This Is What Powerof49 Campaigners Will Not Tell You

“The respondent has been working in a hotel for the last few months. Prior to this, he worked as a domestic helper with a family where he faced sexual harassment from the employer’s daughters”

“She stays with her maternal grandparents. There her aunt treats them very badly”

“After school she works in the house. She packs tamarinds for about 7-8 hours daily and whatever she earns her aunt takes it because their financial status is not sound”.

“The respondent lives in the station with his brothers and sisters…one day he became victim of sodomism..”

“She told me that the staff in the observation home punishes girls for misbehaving. The punishment that they get is sit-up 300-500 times and they beat them with scale”.

“After her mother died her father married that lady. That lady used to beat her a lot and make her do all the household work and beat her with anything that came in her hand. She has even got stitches in her hand because her stepmother had hurt her”

These are the comments made by the researchers of “Study on Child Abuse in India 2007” conducted by the Ministry of Women and Child Ministry, India.

The comments made above shows how Indian children suffer humiliation and abuse silently in the hands of their own family members and near relatives. Whereas any kind of violence needs to be shunned and children need to be protected for a better future of the nation unfortunately in India this seems to be a distant dream. Especially when the child welfare in the country is looked into by a ministry that also looks after women welfare. The comments above show that it is the women in the families that are most violent and commit most of the abuses to our children. These two graphs from the same report will make the situation clear –


Persons doing emotional abuse of children


Persons doing physical abuse of children

The campaigners of #PowerOf49 or #JaagoRe will never tell you that it is the women who are the abusers of our children in most cases. In fact, in one of the recent panel discussion on Domestic Violence, the #Jaagore campaigners showed to the nation that it is the father or other male members of the house who are most abusive (Read – The great liars of #JaagoRe #PowerOf49 campaign).

What they have not shown is that number of boys suffer humiliation / sexual assault/abuse in the hands of other female members of the house. Let’s look at these two tables from the same report –


This report shows us that an equal number of boys and girls living as street children are abused but we never get to hear about boys being abused by any of the feminists.



This table shows that boys undergo more sexual violence contrary to the popular belief.

But the cry of these helpless boys (and also the girls) goes unheard in the current madness of feminism in India. This is simply because these little children DO NOT form a vote bank for the political parties but their mothers do. And hence the ministry that is supposed to take care of our children (the WCD ministry) and save them from the abuse of their mothers, forgets all its responsibility and continues to pamper the abusive mothers or women.

Feminists and campaigners of #PowerOf49 or #JaagoRe are also not different. A campaign created by a business brand Tata Tea under the careful wrap of Corporate Social Responsibility and sponsored by other business houses and media channels like CNN-IBN is creating even more cruelty to these helpless boys by promoting the false scenario under #PowerOf49.

#PowerOf49_3Image Courtesy –

In this discussion on CNN-IBN, the following women panelists have shown their extreme cruelty to these boys by completely ignoring their causes. Rather they have painted a completely opposite picture in the minds of their viewers. They have shown a girl being raped by her father for years and then the beast turning to his younger daughter when she filed a police complaint. According to the anchor of the show, the family withdrew the police complaint after CNN-IBN took up the case. The narration of this incidence by the #PowerOf49 campaigners was to show how cruel Indian men are to their own daughters and all including MP Shabana Azmi started talking about taking out morchas (protest rallies) to the houses of the men who abuse women in their house. The panelists have painted a completely false picture to divert our attention from the real culprits. Or in other words, they have supported violence by the women.

The incident of rape as reported by the channel can’t be believed to be true as it was the channel’s responsibility to see that the culprit is punished especially when any court in India can take suo-moto action in matters such as these and there is no dearth of NGOs or feminists organizations to fight such cases. Also, there exists Mahila Thanas, State Women Commission and a Ministry for women and at least 48 different laws empowering them. With the presence of so strong redressal mechanism if a male criminal goes unpunished after a media house like CNN-IBN making it public, that only shows that the story is fake and was created only to increase TRP of the channel.

Unfortunately, children and especially the boys in India do not have anyone to hear them out. The WCD ministry is very busy empowering their abusive mothers because they are the vote bank. The mothers like Rashmi Anand, Flavia Agnes, and Shabana Azmi completely ignores the need of these boys and do not hesitate to paint a biased picture in everyone’s mind.

We can only request the campaigners of #PowerOf49 that we have so far seen our mothers like this –


Image courtesy – Worldoffemale

This #WomensDay please don’t show us this image of yours –


Image courtesy

Because we want to love our mothers.


*For other campaign analysis click – here


  1. Hats off to you sir. Excellent article
    . You have become the voice of subdued members of husband’s families. Hope the article is read and acted upon by the politicians who now need to be reminded about their duties.


  2. Men,boys are sufferring at every stage.A very good prasentation of facts prevailing in India, hence this nation needs gender Biased Laws to protect and justice to all.


  3. Jaago Re wrongly promote the issue against men of India. This activity defies the image of Tata Group also. Tata group dose believe any discrimination within Male and Female. See Tata Code of Conduct , Jaago Re misleading public and provoking public against Tata Group. Jaago Re try to establish the issue in a wrong manner that was not Aim of Tata Group. Jaago Re can’t use or wrongly project Tata Group advertisement in wrong manner to promote own issue.


