The Shortest Movie Review – Gulaab Gang

Gulaab GangThis is probably the shortest movie review of any kind.

I went to watch Gulaab Gang for reviewing the movie in the evening show in a mall in Bangalore today (fourth day).

The show was cancelled due to no audience. Unfortunately, I was the only one.

Watched Queen (Hindi) in a packed hall instead.

#Misandry promoted by Madhuri Dixit is rejected by people.


For other movie reviews, see – here


    • Seems the activist on whom the movie is based, Sampat Pal (no sympathy for her!),
      is actually suing the producers in court for ‘continuos defamation’!

      Nothing for these cow-herd minded cows, is ever contained or containable.
      अरे जिसमें CONTENT ही नहीं है, उसमें CONTENTMENT कहाँ से होगा?


  1. Fellow Mens Rights Activists:

    Don’t give your hard earned money to any production, product, publication or painting (those of you who get talked into buying ‘art’), which broadcasts the feminist narrative. That includes Queen (which in fact is a ripoff of an actual non fiction about an American man who is stood up by his fiancée at the wedding altar … बच गया साला!) and Gulaab Gang.

    By paying for these, you are actually becoming a surrogate booster and cheerleader by proxy, for that very vile and anti-male agenda.


    • That is one way of thinking another way is to expose their double standard through reviews. This movie is anyway rejected by the people but there will be movies that will be accepted by the people and unless we expose them they will continue their business.


      • I agree. The Watch and Warn approach is good.
        So, when can we have a LONG review of Queen?
        Wonder why it wasn’t called Princess… hmmmmm?


  2. 💃💏👄🙆🙅💁🙋💆💇💅🙎🙍👚👙👛🎀💕💖💞🌂💄💘💋💗💓
    GULAAB GANG! Save your money … don’t watch it.


  3. I told someone in my new office that I went to watch “Gulaab Gang” yesterday. (note he doesn’t know about my activism)..He commented – “Oh you are a feminist and violent too”…..understand the perception of general people abt the movie


  4. Hi Partha & all the other esteemed commenters here 😉

    If people rejected misandry by their conspicuous absence at a movie hall, then how to do we gauge the intentions of those who appeared up for the movie show. Whatssay Partha 😉

    All I can say is that once a feminist,…………….ALWAYS a feminist.
    Come out of the closet, Partha and proclaim to the world that you are still a feminist on the inside.

    Btw, thanks for liking the movie Queen. We, feminists, loved it too.
    I would like to share our take on it.



    • Who told you that we are against women empowerment. If Rani has rejected Vijay in the movie that is her choice. But remember Vijay didn’t reject her because he had affair, he thought she would not be fit in western culture. But when he saw she could adjust, he came back. Regarding Rani’s choice I have no comments. Let her be independent, that is her choice right. We are not like feminists who will criticize women for everything. Specially when she has not ditched him first.

      The movie is little bit misandric as at the end she mentioned him as ‘Kutta’ on FB but I have also seen that when Rani kicked the bag snatcher…that was not shown. So I will say it was not that misandric.

      Also – “Once a feminist, always a feminist”- how do you know? When we show chivalry you women feminists take advantage of us, when we call a spade a say we are chauvinists.


  5. @ Partha

    Maybe I am a being a bit off-topic here but I would like to complain about the erratic behaviour of one of the commenters here “KUMAR KA GAURAV” is getting on my nerves.

    He thinks that his replies are extremely whacky but they are just downright abusive. The forms of address and parting lines that he has been using for me for quite a while now are quite irritating and incongruous.
    I can’t respond to his comments this way.

    Your reluctance to address this matter is quite unsettling and makes me even more suspicious of your real intentions.


    • Pls note that comments here are not moderated and anyone commenting should take full responsibility of his / her comments. I don’t read comments as I have no time for that. Many have complained to me against your comments too, but aren’t your comments allowed here?

      I don’t know what you are referring to, but there are ways to handle everything, show your maturity level.

      If you have any issue, take rest. No one has forced you to come here and comment.


