Happy Birthday – ‘Son’


I don’t know whether I should be happy today. Because the calendar shows it is the day you were born –


Or sad because I can’t meet you today.

Today I remember, how lovely that mustache made of milk used to be. How the Punjabi clad Bengali babu have enjoyed those puja days. The moments of playing with your favorite monkey doll or climbing the tree in your ‘mama bari’. Or that first proposal you have made to an unknown girl with a flower –


You were the star. Always twinkling with joy and livelihood –

Piku 6

Not to forget those playful moments when you loved to be naughty –


Because I have only these memories of my life now.

Be safe wherever you are.


You may be thinking why I am telling you all these here instead of meeting you and giving you your birthday gift. You will not understand the reason today, you will not know the meaning of custody or visitation rights. I didn’t want any of these to meet you like a stranger. So I have decided not to waste my energy on these. I am sure you must be very good with your mom.

Wish you all the success in life.

Wish you –

Piku 8


  1. It is such a beautiful post and I am sad to learn that he doesn’t live with you. I am a new father myself and I can’t think of a day being apart from my daughter. I can certainly understand how unbearable it can be.


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