Marital Rape – Misleading Article By Ananda Bazar (আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা, ABP)

When Maneka Gandhi commented that “Marital Rape can’t be suitably applied in the context of India” many could not understand that she actually wanted to start the marital rape debate afresh (on the eve of pending Marital Rape PIL in Supreme Court) rather than stating her unwillingness to make another criminal provision against marital rape (marital rape is already a criminal offence under section IPC 498a).

This kind of comments by our politicians and ministers (who surely know that marital rape is a crime in India already) has no other justification but only to instigate a whole new set of debate as if it is not already a crime in India.

Now leading Bengali Daily Ananda Bazar Patrika (ABP) (আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা) published a biased and misleading article. In this article Simantini Ghosh (who claims to be a US-based doctor) wrote on 13th March 2017 that in NFHS survey 9% women said that they were raped by either their past or present husband. However, she had carefully omitted the fact that NFHS report also stated the following –

Sexual violence here includes being forced to have sexual intercourse or perform any other sexual acts against one’s own will. Table 15.3 shows that 9 percent of all women age 15-49 report having experienced sexual violence at sometime during their lifetime.”

আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা on Marital Rape

Mind it these questions were asked only to women and not to men as the survey report also clarified in section 15.2.2 Lifetime Sexual Violence section. Simantini Ghosh and আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা (ABP) carefully ignored that part as she believed (like many other men) that men can’t be raped and hence she concluded that not making Marital Rape a crime (false, she is ignorant that it is already a crime for men and NOT for women).

She also stated that the survey revealed that women aged between 15-49 experienced sexual violence, omitting the point that this figure is for their lifetime and NFHS survey on marital rape failed because it didn’t ask the same questions to men.

Now I understand that many of you will be curious to know how men can be raped and would request you to read the following to articles to understand –

  1. Can we have a gender-neutral rape law in India

  2. India Today annual sex survey reveals marital rape of men

So the argument and all debates should have been around the fact that rape and marital rape should be made a crime for women instead of the misinformed debate that it is not a crime in India for men.

Now for the information of all my readers let me also state some other statistics that has come out in 2011 (more recent compared to 2005-06 NFHS survey) that more women seek help when they are sad, disappointed or frustrated a complete contradiction that NFHS 3 survey found that only 1% women report marital rape (looks like women do not become sad, disappointed or frustrated when raped by their husbands). This is compared to only 11% men seek help when in trouble –

IMAGES Survey, Men seeking help, Indian Masculinity

Also, the same IMAGES survey showed that 96% married women were sexually satisfied with their partners –

Sexual Satisfaction - men n women

Also comparing the data of married women from 2001 and 2011 census we come to know that there is a higher rate of increase in the number of married women compared to that of men.

Read – More Indian women want to get raped as rapists run for cover

So does it mean that women are sexually satisfied with their partners when they are raped? Does that mean women enjoy rape? Probably Simantini Ghosh and আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা will now have to agree if she wants to show 9% women are raped.

Also, let’s look at the various facts how feminists have changed their marital rape data based on their convenience. Marital rape debate was ignited in recent times with Barkha Dutt claiming that 70% housewives are raped by their husbands on NDTV show “We The People – Marital Rape: Eyes Wide Shut”. Just see the debate embedded in this article and see how she was guarding this data.

What every Indian should know about Marital Rape

When MRAs said that the feminists who supported the same had their fathers, brothers, and sons included in that 70% and hence they should have started castrating men in their house first or chopping off their genitals (as this was a favourite punishment for rapists for the feminists that time and as feminists always said “Rape is a Rape”) and start cleaning the society from their homes, feminists changed the stat and started saying that 30% Indian women are raped like that of Nirbhaya –

Why global community is so interested in Marital Rape in India

That was again one in every three women and many men stopped believing such statistics because MRAs continued to point out that men in the feminists own households were rapists.

Now Simantini Ghosh of আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা comes out with the stat from NFHS, a survey where the presumption of the survey was that men were the abusers and women were the victims.

In a debate on social media with me, Simantini Ghosh first failed to understand how a man could be raped by a woman –

Simantini Ghosh FB Debate on marital rape

Clearly, she was not aware of the complete definition of rape or the fact that in other countries rape is already gender neutral (and so is marital rape).