    • Rashmi,
      I read the comments by KKG.
      (The dude sounds like a Bollywood production / SRK!)
      You siren like a Cassandra, while he dances like Jeetendra.
      (Mad)e for each other? What an item number the two of you!
      Thank you for referencing him. We need some levity.
      His use of puns is great …
      I mean ‘प्राण प्यासी …’ …
      that’s what all MRAs think of feminazism and rad-fems.


  6. @ Partha

    I am surprised how hastily you brushed the things under the rug.

    You really didn’t understand what I am referring to? Kumar Ka Gaurav’s comments with slurs like pran ki pyasi, cat-breeding husband for you etc etc.

    Well, I didn’t see any written complaints about my comments at this blog unless those commenters contacted you in private through your email id which isn’t mentioned on this blog either,

    What an unwelcoming response from the blog owner himself trying to shun my voice and asking me to take rest.

    I am a fearless warrior and I love poking holes in biased beliefs and propagandas.


  7. MALE commenters here are under the illusion that a single, lonesome female voice can be overwhelmed & drowned.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to know that their online behaviour mirrors their real life’s.


    • Rashmi,

      Have you read the ‘about’ page of this site? (

      You’ll learn 2 important thing there. Firstly how a ‘once a feminist’ turned into an MRA 🙂 and then about the comments 😉 Partha has already made it clear in the page that comments made by people are not his property and hence he cannot be held responsible for any comment made by others. Also, the comments are not moderated and, probably, thats why your comments were not deleted when you talked about your middle finger, pulling down zippers and BDSM fantasies and all that crap!


      • Yes, this was because there were people who were trying to abuse me first.
        I don’t expect any support from women who are foot-soldiers of patriarchy.
        Some sane women did support in an old post.


    • @Rashmi, have you ever thought why other women reading my posts are not supporting you if you are so right? Your comments are allowed, that doesn’t mean you will misuse the same. Any feminist blog would have already blocked any of us including me for commenting like this. If you have to comment, then comment with sense then you will see many women and may be some of us supporting you. 🙂


      • @ Dear Patha

        I understand your sheer helplessness with comments being made here. For a sec, do check out typicaljoe’s molestation comment.
        It’s definitely a star attraction. I can’t believe he said that.
        Men feel simply molested by the degree of skin they show.

        So, what are we supposed to do please such men? Cover ourselves in burqa – Saudi Arabia anyone?

        Saudi Men have used the same arguments for ages. They remain in state of perennial horniness so much so that even a woman’s face exposed, causes them to lose control and they feel they are being sexually teased around by those women.

        Molestation has a new meaning to it, today courtesy, typicaljoe. 😉


    • Rashmi:
      I didn’t realize you were single and lonesome.
      So are most of us and are likely to be.
      Thanks to working women, neither men nor women,
      will live together, and will die alone.

      Plus the irreverence feminazis pride and propagate,
      will raise a harvest of single mother raised IVF brood,
      that will lack any sense of courtesies or discipline.
      Commitment they will not know of as a virtue,
      because their mom never had it to begin with.

      Elders will be shunned for being old …
      because their mother taught them an iconoclastic worldview,
      that knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.

      This present generation is the LAST GENERATION to
      mouth and suck on LIBERATION THEOSOPHY.
      It’s offsprings will curse them in return …
      when they realize how their mothers short-changed them.
      And their sperm-donating ‘father’ who they never knew,
      because they weren’t men enough to stand up to the juvenile whims of women.
      How could they? After all so called sexual liberation, also a cardinal principle,
      of the feminazis, has reduced all human interaction to a transaction.

      Welcome to life as it is …


  8. Rashmi, so finally you admit that you have been abusive! Oh and it is because others tried to abuse first? So, you just wanted someone to start abusing so you cannot get blamed for all abuses that you do afterwards!


  9. @ typicaljoe

    Victim-blaming at its best!

    So, so you got molested on the street!
    Oh! because you went out alone, it 9’o clock at night, you were wearing short clothes blah blah…….


    • Thank gawd! You said victim-blaming, and not slut-shaming.
      Else we would think there was a बेशर्मी मोर्चा about to start
      in Rajiv Chowk, Park Street, Marine Drive and Brigade Road.


