The Pappu Manifesto of Congress



Have you seen the Pappu manifesto of Congress? If not, I suggest you must have a look to have a good laugh and some outrage. I couldn’t stop laughing and hence sharing the details here.

The very start of the manifesto says, “Foreword by Rahul Gandhi – Every single word in the Congress Manifesto reflects your voices and the aspirations of crores of Indians”. So, you can pick any word in the manifesto (say you choose ‘BJP’) that reflects your voices (multiple voice ?!#) and also aspirations of crores of Indians. If you think how one word can represent multiple voices and aspirations together, you need to be a Pappu yourself to understand.

It also says, “2019 elections are crucial for India’s future and our children’s future”. Now you may wonder how India’s future and our children’s future can be different. You are probably forgetting that there are some children whose future may be set in Italy or in Pakistan. How can their future be linked to that of India’s? So, the pappu manifesto clearly distinguishes between the two. So basically, this manifesto promises to secure future for all those who are planning their future abroad. So, you can loot India and go settle abroad, the Pappu government will look after your welfare (like they have been doing).

Pappu Plan

Now pappu has a plan as well. The Pappu manifesto is divided in the following plans of action – Kaam (generally it means work, but, you can also think of sex (cum)),  Daam (Price), Shaan (Pride), Sushashan (Good governance), Swabhimaan (self-esteem), Samman (respect).

In its foreword, Rahul Gandhi started by saying, “will India be a free and democratic country”? So, he still has doubt in his mind if India is free. He questioned, ‘will India be governed by a pernicious ideology that will trample upon people’s rights…’. Only if you know that when techies of a Bangalore shouted ‘Modi Modi’ while Rahul visited there, were arrested by the Congress government there, you know exactly what pernicious ideology and freedom of speech he really meant.

Pappu Promises Legal Terrorism

He also mentioned, ‘women have lost a sense of security’ in last five years.  So, for him, unless Indians go mad over an issue and react like the way they did in early 2013 where Congress brought some lollipop schemes for women, women don’t feel secure. In last five years we really didn’t see any action like that happening to promise security to people based on divisive factors like ‘gender’ as erstwhile Congress governments have done. But we also need to remember there was no Nirbhaya as well. We also know what followed Nirbhaya and how Congress has destroyed the country in the name of security of women by bringing several gender biased laws. If Indira Gandhi started with IPC 498a in 1983, previous UPA government brought Nirbhaya Act, POCSO and many other gender biased provisions. We all know how these laws are continuing havoc in the country. So, what the Pappu manifesto is saying, they will continue destruction of society in the name of empowerment.

Pappu said, ‘deprived communities have lost their traditional rights’. Whereas in Sabarimala where the tribal Keralites wanted to restore their tradition, it was Congress and left parties that wanted to bring a change and allow women to enter. Traditional rights is very subjective to pappus. When raga speaks about commitment to truth, freedom, dignity etc. you know what that really is. So, when pappu talks about Jan Awaaz as the voice of people to mock ‘Mann ki Baat’ which he called as the voice of one person, we only find a copycat Raga.

Raga claimed that the pappu manifesto was created based on 53 consultations with experts such as women’s groups. But he didn’t consult men’s groups, probably he didn’t think men can also be experts. This also shows that pappu basically thinks that simply because a group is working for women, they have become an expert. Probably Raga also got his certificates like this, maybe for carrying ‘Gandhi’ surname. As the ‘expert’ women’s groups are consulted by Congress all these years, we have seen one-sided laws and one sided sense of justice that has created legal terrorism in country.

In the end, he wrote the golden words, “every single word in the Congree manifesto reflects your voices…”. You should be a real pappu to know how one single word can reflect multiple voices?

Pappugiri unlimited

The manifesto talks about two distinct ideologies. It claims that Congress ideology is to wipe out tears from every eye, whereas the RSS ideology is to destroy India. Pappu, who talks about dividing people of India, creating new divisive policies, talks ill about an organization that doesn’t hide behind secularism to break India. Again, Congress thinks you are a Pappu to fall for this explanation.

The Congress manifesto that talks about empowering different sections of people in different manner, the manifesto that at a frequent interval talks and emboldens divisive politics, that same manifesto blames the so called ‘Modi Model’ of segregating India. Amazing pappugiri indeed.

So, the Congress manifesto asks the following –

Do we choose freedom or fear? – You know what Congress forced the Bangalore techies to choose when they shouted ‘Modi Modi’ in a Rahul Gandhi meeting (those techies were intimidated and arrested).

