This Is Annoying – Sexism On Television

This is about a live talk show that I came across recently.

The host started with a news that a husband has cut off his wife’s breasts, mutilated her genitals and thrown her breasts into a garbage disposal bin “just because she had asked for a divorce”. The audience burst out in laughter. The talk show host himself was all enjoying the news and other participants in the shows was all laughing out loud at the hilarious instance of a man cutting off a woman’s breasts and mutilating her genitals.

Some male participants tried to imitate how those cut breasts would look like and made faces. The male audience burst out into laughter and the host pointed out to some other men in the audience on how he was going to teach his wife a lesson. All burst out into laughter. It was hilarious indeed.

The host continued with the news and added that the husband was sent to jail and the wife was in hospital. Some male participants in the show mocked that all women in prison cell must be wearing iron guards for their chests.

One male participant commented – “I don’t know what was going on between them but I think it is quite fabulous. He said depending on the reason why he cut it off and I think it does depend on why he had cut it off”.

All participants in the show and the audience burst out in laughter. Some asked “does it really depend on WHY he had to cut it off?” ..they burst out in laughter again as if the reason was NOT important.

He commented – “I will not throw them to the garbage bin, I am going to throw them to my dog’s bowl”…he imitated how his dog would have enjoyed chewing the cut breasts.

The audience burst out into laughter again. It was really hilarious.

The participants discussed that why only cutting the breasts was not enough and how throwing them to the garbage bin was essential. Yet again the audience burst out in laughter. A garbage bin had made it impossible to reattach her breasts.

All men started discussing what could be the possible reasons for a man to cut off the breasts of his wife. They gave various reasons and burst out into laughter. The host mentioned the original incident elaborately and someone said – “Oh that was nice”.

The audience burst out into laughter again.

One of the male participants wanted to protest the sexism on television and others said – “no it is different” and the whole audience burst out in to laughter again.

However one man said that he apologized and didn’t really mean any harm to anyone by what he said. They all laugh on different things as otherwise running a husband’s show would have been impossible for them. They may say things in hilarious way but never support genital mutilation or any crime. Everyone thanked him for speaking from his heart.

The audience again burst out into laughter and clapped.

Wondering, why you are not aware of this show or why there is no demand of chopping of those men’s genitals or hanging them?

Surprised, why they were never arrested or no media reported this incident?

Shocked, why UN never bothered about this?


I have just reversed the gender in the above story –

This was from “The Talk” with Sharon Osbourne

[This video is removed after our protest]


Do you demand her punishment? Raise your voice in the comment section.

* idea courtesy – Albert Krauss


  1. Gentlemen:

    Welcome to misandry.
    A society that has been feminized by the feminists,
    to be anti male and anti masculinity.
    This is the distortion and perversion of empowerment.

    Why do men marry anymore?
    Its a critical and core question, each man ought to ask.
    This isn’t an anger fueled hyperbole,
    to spite all women, some of whom are our sisters.
    Although it’s another matter, that some of those sisters,
    are also radicalized gender baiters,
    with little respect for their fathers, brothers and husbands …
    until they have a son … and even then …

    – Companionship? Most divorces are initiated by ‘her’.
    – Family? Then why do women magazines celebrate divorcees?
    – Intimacy? Then why is promiscuity on the rise in India? Who are these other men cheating with … other women? Maybe, your girlfriend or … god forbid … your wife?

    Let’s be honest and realize,
    that in the name of modernity, the Indian society,
    has degraded itself and Indian women especially.

    If you are an Indian male 16 years or older,
    thinking of having a girlfriend or marriage,
    know this full well, you have an alternative path.

    A path of liberation from:
    – Being a male slave and mule to a woman and her children.
    – Being a slave the Indian state uses to extract financial resources,
    to give away to so called empowered women.
    – Being a slave to corporations and organizations, who use your talent, time and thoughts to enrich themselves, while you run between the paycheck and the EMI bills.
    – Being a slave to a woman who spends your paycheck on her comforts and rations your interests.

    The MGTOW, allows you to:
    – Focus on your own self and personal growth.
    – Seek spiritual progress, with or without religion.
    – To make your life worthy in service to society and India,
    without being compelled to by time lords and money snatchers.
    – Dedicate as much of your time to your interests: Learn that language, cook for yourself, live a minimal life with fewer possessions.


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    • May I also add:
      Consider the miserable existence of the male child / your son,
      in a feminized misandrist world, where he is consistently
      at a disadvantage for simply being a male.
      What responsible and caring father want that?


    • Males are humans, alright!
      It is feminists who lack humanity.
      Which is why, the joke is on these jokers.
      Not men, who are assaulted in
      Intimate Partner Violence.