  10. @ typicaljoe

    Victim-blaming at its best!

    So, so you got molested on the street!
    Oh! because you went out alone, it 9′o clock at night, you were wearing short clothes blah blah…….

    And, yes the moderation is enabled.


    • I was not even talking about molestation! Where are you taking the discussion? What is your point ultimately? (Oh, I know. Ultimately all you wanna say is ‘all men are devils and women are victims’. This is what media is saying all day and night, you don’t have to repeat it.)

      And you want to go out in night, wearing very short clothes and still take no responsibility of your won safety? I don’t support molesters in any case, but women should have some responsibility of their own safety, don’t you agree? The women who cry about safety are usually those who want only rights and liberties but no responsibilities.

      “Victim-blaming at its best!”
      The victim can definitely be blamed if she is also an abuser. It doesn’t matter who started, its about whether you abused or not.


    • Wow…you still haven’t read the ‘about’ page?
      It clearly says that the comments are not manually moderated!


  11. @ typicaljoe

    Firstly, it does matter who initiated it first because if you expect me to sit back and not stand up for myself, then you are wrong.

    Secondly, the length of the dress is immaterial. It’s not a woman’s duty if those pervy men can’t restrain themselves because they feel titillated seeing her that way. How sick is that..


    • Yes, for you it matters who initiated because you can take it just anywhere once someone started it, right? You can now continue using abusive language infinitely because someone did it with you once!


      And, length of dress is important. Only a child would not understand that uncovered body of a female turns men on sexually. If you wear short dresses, show off your body then men who see you naturally feel sexual arousal. Thats how men’s brain react naturally. You’ll never understand this because you have a female brain, not a male brain, and only a male brain reacts this way! If you think its wrong, blame nature, not men at all.

      Men don’t want women to turn them on sexually without their consent, in the same way that no woman would want a man to interact with her sexually without her consent. Its not that only men molest women. By wearing short clothes women are doing nothing but molesting men!

      When men molest women, it is called crime, but when women do it, it is their liberty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You want all the liberty to roam around semi-naked and its just the men’s responsibility to restrain their natural reactions? Can’t you women take some responsibility and restrain your urge to show-off your sexuality? Can’t you learn to respect men’s emotions by covering your body properly?

      How would you feel if men start asking for right and freedom to have sexual intercourse with any woman they want? The same feeling we have when women want right to exhibit their body and play sexually with any man they want.


      • यार Joe!

        Don’t you know women have a जन्माधीकार for specializing the public sphere?
        And feminists especially have the licensed boosters for licentious behavior.

        One has to wonder why women wear make–up?
        To feel good about themselves? PFFFFT. VANITY CASE!
        Let’s get clinical and analytical about this, shall we?
        One need not ‘make-up’, unless one is lacking … 👧

        ‘Oooo … It is all about inner beauty …’ NOT!
        It’s about BOOTY and bounty!

        So full of themselves, these liberated sort,
        with their juvenile pampering and publishing of
        lace, bra-straps, demi-cups, cafe lounging on his dime,
        and Cosmopolitan contrived interpretation of social reality.

        When I was in my twenties, this is exactly the sort, I went for,
        Time has taught me the hollow nature of my immature expectations.

        Hope you younger men, don’t step on that land mine.
        Go for a traditional woman … be warned, she is a rare find.
        But what she lacks in entitlement, she will make up for with a stable hearth.
        Be sure to stay true to her and not stray. That’s your duty as a man.
        The better bet, is to go MGTOW. Let the social order weaken so much,
        that the enormity of loss of male participation stares them in their face.

        Don’t feel guilty of distancing yourself.
        Because the system has distanced itself from men.


      • @ typicaljoe

        Men also feel molested by the dress women around them wear.
        Ha Ha! You surely sound like a sex freak!!