So I tried to explain to her that the survey was done in a biased way but failed –

Simantini Ghosh FB Debate2

And finally, she claimed that she had more knowledge and engaged with many agencies that did such surveys –

Simantini Ghosh FB Debate3

Clearly, she didn’t know about other international surveys and did not have the grey matter to understand if women could be rapists in other countries then they can be rapists in India too. She didn’t have any brain to understand how NFHS (and most other DV surveys in the world) have been biased by having a pre-concluded notion that men were perpetrators and women are victims and designing questions accordingly. (in-spite of specifically telling her about how the questions were drafted and how the survey was conducted she didn’t understand).

Clearly, Simantini Ghosh or women like her who claim to be well educated and intelligent and being associated with such surveys is a danger to the nation and to our future generation.

The present campaigns of these women are to term men as rapists on every divorce and create a potential avenue for more extortion. As Simantini commented on social media, she did not care if this created new extortion tool for women. Little did these intellectual understand or try to understand that it is already a criminal offense for men, now women needed to be recognized as rapists and suitably punished.

If you are concerned about this article by women who are clearly male haters and if you think this will create extreme gender hatred and make life miserable for Indian men on every divorce and they will be subjected to extreme forms of cruelty, job loss and humiliation, please give your feedback to আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা (Ananda Bazar Patrika).



  1. Actually the lady doesn’t know what is rape. She just understands it to be a sexual act and nothing more. Also she most likely doesn’t know about sexual abuse of children (male mainly) in the Vatican churches.

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  2. Partha Bro, one humble suggestion. Dont ever get engaged with debates (however ratioal) with femnazis. They are full of venom and are never ready to come to any sort of uderstanding. With their sorry and pathetic personal life tragedies with men, they promote their personal experiences as theories and coming-age ideas.
    You are a sensible guy and we can clearly see what is coming next to these devastated middle aged women.
    I hope you didnt mind this ‘free advice.’

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    • Please fill this form every night and attach a 5 rupee judicial stamp and sign by both parties
      Form – 43A
      Declaration of Consensual Intercourse between married Couples
      We, _________ and __________ solemnly declare that we will be f@#$%ing for the next 24 hours in mutual consent. bla bla bla
      1. ______
      2. ______

      43B for unmarried couples coming soon….

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  3. OMG…. Simantini should understand the difference that arousal in a man is lead by visuals compared to that in women which takes time due to foreplay. A MAN if not aroused by visuals is considered to have sexual problem. Lets see how a man can be raped.

    A man is in no mood and a woman stimulates him by getting stark naked. He defies, says not today.. She approached him touches him, seduces him and he is aroused. He is not in his mental state to do it but the body is involuntarily supporting the act…….

    Doesnt the same happen to women. She is not in mood he stimulates, she is else where by mind, but then the body is enjoying the process. The juices has to flow. Once the process starts, even if u are not in MOOD, u oblige and get with the flow.

    IS THIS A RAPE in a marriage?

    Does a husband run after his wife pulls her hair if she says she is NOT in MOOD tears her clothes, threatens her with her life or life of her beloved to be RAPED…..


    Every night a husband should get a paper signed that he is not raping his wife & is with mutual consent to avoid legal issues in that case then!

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  4. Right Anirban but we need someone to speak for us too.

    Probably an off topic comment but Bengali women make me SICK to my stomach these days, my ma is the only sensible and real Bengali woman I’ve seen, well she’s Punjabi but has been living in Calcutta for two generations. Glad my dad made the right choice! Even she is disgusted with the women spreading misandry and going back to hide in the veil of “womanood” the moment they are given back their piece of the coin. Bengali women are THE most opportunistic whores I’ve come across in my life! Hey if they can call us “perverts” for merely not agreeing with them, why can’t we call them whores? Equality right? lol

    There is a misconception that women must never be attacked and must be protected, thus paving way to the “privileged” attitude that exists today. Let this article decipher that:

    HATS OFF to you Partha, you’re doing great man!

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  5. Lovely discussion going on friends. However I must also add to please write back same to the insane editor of ABP. We must collectively vent our displeasure at these magina corporates.
    Please follow the link of the article where your letters will be directly to the editorial team.


