This 5 Minutes Read Will Make You Permanently Secured From Feminism

Have you demanded the death penalty or any other cruel punishment for rape cases recently? Have you shared, commented, blogged, written stories, participated in debates to show how India has become the rape capital of the world? During your casual breaks or while travelling to places have you made ‘rape’ a big issue and the main discussion point? Well, none of these is unnatural and most of the Indians are busy doing these nowadays. Anyone who is doing to the contrary is termed as women abusers, violent thugs or criminals. So you are probably trying to prove that you respect women and are concerned about their safety, right? But have you thought that in this process you are actually denying justice to men? More and more you engage in these activities, you are actually projecting a problem BIGGER than it actually is and creating a grave scenario so that it is considered as the ONLY problem in India. Probably you don’t even realize that 75% of rape cases in India are either consensual sex or one night stands and in some cases pure extortion plot. In some other cases, these are media and general public creating a huge ruckus to make a non-rape into a rape.

Well, I will not force you to believe anything that I say (you can check NCRB data if you wish) because it is your own life and you have all the right to do whatever you like. I only wanted to inform you that we in various men rights organizations are getting an increasing number of cases involving people like you who are caught on the wrong side of the law. They are increasingly getting caught in false rape, sexual violence, domestic abuse and false dowry cases. When this happens all these people who had respected women throughout their lives discover that they can’t save themselves. The same women for whom they had fought one day and tried to provide for and protect, term them as rapist, abuser or dowry seeker when the relationship goes wrong. Off late there was a trend that many celebrities are also coming forward and filing such cases against their long-term boyfriends or husbands (have you heard the Yukta Mukhey case or that of Om Puri)?

So, you know no matter what you do for women and how much respect you have for them, nothing is enough and you as a man are always vulnerable to such false attacks, either from your girl-friend or from your wife. Those who think you are lucky and have the best GF or wife in the world and will never get such a case, need to remember that all the husbands think so while getting married or during good days but they suddenly discover the truth. There is a popular saying among Men’s Rights Activists –

You never really know your wife, until you meet her in a court

Here is the latest case that has come to me. This person has respected women throughout his life and not taken any dowry during his marriage. In fact, after the 2012 Delhi Rape case, he has demanded the death penalty for the rapists. Today he and his whole family including his mother and sister are accused in a dowry case.

So when he contacted me on FB after sending a friends request, he wanted help. He knew that we provide a free consultation to the men and their family members caught in these legal battles. Since there were many people who have taken advantage of us in different ways, and there are many fake profiles created just to waste our time or check our knowledge and since many times feminists check us out just for fun or attack us in different ways, we always check the background of the person. I checked what he was projecting on his FB wall first and discovered that he was demanding the death penalty for rapists to save his mother and sister from imaginary future rape –

Osman Help1

So he has projected his normal provider and protector behavior. On probing deep on why he wants the death penalty for rapists, it was found to be not sure about what he shared –

Osman Help2

He did not understand the relation between Delhi rape, which is the buzzword nowadays, and his case (that affected only his family). They were behind the bars even without demanding any dowry –

Osman Help3

He did not understand the way dowry and domestic violence was made a big issue by his (and ours too) forefathers and hence helped to create such gender biased laws fit for legal terrorism of innocent families, the same way today rape is projected by everyone including him. People like him who are concerned about the safety of their near and dear ones do not understand that crime doesn’t have a gender. If a man can rape someone, similarly a woman can rape a man and a woman can file a false rape complaint.

As you can see he had no idea what he did wrong. So I explained the concept of misandry to him. I told him since you want women around you safe and hence going all out and demanding cruel punishment for the rapists, now you ask your mother and sister to do the same when you are in the dock. It seemed that it was difficult for him to explain why his mother and sister can’t fight for his justice. He still did not understand that his forefathers (and ours too) have already done so much of damage to us and people like us by vehemently making ‘crimes against women’ bigger than it really is, and hence denied justice for all. He failed to understand that even if his innocent mother and sister try today, they can’t do anything to save him, who was once the candle bearer and who had so far taken good care of him.

I ask all women reading this, why is it so difficult for the majority of you to fight for men’s rights, especially when there are some women (read – women in men’s rights) who are already doing so? The men who take all care of you throughout their life, why is it difficult to make their life secured? As a woman who has never fought for men’s rights openly please ask yourself this question, why do you think that crime has a gender? When men can fight for women’s rights, why can’t women like you? –

Osman Help4

He could not understand the concept of misandry. On one hand, people like him create and spread misandry in all forums, and on another hand, they demand justice for themselves –

Osman Help5

Dear reader, understand one thing if you are the one who is directly or indirectly spreading misandry in any possible manner (read this to understand) you are doing enough damage to our society to drift it away from gender neutrality which is the need of the day. Based on this madness created by a collective force in which you are also a party, our laws are becoming stricter and stricter every day and justice is denied to the accused. If you have no idea or understanding of our laws, then please don’t comment or share any such legal issue based on newspaper reports. You will only do more damage to yourself than bringing justice to anyone.

It is not easy to undo the damages that were done in the last few months in India. So if some people like Roopkishore in this recent case is committing suicide in false rape cases, or someone like this person seeking help is getting caught in legal battles for their life and imprisoned, that is only a result of misandry they have created and believed patriarchy as the root of all problems. So if you are the one who has done this recently and still doing it, please don’t expect justice in future. Don’t be surprised to see you in dock one day, don’t blame anyone when your son commits suicide or when our legal system forces you to commit suicide. If you are a woman and think any women’s group will come to your rescue, you need to keep their monetary compensation ready and still should not expect justice. Because on two different occasions Women’s commissions in Kolkata and Bengaluru replied to such mothers and sisters, that they do not hear cases of mothers and sisters of the husband.  

If as a human being you still don’t understand the importance of gender-neutral laws and gender justice then you should forget about justice in future…all the best.


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