that of love & equality. 🙂 We strive to make this society a better place to live in & live with.

        If many of the brainwashed, oppressed, scared women of our country don’t understand our views (as you say that). then I am with them as a fearless warrior to help them overcome these shackles of fear, shame, guilt, regret and biased societal norms

        The modern Indian women is finally arriving and all you hypocrites, chauvinists, over-zealous fanatics will be left scurrying for cover.

        I know the thought itself is scary.


  7. @ typicaljoe

    So, A woman commenting about the helplessness of her ‘womankind’ at a blog is a sign of empowerment. RTFLOL


    • Rashmi:
      I understand you have a Jean D’Arc complex.
      कुच्छ लेती क्यों नहीं? कोल्ड ड्रिंक ली?


      • @ कुमार का गौरव

        I don’t need a cold drink but I certainly carry a pepper-spray in my handbag.
        I have used it quite a few times on pervy men in the streets. 🙂


  8. @Partha, thanks for the appreciation 🙂


    You seriously need to do a research before commenting! You say there are only few women who abuse others; and men are only abused by other men. Do you even have any data to validate what you are saying?

    You won’t believe anything we say because what we say is beyond what media shows you. In order to understand the real issues you need to rise above the cheap levels of news channels and news papers. They only want to monetize you and not support you by any means!

    Women have to fight social norms? Which ones? You probably don’t know about the norms that men have to fight. If you believe that patriarchy is bad, matriarchy is no good either! And after all, this blog is about men’s issues. Why don’t you understand? If you want to talk about women’s problems, there are thousand other sites for that, go there and don’t consider coming back if you are so much careless about people who are not of same gender as yours.


  9. @ कुमार का गौरव

    //महादेवी ! सरस्वती ! ज्ञान-नेत्री !
    कहीं आप वे … विदुरा रश्मी *टन** तो नहीं ?
    नारायण ! नारायण !
    तब तो आप दुर्गा से दुर ही रहुँ तो बेहतर !
    शिव ! शिव !//

    Please don’t elevate women to the status of Goddesses. We are human beings and let us remain so. We have the same flaws as men.
    Kindly acknowledge that we are mere mortals who should be allowed to live a human existence.

    A woman in our country have only two “choices’ imposed on her:

    A perfect Goddess OR a vamp (if she smokes or shows a leg or two)

    No, just don’t.


    • Yes … that is what we are doing in India …
      Indian men are addicted to Devi-Worship.
      They put women on a pedestal and treat them like goddesses.
      In the West, the phenomenon plays out as Princess syndrome.

      Men (well, an overwhelming majority) don’t hate women …
      but the rad-fems project the crime of a few past and present men,
      on all present and future males.

      And in doing so, they distort the frame of all social ailments.
      Hence, the task of blogs and the Mens Human Rights Movement,
      is to ensure that Indian Men sheds the deadwood of worshipping women.
      Respect should be the principle … but it is never a one way street.

      Can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.
      And those who, like Rashmi, who calls herself a feminist,
      gives credence to others, who profess equality, but want privileges.
      This is the true and hypocritical duality at the heart of feminism.

      Feminists employ the worst and caustic form of politics is deployed
      to open up rifts between the sexes.

      Feminism = Vile. Disgusting. Caustic. Morally Relativist.
      Sans Principle. Ethically bankrupt.

      A radical group never accepts counter-arguments,
      because that is the essence of their self-image.
      They have to be answered by radicalism,
      and then they come back to reality … it’s like a Zen koan.
      Start boycotting all religious and social events,
      that make use of feminine / female significance.
      I do, and it stirs questions as to why I am being so difficult.

      Say no to Rakhi, to Durga Puja, to Saraswati Puja, To Kali Puja.
      To Karwa Chauth, to Bhai Duj, to Holi, to Diwali.
      To giving an Shagun money. Or receiving any.
      Do all this in the name of Mens Rights … actually say it,
      when people ask you the reasons of your boycott.
      Use the query as an explanation of Men Disposability
      and why more and more men are becoming aware.
      Teach the young boys and men. Your nephews and students.

      But the biggest gain for the individual man,
      is the absolute sense of lightness that comes,
      from freeing up your mental space, from the pre-occupation,
      and it is an occupation … of petty feminine considerations.
      The end of emotional and social blackmail, by a social nexus,
      that treats the Indian men as vile, brutal and a mule, just the same.

      Lastly, feminism is an imported ideology.
      It has found ground, because we as a society,
      have not put in the effort to learn our culture, spiritual and secular.
      Our failings in practice and philosophy, are our own making.
      Time to polish our intellectual muscles.

      Jai Hind.


    • Rashmi, I hope you will understand the problems of men when your own brother/son gets into an incompatible marriage and you are put behind the bars… You lose half of your hard-earned wealth to your ex daughter-in-law. More than the loss of wealth, you will get a taste of cruelty of so called feminists.


  10. You’re making fast progress,
    at relinquishing your gender privileges. 👸
    Women are so complicated …
    Men … Flaws? What flaws? Men have no flaws. 😇


  11. @Rashmi, go to hell bcuz ghosts of kicks does not hear words okay …men are viewed as demon in (in india)media that’y when men suffer every one like u make fun of us, u want blacken indian men ‘s image to get US/UK men know that we are demons & to attract white men towards u dormant indain women . Nearly 60000+ indian men commit suicide in marriage every yr due the tools that u frequently use like anti dowry law , alimony which is legal dowry against men , kids custody , emotional hurting to husbands , beating/abusing boys in schools & college , most of ragging victims are boys , most burden of responsibilities are on young men , …feel some shame that u & other indian who are partisians & one sided talker & abusers & rulers


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