  4. Thank you for this post and for this blog.

    If the Mens Human Rights Movement, has to gave a true impact on India’s future male citizen,
    we have to equip the boys with better skills and social anchors.
    How do we do that? It can only be through vocational training.

    There are hundreds of millions of boys, who are born in poverty,
    and their mental, physical and emotional growth is a victim of their parents frustration.
    All too often, it’s genesis is in the type if violence, you have so rightly pointed out.
    It also results in violence and a constant sense of having grown up betrayed by ones ‘own’.

    Providing the Indian men if tomorrow with practical work skills will help them form
    the right notions and framework if the self-reliant malehood. It is a gift of confidence and capability.
    I hope Indian MRAs will help spark such groups, facilities and resources,
    where boys can be taught how to become men. This is as important as activism.
    In fact, that is the truest form of activism. It’s highest form.

    In Australia, there is the Man Shed movement for retired men.
    This concept can be adapted for the young unemployed boys men in India.
    In Germany, Japan, Scandinavia and China, the emphases is on vocational training,
    not on getting a piece of paper, called a degree. India has heads, and has tradition,
    but it is letting the best of its male potential, its raw, young male energy, to waste.
    A few IITs and IIMs will not turn the country into an economic powerhouse.

    Leadership, especially male leadership, must come from outside the ‘workforce’,
    of female dominated cubicles. Men ought to be out there making the changes on the floor, and on the ground. This is our rightful domain, and we must not relinquish it.
    To allow the feminization of India, is to repeat the same mistake as the West.
    It is to create a society, where people lose initiative, rely on hand-outs (as against genuine helping hands), and settle first for the status quo, and next for a downward spiral of values.

    Please, for the sake of humanity, take your stand. Don’t disappoint the world.
    Equip your boys to be masters of trade, and not paper pushing puppets of feminism.
    Only then will they be esteemed. Only then will the voices against violence grow louder. Only then will women be accepting of the male indispensability.

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  5. To Partha & all,

    Wish you a very Happy Women’s day! 🙂

    What celebrations have you guys planned for today? Do share it with me.




    • Sure Rashmi. despite reading my last two articles you are asking how we are celebrating? This celebration of exposing your leaders is not enough? Fine I will give all of you more such gifts in coming days. Till then endure only these two for today. Just wanted to know how frequently do you need such humiliations?


      • @ Parthasadhukhan

        //How frequently need such humiliations?//

        Please spare me your wild BDSM fantasies, this isn’t a space for it This behaviour should be reserved for your bedroom.


      • And, there’s more – to ALL the lonely, desperate men out here

        Please exercise restraint before you pose these kind of questions (frequency of humiliations?) to a lady. better click on the cam chat roulette, pull down your zippers and then find peace with yourselves.


      • Rashmi your comments say you did not understand my articles. May be you need to master the English language.

        Regarding nature of comments to a lady etc.- Who told you that you (or women) have liberty to say whatever you want to men? If you still did not understand – Go through your comment …”Zipper etc.”I have never commented anything like that because I respect women’s privacy and yes even if they DO NOT agree with me. Please understand we may differ in ideologies but first of all we are human beings. Probably you do not understand that now you are creating humiliation for yourself through your comments.


    • प्रिय प्राण प्यासी रश्मी ~ आशा है जंगल में सब सकुशल मंगल है।
      We are celebrating you …
      We are working, round the clock,
      on finding you a cat-breeding husband,
      (unless you are into the ‘alternative’ lifestyle.)
      Meanwhile, please hold on by the edge of the cliff.
      This is going to be a nail-biter.
      Tomorrow morning … the hero wins!
      Hurray … it will still be a Man’s world,
      with your name receiving an honorable mention,
      in the cast. Ooooo cheery!


    • Oh yeah Rashmi,

      We have planned to thank women like you on this Women’s Day because its only women like you (mindless feminists, male-haters and misandrist) who make this blog meaningful! Had you all not existed, this blog would have been meaningless and purposeless. So thanks for spreading misandry and give us a chance to fight the same 😉

      We have also planned not to make any women feel bad today, so you can make any random and off-topic comment anywhere on this site, without even reading the title or content! Nobody will stop you.

      Happy Woman’s Day 🙂


      • (Misandrist Feminist Claptrap) / (Reductio Ad Absurdum X Quat Erat Demonstrandum)
        = Male Brain Sharpener + Social Cleanser.

        How is your self-polishing going? Big day for your lot, no?
        Will you advertise your ‘liberation’ by ordering a six-pack in 🙂


      • @ typicaljoe

        Thanks for the wishes, everyone. I don’t quite understand why I chose to respond to your comment from among the sea of lunatic replies here (with Kumar ka Gaurav’s comment taking the cake).
        You should pat yourself that I did.

