What Powers Do I Want As A Superhero

MeA Blogging prompt asks us to think of ourselves as superheroes and imagine what powers we would like to possess.

I understand that being a superhero will not be easy for any individual, certainly not for me. Though it is a fact in my childhood I did fantasize about being a superhero, but as I grew up I realized that being a superhero brings a lot of responsibilities too and that is why I get scared if I can handle so much of responsibilities well.

To me, anyone who can change the adverse situation into a favorable one is a hero. One who can do that in a sustainable manner is a superhero.

In my life, I have gone through enough hardships and my life has taken a complete upside turn after a broken relationship. Well, this was for good.

When I was married, I tried to be an ideal husband and ideal father and I was only cheated and threatened by everyone. As I was undergoing extreme pain and was almost on the verge of committing suicide I met some unrecognized superheroes who have provided me with courage and knowledge to fight my battle out. All of them were strangers to me but has done a lot of good things to me rather than any known family member or friends have ever done.

Eventually, these are the people who have changed me so much that today I provide strength to other men to fight their own battles. Many of them consider me as a hero, some of them as a superhero.

It is true that the evolution of an always fearful person to a very strong person was not easy. Especially not when the popular belief was against the mankind and the cause that I wanted to work for was considered as anti-human.

When I started fighting for this cause,  the same was not even recognized as a social cause and people including the victims like me used to be ashamed of talking about this in public. It was indeed a herculean task to change the perspective. That is the time when I learned the real lessons of life from some unknown people and became a fighter, a fighter who started fighting against his own lifelong beliefs.

It was not easy to fight like this. Not really when the laws of the country and the society, in general, was so much biased against men that no one cares about the sufferings of the men. There was no question of me being heard in any of the forums.

So the challenge to me was to make a seemingly impossible task possible. I was not very sure about how to do it but that is when someone forced me into writing blogs. My blogs gave me the much-needed strength and vision that I was seeking. Eventually, my blog became the weapon of my power, my strength my superpower.

So far my blog has inspired many. It provides lessons of life to all my readers and followers. The lessons that I learn every day from sufferers from around the globe become lessons learned for others. Victims from completely unknown cities become my follower, they send appreciation mail to me, share the lessons learned from them or how they were benefited from my blogs.

This unique power of mine as expressed in my articles and that helps me establish the cause that was so far considered as the anti-social cause (cause of men’s rights) or a funny timepass cause gets much-needed attention and focus from all quarters.

Since my fight is at the emotional level and always with national and international superpowers it has always been tough to be neutral yet assertive in my articles to make the much-needed impact felt. Many times while I tried to convince the opposition and change them for good, I realized that pen is indeed mightier than the sword or rather thought is mightier than the sword.

So for me, the idea of having superpower is clear. I need my intellectual abilities to continue to win the toughest arguments, the toughest situations in the world and I wish I continue this fight lifelong with the same passion and vigor.

Today the world is no more won in battlefields. Rather the people are won with one’s intellectual abilities. If at all anyone wants to be a superhero one needs to have super intellectual abilities, logical thinking, and a fearless attitude. I wish I continue my life with these qualities and master these skills to be considered as a superhero.



  1. A good take on the prompt. We all have our superheroes in our lives…ones who give us hope when there is none. ..those who are examples, who show us a way….glad you are one, to many others. A story of ‘not giving up’ is always a motivation at any point. 🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂


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