  2. In fact, we should stop using the term feminist.
    Radical Feminists or feminazis should be used.
    It shows them for the vile evil groups and
    decadent agenda they harbour.


      • Partha:

        I thoroughly concur with you.
        My emphasis is on using rad-fem and feminazi labels,
        in MRA and MRM discussions,
        to highlight the venality of feminist ideologues.
        Let the pressure be upon them, rank and file,
        to disprove it.

        They can’t because it is their essential POV.
        They won’t because it is their core membership.
        They’ve painted themselves into a rather pink corner.

        I only wish for them to shoot themselves in the foot,
        and then cry out for ’empowerment’.



      • Branding feminism is not our headache. It is theirs. Let feminism be synonymous to hatred, terrorism and thanks to women like Sharon it is becoming synonymous to terrorism..let all feminists run for cover..


  3. Lets call spade a spade .Lets not beat around the bush anymore.Feminists are straightup narcissistic,emotionally deficient,bigoted,obnoxious,obstinate and oppressive hate mongering tyrants.


  4. And without my feminist Nazi sisters, I would never be so empowered?

    Empowered to work 40 plus hours a week for the label of independence? How am I independent if my identity is now owned by a corporation?

    Empowered to have had three relationships, but no marriage proposals? Friend zoning doesn’t happen to men alone. This fake notion of sexual revolution, is causing women to be hurt. What man will respect or want to be with someone who has been with others?

    Empowered to be childless when my bodyclock is ticking away? How many work related frequent flyer miles and bonus and perquisites are equivalent to every year over 24 in age, traded for familial bliss and the desire of motherhood?

    Empowered to have all girls’ outings, where they have the same gripes as me? When all pretend to be so happy in their social ‘advance’, and yet we can each read the dishonesty on the other’s face and the sadness in the eyes.

    Empowered to have men at work shy away from honest conversations, for fear that their reputation will be ruined?
    And who can blame them? After all they are watching out for their own career and their parents well being, as well as their marriageable sister or sisters best future. Why should they suffer the consequences of their ‘indiscretions’. And by feminist viewpoint, any male action is indiscretion.

    Empowered to earn a paycheck, to pay EMI, and consume, but know no true companionship? A companionship requires money to build the nest. Sure thing. But it seems the feminists have made the modern couple a workhorse for the capitalist system we are now yoked to. Why does it is so hard for the young women in my generation to realize we are being used here?

    What kind of empowerment is this that it takes so much out emotionally from an individual? This is soul draining and a sorry template for leaving a satisfying life. It is materialist and self limiting.

    I am 32, and feel, no, I now know first hand, that the media, law machinery and society has been taken over by the blackmailing of the Big Bindi Battalion.

    It is destroying my generation, and by extension, the next one too.
    Because they will pay the full price and compound interest on this immoral loan we are shouldering from our own emotions.

    • A very disappointed ’empowered’ woman

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    • @Revathi.Don’t worry about being childless.Blackmail some man with a false case and coerce him to donate sperm in a bank and then have a test tube baby.As it is shown that every empowered woman who doesn’t have a child should do this in Vicky Donor.Hehe.Just kidding.


    • Very true. It’s just male nature to avoid used “non virgin”/used women. Because it’s how we are. In Europe, white males are avoiding marriage for this one reason because they know that the girl had been used up by at least 10 men. Men will remain virgin if women as a collective gender remain virgin like how it was in the past. So, the onus of the structure of society is upon women.


  5. Only women speaking up with and for the Men Rights Movement, will change this mobocracy. It is the silence of women like me and my generation, that has allowed a handful of angry male bashing celebrities and professional fear mongerers to hijack the national media, and turned it into a hand-maiden for injecting fearful hatred between the two sexes. This must stop. For the peace of our selves and for our country, it must be stopped.

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    • It is heartening to see open comments on the Open Shamelessness going on in the Name of Empowerment… When you go on an Insane Empowerent spree Your Intents are Visible; but Alas!!! There is silence… Silence from every quarter? The eeriness of this silence reeks of Decadence!
      Decadence of Social and Moral fiber…
      A whole generation of Empowered Educated Women have sold out their conscience too this Empowerment Brigade… And they have allowed them, willfully, to be used as Tools for perpetrating the Biggest Crime of All…
      Loss of Trust In An Entire Section of the Population!


  6. I believe Mrs. Becker was mentally ill, and she needs treatment. The women from “The Talk” should be dragged behind a slow moving truck, by their ankles, on a gravel road.


  7. These women are real losers who want all other women to loose in their lives. Its up to the others to decide if they want to loose. It depends if rest of population even believes tat they are losers… lets see who we are as a society …


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