Farzi Khan And The Crusaders

Recently in an online national debate about men’s rights groups boycotting Amir Khan from all his shows for propagating false DV statistics in his show Satyameva Jayate, I read very nasty comments about these men’s rights groups. People from all over India, Amir Khan Fans and people from publisher, production and distributor houses came together to counter the arguments of men’s rights groups and showed them as a bunch of Jokers/Hijras/Losers etc.

As a men’s rights activist myself, I would like to tell all those who think these jokers are trying to suppress the reality of Indian society and should take up women’s role instead..to all the so-called MEN out there..let me tell you a few things.

Maybe you all are in the privileged zone for the time being but that day is not far when you will be on our side of boycotting Amir’s falsehood. When you know that 98% dowry harassment cases are false and in 2005 SC termed it as ‘Legal Terrorism’. When you know that any death of a bride within seven years of her marriage (for any reason, even heart attack) is considered and recorded as dowry death where immediately husband and his family is incriminated and the conviction rate in these cases is merely 15 – 20%.

When you know Domestic Violence is filed only for maintenance and a right to husband’s property (even if that is owned by her FIL) and in these DV cases without submitting any evidence, a woman can get maintenance order. When you know that in India 74% rape cases are false and live in partners, consensual sex, one night stands are termed as rape per a woman’s convenience. Child Custody decisions are mostly given in favor of the mother while the father is forced to pay for the child. The adultery law in the country specifically says the wife can’t be punished even if guilty and her paramour gets jail for seven yrs for their relation instead. There are many judgments that say a husband needs to maintain adulterous wife (even if she ran away and living separately) and also to maintain her illicit children.

Thanks to people like you (and your idol Amir) there are some new laws like IrBM is being drafted by WCD that says – even on marriage a woman gets entitled to 50% of husband’s pre and post-marital property and the husband doesn’t get anything from wife even if she is crorepati. Wait for you guys…one more…Sexual harassment at Workplace bill..that says any woman in your workplace can raise a complaint against you (men) and your salary will be deducted and paid to her and her identity will be kept secret from anyone including you. This will be out of the purview of RTI as well. So any woman will be able to accuse their male colleague and get away with his half salary.

I know some of you guys will still think that we are a bunch of jokers but trust me it won’t take much time to realize the truth and come to the other side. And yes, if you guys are falsely accused tomorrow and your family, career, overseas job comes to a halt, then only these jokers..jokers like me will be there to support you. Amir Khan will probably bring your wife or colleague who will sob in front of camera hiding their identity and say the whole world how cruel you were. Your own son/daughter whom you might have loved more than your self will consider you as a rapist/extortionist/violent abuser and will not know that they are enjoying all benefits/house/cars etc provided by you because they will be brainwashed by their mothers.

ALL THE BEST to all you guys till then!!


    • There are many judgements that say a husband needs to maintain adulterous wife (even if she ran away and living separate) and also to maintain her illicit children.

      Tell me..which act of IPC says so? Every act says that a father is not liable to pay for an illicit child born to the characterless mother. I read it…nowhere it says father to pay. Please clarify.


  1. Love this article..Our Society needs people like you who can raise their voice….I am a big Fan of Amir Khan but will not see his latest movie, this would be my way of expressing my anger!!


  2. You have rightly pointed out that, we the crazy / bad guys, will prove to be your ‘Bad Weather’ friends, when any wife, co-worker, maid, etc., cry ‘false abuse’ on you, while Amir, Govt, Courts, Police & Society will lend them a hanky & a platform cum tool, to defame & extort husbands, who are men, further.


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