        Anyway, I would like to narrate an incident in honour of the International Woman’s day. It so happened that I was travelling by metro, one of those rare occasions but I am glad that I did use the metro that day (this week itself).
        I had two friends accompanying me, a female woman’s right activist and a male LGBT rights worker.
        We saw a guy manhandling his girlfriend at the Delhi University metro station. We immediately called the police and were amazed how swiftly and sensitively, the entire thing was handled by our police force. The guy freaked out on seeing the police and started throwing up excuses like a kid – oh, I am just a young 19 yo boy, my mother is waiting for lunch & all that
        Anyway, he was let off after a firm warning from the police. We took a breath of relief and headed for the nearest cafe for some tasty coolers. Slurp!!

        This event made me wonder how many incidents of physical abuse of women by men go unreported in our city but we can all make a difference, if we want.


      • @ typicaljoe

        So, this entire blog exists because of feminism. I thought that you would mention only this particular post.

        Your statement can finally be seen as an acceptance of the fact that we have reiterated from the beginning that Men’s Rights Movement is a backlash or countermovement to feminism.
        It just shows that MRM didn’t start to fight oppression of men (because there was none in our society) but as an attack on feminism.
        MRAs is just about a bunch of men who were/are intimidated by the women asserting their right to be treated as equals in our society.

        Feminism didn’t start counterattack but a genuine ideology to fight women oppression.


  6. An eye-opener to the prevailing biases in name of tradition by one of the esteemed commenters ‘kumar ka gaurav’ from the ‘useless husband’ post deserves a mention here:

    कुमार का गौरव says:
    March 8, 2014 at 9:47 am

    //तथास्तु ! साधु ! ज्ञान शिरोमणि शतक: !
    सहस्र पुत्र प्राप्ति भव !//

    Why that prejudiced preference for a male child? A blessing to conceive a thousands of sons but not a single daughters.
    This attitude and men who carry this attitude are the ones who kill our daughters in the womb.


    • So, you wouldn’t have anything against someone who would give a blessing to conceive a thousands of daughters but not a single son, right?

      And yes, this blog exist only because of feminists movement that has brainwashed people into believing that only women can be victims and all men are demons which is not true and you know it as well 😉 Had you all not shows men in bad light just because they are men, this blog wouldn’t have existed.

      You only see what you want to see. The proof is in your comment only 😉 You see a boy manhandling his GF but you never see men who fight for their women’s safety. In Nirbhaya case, the victim’s BF must have fought to save her but all you noticed was the guys who committed the crime and not the guy who fought for girl’s safety.

      ” It just shows that MRM didn’t start to fight oppression of men (because there was none in our society) but as an attack on feminism.”

      – You can learn about the oppression of men in society if you read few articles carefully on this blog. But you can avoid reading them and stay ignorant, its your choice! (see, women have choices!) You don’t know about the oppression of men because media won’t tell you about this and you have no guts to see beyond what you are made to see, simple.


    • प्रिय सहस्र पतियों के प्राणों की प्यासी रश्मी ~ मंगल ग्रह की शुभकामनाएँ ।

      The single daughter … raised with good values, passes on the virtues to the off-springs.
      The traditional blessing has been twisted by deluded traditionalists and feminists (selectively for politicking, just as you are doing presently), to show a pro-male bias.

      Gender bias, whether pro male or anti female, are both abhorrent.
      The larger question is, how does a society incognizant of the traditional sources of its systems, customs and values, and the causes of their corruption, critique and correct them?

      The feminists claim they are champions at it. They are not.
      They are champions at obfuscation and dilution of the family structure.
      And you will be overrun by feline pets by the time you awaken to the damaged trajectories of the future generations. You are the authors and architects of disharmony, discord and distrust. And you will be condemned by your sons and daughters alike, should you decide to IVF them into existence, for the immoral perdition you would have grand mothered them into.

      What utter shame. But please … do moo on. Just don’t milk please.
      Because those calves would be a burden on the planet.

      शिव, शिव …


  7. Partha, spare me for my ignorance about what your blog is about. this is the first post i am reading but will go through other posts when i get time. Going by the comments (Rashmi, etc) I was a little confused if I understood the post correctly , but from what I understand I do completely agree with your portrayal of the destroyers of peace in our everyday life. As a girl, most of us feel compelled to compete with the opinions of aunts, grandmothers, other girls, mothers- the constant comparing, emotional pressures and the traditional portrayal of how one should place the mother at a high pedestal even if she is controlling your marriage and investments, sometimes even what your kids should do. Almost all women go through the phase of wanting to protect and thereby ending up over-controlling. Some women learn to let go as they mature as parents but in some relationships, ego can turn this to a life long battle of control.

    The opinions of aunts and grandmothers wouldn’t matter to me one bit, if my parents were insensitive to it.We don’t value the opinion of the whole world, but when our parents do, their opinion matters to us and then it is hell. And when they learn to be uninfluenced by their opinions, there comes mother in laws and parents trying to make us “best in their opinion”.

    If you feature cases of gender equality, you could let me know an email where i could mail a story. lemme know @bladenomics in twitter.


  8. Flevia Agnes hates men even more because her son chose his father over her during custody hearing of the couple’s divorce trial. so , she perhaps has hate even for her son.


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