    • The problem is such simontini ghosh & co never appear in a debate on marital rape challenging a men’s rights activists.At the same time I strongly condemn the chief(cheap?) editor of Ananda bazar


  6. The article writer Simantini asks, how many men get raped??? What an inane , non sense question!!!! I, through this reply, want to tell her, first let there be complete gender neutral rape laws in India, like many other countries of the world, including many African countries, where men also can bring sexual assault charges against women. Then I will give her the data she wants. There is no law for men to report rape in Anti-Men India. So where the data would be available????? Being a reporter, doesn’t she have the knowledge, about India’s laws and legal system??? With this level of knowledge, she must give up news reporting. Listen, even in UK, there is government level survey on percentage of male victims of DV. So the data is available, that nearly 40% DV victims are males. Their laws are gender blind unlike India’s. So without law to report men assaults on them, data is unavailable. Here, atrocities on men goes 100 percent unreported, due to dearth of logical, scientific gender neutral, up to date laws.

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  7. I was a part of the discussion in facebook with Simantini Ghosh and tried to put in the fact that males can get raped and tried to ask her what is the definition of fact i was irritated the way she was replying to Partha and me. It appears sge has a one track mind and like most feminists are aggressive and unnecessarily sarcastic and actually are a menace in misleading people with thier biased thoughts.


  8. Drawback is that few men support “Opposition of marital rape law”, which is clearly seen in our online petition petitioning law commission of India, where only 690 people across the country/NRI, have supported the petition..The law commission vide its reply “Please refer to your xxxxxx on the subject opposing criminalisation of “Marital rape law” in the Indian Penal Code . In this regard, it is stated that the 21st Law Commission of India has been constituted but Hon’ble Chairman and Members are yet to be appointed. However, a project titled “Comprehensive Review of Criminal Justice System” is pending for the consideration of the Commission. Therefore, your representation has been kept in the concerned file for further necessary action, if any. —— Law Commission of India. ‘
    Men support only, when they become the, are we waiting for that doomsday, where every man in house is rapist ?”


  9. First thing that lady doesn’t know what is rape ,rape is done by women on men when men are not
    interested in sex,it is against their will and consent ,this is also termed as rape by women on men.


  10. I am copy pasting a comment or two here on the question in on this issue or non issue as per feminists of whether a man can get raped or not….

    “Suprisingly, erections can be forced. Yeab, everyone knows a man can be raped by a man, but women can so it too!! You see, nowadays we have things called viagras which force erections, and tools that can be used to restrain a person who’s strong enough to resist. Not only that, but a penis getting erected doesn’t mean the man is interested or enjoying it, it means the penis itself is enjoying it, because by this logic, all women who get raped but get wet are no longer being raped. So please, do research before blatantly assuming that erections are mental consent. Thank you for reading this comment and informing yourself.”

    “Yes, it is. Despite popular belief, arousal is NOT consent. Arousal can be triggered purely by physical stimulation, and even strong emotions such as fear. Any woman who has sex with a man who does not consent to said action has, by all definitions, raped him. This can be said about either gender.”

    AND I wanted to find this person on FB and interact with her, but then I thought, Hell! No! – But I guess Partha you can just mention the comments above to her on the thread where she said about tools needed by men, and biology etc….. Especially the part about females getting wet even when they are raped, and probably twist it to pose question to her like, asking her, “are you suggesting that men and women are not equal psychologically, when u suggest that erection is a sign enough that man is enjoying his rape, and therefore cannot be raped, whereas, wet vagina is not a sign that a woman has enjoyed rape and is therefore raped?” — I am sorry, my question is not very clear, and you can probably rephrase it better…..

    BTW if she wants to meet a real male victim of rape by a woman, you can suggest she meet me, and I can explain to her how my wife raped me on more than 2 occasions (definition of rape that exactly fits the law at this point of time, if one excludes gender)….. And I have a funny thing to add, which she will also have to agree….. Even if a woman cannot be prosecuted for raping a man in India, and even if she doesn’t believe a man can be raped (according her pet peeves), she has to admit that almost all women who had has sex with a man in India is guilty of offense and crime under 377 that is still in the law books of the land…. This cannot be said of all man who had had sex with woman, simply because men (from experience and common knowledge) are less likely to perform cunnilingus than women performing fellatio… And 377 makes both of them crime, as they are against the order of nature…..


