Manan – The Story of An Adolescent Boy

MananManan is the story of a boy who has attained puberty.

When we attain puberty we experience a lot of changes within us. A boy becomes a man. His voice changes, height increases, muscles show up and so are so many other traits.

All of us experienced puberty and these changes. Some of us grew older or became adult faster whereas some others remained a boy for a longer time – their voice remained childish, their growth remained restricted, their muscles didn’t grow and they suffered from an uninhibited desire to grow big. Even though it is all about our hormones and these are not in our control but all of us look for these small yet significant changes to take place within our bodies.

Even though one does not show these prominent changes in one’s physiological features, one’s psychology changes but when the world around him denies to recognize his adulthood, that becomes a reason for him to suffer from low self-esteem. Especially when his friends become adults with all proper changes taking place within their body in time, he suffers from even lower self-esteem.

But no matter whether a boy remains boyish physically, mentally he grows up and changes to a man. His inquisitiveness about the opposite sex, intercourse or sexual organs grow and those little physical and mental changes that take place within him make him restless and desperate to know more about these aspects of life.

There are many shades in an adolescent’s life. The physical, sexual and psychological changes that happen in one’s life need proper education and preparedness for him. In India, we have awareness programs for adolescent girls, but boys remain ignored. There is no formal educational program to educate boys about these changes and most of the times they need to depend on half-knowledge of their friends or the internet and adult websites. The implications of this behaviour may be dangerous at times.

In this book, the author Mohit Parikh has carefully crafted Manans story to show the changes that happen to an adolescent boy. Even as a man who has undergone all these changes in life, we fail to recognize them.

As stated earlier, boys in India do not have a proper place to get guidance on such matters and hence this book becomes invaluable for a boy to understand these.. This book also shows the need for the parents to understand the criticality of changes during puberty in boys. This book brings in a new era in the well being of boys in India and shows yet another issue that Indian MRM needs to take up – the emotional well being of our adolescent boys. This is important because this is the age that can make or break a boy’s life.

We salute the author for taking care of this issue with proper care and sensitivity.


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