    • Rashmi beta,

      No need to repeat you can stand by yourself, ad-infinitum.
      3 year old babies do, and even they don’t go on and on about it.
      You have already stated in a shard of autobiography in this thread,
      that you are lonesome and single …
      implying that this thread is your rare opportunity to learn from
      the greatest and finest of contemporary humanist and decidedly
      anti-feminist ideologues.
      Especially, when Prof. Sadhukhan is delivering his lecture,
      you should keep silent, and try and absorb the post-lecture debate.

      तुम्हारा … इत्यादि …
      कुंठित कर्ण (कुरुक्षेत्र निवासी)

      NB: Tie the knot …
      and you will be able to ‘stand together’ with someone.


      • Then, the hero turns around and looks at his younger self,
        reflection in the calm lake, with birds chirping in the background.
        And says to himself:

        ‘On second thoughts, don’t tie the knot …
        It just might help another brother escape the noose.’

        (Cut to scene of two children playing in the park.)
        Then he sees his infant self,
        and hears himself sing with his classmates,
        including the girl who would someday become his wife …

        (Cut to a sepia footage of children playing in a schoolyard.)
        ‘Goosey Goosey Gander …
        Where shall I wander?
        Upstairs and downstairs,
        In mi-lady’s chamber…

        Judge says – ‘Divorce. Granted.’
        (Cut to the ‘hero’. Deep close-up. Audio out. Total silence.)
        (Cut to show the two kids playfully throwing pebbles at each other …
        some fall into the lake … ripples disturb the hero’s reflection)
        (Cut to hero.)
        He says – जैसे कोई खेल था वो सम्बंध
        (Cut to sky.)
        Audio – Sound of something large and heavy falling into the lack.



      • @ कुंठित कर्ण (कुरुक्षेत्र निवासी)

        //NB: Tie the knot …
        and you will be able to ‘stand together’ with someone.//

        Are you the match-maker officially appointed by Prof. Sadhukhan at this blog?
        Is this some dating website?

        So, thanks for your suggestions but I shall say NO to your twisted ‘stand together’ definition, the way you mean it. 🙂


  12. @ देवता खुब-रगड़े (No relation to Devy**i)

    //One has to wonder why women wear make–up?
    To feel good about themselves? PFFFFT. VANITY CASE!
    Let’s get clinical and analytical about this, shall we?
    One need not ‘make-up’, unless one is lacking … 👧 //

    Why do men now wear crotch-hugging low rise jeans, short-sleeve tees or sleeveless vests to show off their bulging biceps (even the non-existent ones), spike up or gel their hair, go to spas, even get facials, lounge around in shorts in care-free abandon and yes, ‘manscape’ their bodies (you know what I mean – waxing, trimming, shaving – body too)?


    • प्रिय शिष्या रश्मी,

      1. Crotch or skin hugging garments, are bad for the skin and circulation.
      2. Short-sleeve tees or sleeveless vests, are tasteless for both sexes, especially men.
      3. Gel or oil in hair … don’t see issues with that for either gender.
      4. ‘Hair-management’, is necessary for personal hygiene, again for both gender.
      5. There is an element go ‘comeliness enhancement’ to bodyscaping, for both genders,
      which if taken to obsessive levels, results in an unhealthy self esteem / dimorphism.
      Clearly not desireable in either gender.
      6. Low-rise jeans, reveal the rear-cleavage (female) or the plumber’s crack (male). Tres gauche!

      7. Cosmetics … unless entirely natural and organic, and invariably they are synthetic,
      are a huge health and environmental risk. They are the ‘war-paint’ equivalent of women.
      Whether for vanity (which is the female channeling of the same self-boosting energies that show up as male ego), or for camouflage, women hurt themselves, their partners and environment by falling for this modern version of corsetry. The trope that beauty standards are a male on female projection, doesn’t hold water, because a woman chooses to use make-up, due to an internalized guilt. But this guilt is a result of competition with other self-selective group of ‘beautiful’ women, who use looks as a calling card in social interactions. Most men hate cosmetics for other reasons. They see it as cheating. Yes they fall for it, but it is cheating all the same. They hate the taste of it.