  11. Mr. pervert sadhukhan(or whatever),
    Please explain to me the difference in questioning, if you can. I don’t support the 75% marital rape either, but the way, your stupid blog has been spewing venom like a vile snake is really worrying. You are also the one who probably has an issue with higher female education.


    • Your question is as vague and stupid as you are. No specific logical point made and you say this blog is stupid. Don’t just give sweeping statements like “Your blog has an issue with higher female education” that blog and specifically say what is your issue. Next time you comment like an idiot and start spewing venom here, I am going to report you.


      • Report where & on what basis ? Report to your so-called made up MRA moral police because your stupid fragile male ego got hurt ? Please go ahead and do whatever you like, because you people won’t be able to do anything, as usual. My question is crystal clear. I specifically asked you to explain the exact difference in questioning during the marital rape survey of the husbands and wives, which I suspected that you will not be able to do. You have proved it again, that MRA really stands for Male Retarded Antagonists.
        I believe this article belongs to your blog. Next time, be more careful.
        You mra’s believe that whatever Feminists say are false and you guys are always correct, and so are your so called made up wrong statistics and cherry picked data. What you do not realize is that anybody else may also make the same allegations about you. Even, a village man with a very little education knows and understands that the female gender is the oppressed one. But, you guys will never pay attention to common sense. Anyway, I guess people like you will always remain in a country which used to kill widows in the past in the fake pretext of religion and where the life of a cow is more valuable than that of a woman. I have probably given you people much much more attention than you deserve. Some people need to be ignored.


        • Your comment shows who is more abusive and criminal. You feminists are really exhibiting your lowest possible standards every time you can’t make up anything. Earlier you have not asked anything specific apart from spewing your characteristics venom. Now standard marital rape surveys that were done earlier only asked women if they had sex against their will. In 2016 Annual sex survey, India Today asked the same question to men as well and found equal number of males to be forced into sex but those are never considered as marital rape.

          Regarding the educated women article and females to be oppressed one, show your foolish arguments to bunch of idiots out there. You will never be empowered in feminist era no matter how educated you are because feminists have made women infants. This crap of women being oppressed is no longer accepted.


        • Live your life as a magina (if you are a man) or a psycho feminazi (if a woman). You have so much free time to ‘fight’ back every man in virtual world.
          And yes whatever feminists say are fake and propaganda on behalf of a bunch of cry babies (like you). Village or city men are FORCED to believe such shit and crap from pseudo intellectuals like Amir Khan, Akshay Kumar and editors (who are in a false impression that it will help them to win female sympathy and get laid.)

          It is patriarchy that you disdain has indeed protected women over ages.
          Do some study, invest in soul searching by visiting Baba Ramdev, eat out less and stop your snooping in FB post.


  12. This entire blog is a joke. These mra’s think only they are right and everybody else is wrong. This is laughable and really retarded. People who think Amir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan & Salman Khan etc. are pseudo intellectuals and try to sleep with women are really stupid. These people need not have to do anything to sleep with women. Women themselves will strip nude and offer themselves to these men, if they find an opportunity because they are celebrities and have glamour. There actually have been a few incidents where women themselves have tried to grope and kiss them and the stars love it. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

    Baba ramdev is a stupid loser who runs away hiding in a salwar. Only idiots follow ramdev. He should wear a burqa, I think.

    Now, let me tell you what has prevented women from abuse especially in the medieval ages. It may come as a surprise to you. But, it is ISLAM and only true ISLAM. Unfortunately, corrupt politicians and some villains have maligned ISLAM nowadays and don’t know anything about ISLAM.
    Let me give you an example,
    Extremist and stupid hindus used to burn down and kill widows and even if they managed to stay alive they were forced to eat inferior foods and sometimes hungry and live a very painful life.
    But, ISLAM says NO. Widows can not only remarry, but are also encouraged to eat healthy foods and have a healthy sexual relationship with their husbands. They can also demand sex at any time from their husbands. Likewise, a man can also have multiple wives if he wanted. This is because it has been proven that men have got a much more stronger and intense sexual desire than women.

    Only, true ISLAM is a solution for all. All these MRA is TOTAL BULLSHIT!!! Accept true ISLAM and be happy.


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