My Journey as a Writer


With a few years of blogging, I look back at my journey of blogging/writing as I write this article on this blog. I was never meant to be a writer, at least I thought so. But then there were others around me who thought otherwise and understood my true potential and motivated to start writing.

I remember, my journey as a writer started in my childhood when I tried to write a thriller. However, I did not complete it as I thought no one would like to read that. That was it. I am an avid reader but I have never been a writer.

My journey as a writer was started as one of the leaders of a men’s rights group in India has forced me to start writing. He asked me repeatedly to write blogs. However, I was always worried that no one would read my articles. I was not sure how would anyone find it interesting and worthwhile to read what I write. One more concern was getting the right topic to write for.

However, after I started my journey, in the last few years I have never found it difficult to either get readership or to get topics to write. Now I write more for my own enjoyment and creating value for my readers, than for any recognition. Even though comments from my readers, their likes, shares etc are really awesome and keeps me going. Nowadays, I am addicted to writing about different kinds of topics. This is because I believe a writer should show versatility in writing. Any such creation and appreciation by others create new motivation for me.

I have started writing for a social cause, men’s rights. To let everyone understand the need for this social issue that not many people talk about today. From the appreciation and success, I have from all made me more committed to writing. These appreciations gave me the energy to go for writing on new topics, innovation and take up more social causes to promote.

Today different social groups, business startups or travel websites approach me to write for them. It is a great recognition as a writer. This only means that there are people beyond my acquaintances who are reading my blog posts and liking them. Thanks to the internet the whole world is a very small place indeed.

Even though writing is only my hobby at present, I enjoy writing about different topics, especially on social subjects. This is only to help those social causes spread among others and popularize those causes. But still, I am a slave to the capitalist world. I need to work for a living and my writing is still not popular enough to earn a living for me. I wish someday this situation will change. 🙂 

Today my blog is extensively used in different social debates, during legal discussions, showing the importance of certain issues, exposing lies about social issues, spreading social awareness etc. People are free to comment, praise or criticize anything they want on my blog. We have many discussions on burning topics on my blog and thus my blog helps me connect with others around the globe. Today more than 4000 people follow my blog from more than 150 countries in the world. They do post their comments but I delete all non-English comments as I do not understand them.

Lastly, my blogging not only helped me connect with new people all over the world, it helped me in getting much-needed recognition and love that any individual can aspire to. I feel incomplete without my write-ups today. As if, my blog has become my identity.


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