      BUT …
      T&A masquerades is a mercy plea for ‘attention’ by the gender
      that claims a false, hypocritical and exclusive monopoly on the sexualization of public space.
      That license for unilateral licentiousness stands revoked.
      Lady and gentleman accord mutual respect, for like self perception and social outlook.
      Their cover is not separate from conduct. It is integral to it.
      A decent man or woman neither excuses a tapori nor tolerates a tart.

      The concept of Enclothed Cognition applies to both genders and all age groups.
      How we dress speaks about how we are read by society and of our self perception.

      The wiser among humans (ahem … Please note that is a universal set, not an exclusivist subset of either gender.) … understand that genuine beauty doesn’t require crutches while wearing high heels. Genuine beauty is indeed inside …

      BUT …
      Prevarication and equivocation is a ploy for ‘attention’ by the gender
      that claims a false, hypocritical and exclusive monopoly on the sexualization of public space.
      That license for unilateral licentiousness also stands revoked.

      समाजसाक्षी महाविद्वान कोटीग्रंथक ज्ञानमणि प्रबुद्ध-प्रह्लाद शास्त्ररत्न, देवता खुब-रगड़े
      (No relation to Devy**i)


      • Also a note to fellow MHRM activists.
        Denim has a huge environmental footprint,
        and is effectively a poison for the planet.

        Khakis, much less so, and doubles as a code
        for the MGTOW soldier. 😎
        By evolving an MGTOW look,
        we effectively ‘expose’ the ‘other’ group,
        that in its addled LIBERATION THEOSOPHY,
        has made the unfortunate decision to appropriate jeans. 😋

        March on, brave MRA,
        and look smarter in Khakis.
        Besides, Khakis are Indian in origin.
        Denim, like feminism, is foreign …

        Don’t believe me about denim’s sting? Satisfy yourself …


  13. @Rashmi,

    If you want to play with men sexually by wearing short dresses and tease them, be ready whenever men make their mind to play with your body, will you?

    Your comments clearly show how CHEAP you feminists are! No men make fun of women when they get teased sexually, but you feminists take it as a joke to tease men!!!! You are a sex maniac who want to flaunt her sexuality wherever she goes to grab attention of men and satisfy her sex hunger. Feminists like you fight for women’s respect? You, yourself, don’t deserve any kind of respect at all!

    CHEAP…..HOW CHEAP YOU ARE RASHMI! SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR FEMINIST MOVEMENT. YOU FEMINISTS ARE NOTHING MORE THAN “SLAVES OF MEDIA”! Till now I was in impression that you have your own brain but I was completely wrong. All you can think is what YOUR MASTER (MEDIA) will teach you.

    I suggest you to keep doing what you are doing on this blog, it will help us reveal the actual face of feminism/sexism. You have no idea that thousands of people are reading this page and not just those who are commenting 😉 Keep coming here and keep posting idiotic comments all the time. Thanks for all the mindless comments you have already made here 🙂


  14. @ typicaljoe

    Have you gone out of your mind?

    Is it my fault, if men feel molested without being touched by me?
    Is it fault, if they can’t keep their hands to themselves just because I dress up in a mini-skirt?

    How can you justify men sexually assaulting women just because they feel provoked by their clothing.
    It’s a woman’s choice to wear what she likes and NO man has any right whatsoever to touch her.

    I dress for my comfort and look good and not to titillate men.
    Is it my fault, if some perverted men feel some pangs of sexual anxiety on seeing me? And, even if they do, they should better keep those feelings to themselves and NOT act on them?

    They have no right to touch a girl or pass any lewd remarks, no matter what she wears.
    If those men feel horny, they should better reach out for the nearest rest-room and do whatever they want in private.

    What about monogamously committed married men, why do they even feel the need to ogle at other women expect for their wives?

    How can you justify such shameful acts?

    If I say, that men shouldn’t wear low-rise jeans, else we, women will pounce on them or hit them, consumed by lust?

    How does that sound?

    Typicaljoe, you need counselling with a sex therapist. Fix an appointment NOW

    I am glad that you are openly airing your thoughts here because it reflects very poorly on men’s rights activism.

    Sex freak!


