The Future Judicial System Is Here

As I proposed a new ‘Judicial System’ earlier, in this Open Letter; many have asked me to clarify the same and how the new system will work and will ensure that every litigant is represented properly in our courts and no litigant is ever under-represented.

I have represented the proposed ‘Judicial System’ in the process infographics below –

The Future of Judicial System
The model ‘Judicial System’ as proposed by Indian Govt.

More details about upgraded future judicial processes – here

The main strengths of the proposed system will be many –

  1. Adequate representation of every litigant
  2. Single window system to stop continuous extortion of litigants
  3. Payment of litigation fees directly to courts to ensure zero extortion by lawyers
  4. Online system to ensure easy transfer of case papers
  5. A secured and protected system to ensure document access only to authorized people
  6. More security and protection of documents stored
  7. Easy retrieval / archiving of documents
  8. No wastage of court days for the absence of lawyers or judges
  9. Real-time access to case details by interested parties
  10. Significantly reduced the burden of cases on the courts because of efficient management of court time and space.

Hope you all find it useful. Do let me know your thoughts.



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