MRAs Celebrate As Times Now Punished For Misandric Reporting


MRAs celebrate as Indian media house Times Now is punished by News Broadcasting Standard Authority with a fine of INR 50,000 and an apology for broadcasting a highly misandric news on Jasleen Kaur incident in New Delhi last year.

It is pertinent to mention here that last year on 23rd August, Jasleen Kaur claimed on her FB wall that she was harassed by Sarabjeet Singh in a busy Delhi crossing and no one came to help her in distress. This was followed by some of her friends taking the matter on Twitter and shaming the man for alleged harassment. This post went viral in no time and next day all Indian media was discussing about the incident and shaming Sarabjeet Singh for his alleged misbahaviour that media houses has confirmed by their own justice system and pronounced him guilty.


We were happy to expose Jasleen Kaur lies before anyone else –

Jasleen Kaur was not harassed, she is telling lies


The Male Factor was first website to take a note of this biased media reporting and exposed the Jasleen Kaur lies following the sequence of events and her comments on social media. Mainstream Indian media was still busy shaming Sarabjeet Singh for a crime that he had not committed. Times Now and NDTV was at the forefront with them running debates on the incident and calling him “Lout”, “Pervert” etc.

The sequence of events as exposed by The Male Factor was completely in contradiction to what Indian media claimed. Mainstream media continued bashing Sarabjeet without noticing the suspicious behavior of Jasleen and her friends and a possible clout of AAP activists trying to gain political mileage out of ‘supposed’ broken law and order situation in Delhi.


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Eventually her lies were completely exposed to the world when eyewitnesses came forward in support of Sarabjeet and the media persons questioning Sarabjeet and forcing him to confess the crime became viral too. Many demanded that the channels like Times Now be shut down.

MRAs were always at the forefront in this battle with Sarabajeet and supported him vehemently as the lies were exposed by The Male Factor. Many leading Indian MRAs participated in various national and regional debates and clarified that giving too much of importance to someone’s update on social media was dangerous to country’s justice system.

Thankfully after almost seven months (quick enough compared to the slow judicial process in India) Times Now is punished for their extremely biased and highly misandric reporting.


In its order News Broadcasting Standard Authority (NBSA) not only fined Times Now of Rs. 50,000 but also ordered them to broadcast a clear apology on their channel in a prime-time slot as given below –

“We regret that while reporting the incident of Mr. Sarabjeet Singh, who is accused of eve teasing by Ms. Jasleen Kaur, on 24.08.2015, we had failed to comply with the Code of Ethics and Broadcasting Standardsof NBA requiring broadcasters to maintain neutrality, impartiality, accuracy and fairness and also failed to follow the specific guidelines of NBSA relating to reportage of matters under investigation”.

We from The Male Factor congratulate everyone who was party to expose this biased media report and spoke in favour of the innocent man. Even though we regret that a lot of other media houses including NDTV is not yet punished in a similar way for broadcasting same biased news on this matter or for broadcasting India’s Daughter. We hope that this is only beginning of a great success story for Indian Men’s Rights and hope we will continue to be a part of their success.



  1. Imposing fine on the media is not enough. Action to be taken against jasleen Singh and her friends for making false propaganda on the social media. Such cases to be dealt by fast track courts, the offenders to be punished with jail term and made to pay compensation to Mr. Sarabjeet. The same things should be done in all cases where false claims, allegations are done and aired in the media.


  2. Much highlighted Jasleen case is the perfect example of how laws are misused by woman in our country. Imposing fine on media house is not enough in future it should be an eye opener for all.
    Well #Jasleen should be arrested just like #Sarabjeet was, even when he was innocent.
    Let her know how is it to be in a #Jail.
    I urge the government to come forward and punish #Jasleen an attention seeker who tried to ruin #Sarbjeet’s life.
    If GENDERS were reversed would the girl ever be arrested? Why this discrimination?


  3. What about Kejriwal? He should be punished as well for reacting impulsively and promoting a bias in the mind set of an AAM AADMI.


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