  15. BTW, have you missed the articles in news papers recently that showed that women have more extra-marital affair than men! HAHAHA


  16. I’m not going to read any article on your site anyway 😉 So stop posting links and promoting it here, you cheapo!

    We men also feel like slapping women who wear short clothes, flaunt their sexuality and tease us without our consent. Men don’t even touch, just look at women and it is termed as a crime! Women openly showcasing their semi-naked body and it is liberty! None of your words are making sense to me.

    Can’t I, as a man, look at what attracts me? You want liberty to show, but we can’t have liberty to see? I can’t stop laughing at your stupid arguments…ROFL!

    Keep posting more stupid comments, we are enjoying it…hahaha


  17. /We men also feel like slapping women who wear short clothes, flaunt their sexuality and tease us without our consent./

    Civilized society doesn’t seem to be a place for such people with Taliban-style mindsets. You are advocating violence towards for women who wear short clothes. It’s a woman’s body and it is her choice to dress up the way she pleases. No man has to right to dictate her clothing choices.

    Do you feel the need to slap a man who wears shorts or sleeveless sports vest in public? No, you don’t.
    So, your misogyny is truly remarkable.

    What about men who display their naked torso when they take go for a dip in the holy rivers while the women are forced to be in sarees/salwars while bathing?

    You want to say that men are overtly sexual beings (read: preverts) who can jump on any woman if she shows a little flesh but women are asexual. I am glad that all men are not like you, typicaljoe.

    //Tease us without our consent//

    Tell me, how do the women tease you without your CONSENT. You think they teased you because they dressed inappropriately as per your clothing standards/expectations. Are now you the self-proclaimed custodian of women’s clothing choices too?
    I can’t understand how do women tease you (& some like-minded men)
    unless they verbally ask you for unsolicited favours or gesticulate their desires or physically, tease your body.

    Pathetic excuses! Shame on you and men who support such views.


    • Rashmi: You are a frustrated visual rapist. Happy?
      You want civilization? It doesn’t come without strings attached.
      It offends not just some men. but most people, who don’t need your false emancipatory rituals.
      Foremost amongst them, children of both genders.

      TypicalJoe: While it’s not right for either gender to sexualise the public sphere,
      there can be NO JUSTIFICATION WHATSOEVER, for eve-teasing, mal-intended touching or leering / leching. That’s unwelcome to any human being. I hope you concur?


  18. @ देवता खुब-रगड़े

    Besides, Khakis are Indian in origin.
    Denim, like feminism, is foreign …

    There you go again. Just like homosexuality, it is a western construct too …..Isn’t it?


  19. @ देवता खुब-रगड़े

    /Rashmi: You are a frustrated visual rapist. Happy?/

    Pray. how did you arrive at such a wierd conclusion? Oh! Because I pointed out to the men bathing unclothed in our sacred waters while women forced to cover themselves while doing the same.


    • Rashmi Bou-di:

      Khooob-raggedy on world tour …
      So I have chance to do social massaging!
      You misses, got big full dirty mentality!
      My Ingleesh and Hindi also not so better … so simply saying …
      Please tell all, you are not purush hateful … same-ling liking female.
      Also, this is old passion or new fashion. Or both?

      Peepul like me … we simple peepul.
      We leave in huts. In farms. We no understand your git-pit.
      You peepul too fancy. Causing much transfusion. Like bad blood.

      So, please, go bit slow speed.
      Otherwise much accident! Oh, baba!
      At least wait until every person has moped!
      Mahatmaji saying – ‘Life more than speed.’
      You believe or no? I believe it. Very much I believe it.
      And want to take it slowly.

      Thank you for listening.
      Okay? Okay.

      PS: Why you not reply proper to Khooob-raggedy?
      Seem he like you very much.


    • Smart peepul not acting.
      Thought people not shouting.

      Receive telegram via internet
      from Khooob-raggedy:
      ‘Cat, it got her tongue,
      Cobwebs, in her brain.
      Hands flail. legs flung,
      The shrew’s going insane!’

      What it mean?
      I not knowing what meaning.
      Good by.


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