Do we choose harmony or hatred? – When the Congress manifesto divides Indians in multiple ways it ironically talks about harmony. You know the pappu style of harmony.

Do we choose inclusion or exclusion? – Probably Pappu wanted to be inclusive of sympathizers of Pakistan as well, like he himself has shown in recent times.

Do we choose dignity or oppression? – You know what pappu really meant by dignity when he shamed India in a public meeting in Dubai (in a recent public meeting in Dubai Rahul claimed India is intolerant when on the same day his party workers vandalized some Kolkata theaters for showing The Accidental Prime Minister).

Do we choose results or jumlas? – The funniest comment from a jumla leader.

Do we choose justice or injustice? – Came from a party, that is in the core of creating injustice for all by bringing gender biased laws, violating all norms and creating more injustice.

And if the above were not enough, Pappu asked, Do we choose prosperity for all or wealth for a few? – Lol, we wonder how did he or his Italian citizen mother made so much wealth. What is the source of their income?

So, the pappu manifesto promises everything that the pappu doesn’t believe.

A-lied Pappu

Pappu however never stopped any short of showing his pappugiri. As the manifesto says, “Our allies and other progressive political parties across the country recognise the importance of this moment. We have, therefore, come together to defeat the BJP-led coalition and set our nation on the right course. In this Manifesto, we present

to you the only national alternative—the Indian National Congress”. – So, if they had to form an alliance with other parties to fight this election together, how did they even become a national alternative at all? They themselves said, they have come together to defeat BJP-led coalition, but in the end projected only themselves as the only alternative. If this is not derogatory for their own allies, what it is? So, before the election itself, Congress is showing that they don’t trust or value their own partners. How will this Congress value us? This contradictory statement in the manifesto exposes Congress lies.

Congress (Not) Again

If you read the section, “Why Congress Again” in the manifesto, you will know what Congress has done before independence when there was no other party other than Muslim League which eventually divided the country. Now in 2019 election Congress has tied the knot with Muslim League. So, if you imagine pre-independence India you will see only INC-led UPA. This section also explains what Nehru did, when there was no other political party. This section also talks about failure of NDA schemes like ‘Digital India’, ‘Make in India’. This is at a time when I know that Congress didn’t take any initiative of digitization of legal process that I suggested to UPA in 2013, but NDA led govt has set up a high powered JPC, that has at least started working on the public recommendations. The e-courts appis the first step towards digitization of Indian legal processes.

Congress mocking the ‘Make in India’ initiative shows their high level of disrespect for their own talent. The Vande Bharat Express or Train 18 – an initiative under ‘Make in India’ was attacked by Congress in many ways. When its first test run failed, it was Congress that mocked this initiative showing their utter disrespect for Indian talents and capabilities. This showed how Congress in fact do not work for India’s well-being and they definitely don’t want to promote Indian talent.

Pappu Promises Continuing Attack on Traditions

The Pappu manifesto boasts about how Congress brought liberalization and we all know how Indian culture and traditions were attacked under the so-called liberal values. Congress used our universities to promote their leaders as great nationalists and under liberal agenda Indian culture and tradition was attacked. Attack by judiciary on Hindu customs and festivals are known by all. So, you know how harmful is Pappu with his agenda and now he is openly boasting about these showing his love for India’s enemies.

Another scary factor is Congress boasting about it’s creation of ‘Rights-based legislations’. We know very well how these individual rights-based legislations have created unnecessary high number of legal provisions that has confused the general public more, increased number of litigations, created a huge backlog of pending cases at an exponential growth and ultimately denied justice for all. So, this has created an unprecedented legal terrorism in the country. We also know that it was the Modi-led NDA government that has worked on scrapping useless laws to reduce the number of unnecessary cases.

De-fenced Congress

This section also talks about how Congress will increase defense budget to ‘restore’ the dignity of defense forces. We know here Pappu is talking about more defense scams and how to snatch the country of more resources in the name of nationalism. Because when after Pulwama attack on our soldiers Congress party and its pappu leaders were questioning the achievement of our own soldiers, it showed what these leaders can do when given power.

When Congress manifesto criticized the ‘Make in India’ initiative of NDA, it spoke about boosting entrepreneurship. The party that doesn’t show respect for Indian talent as evident from their actions after the failure of Vande Bharat Express test run, how will they boost entrepreneurship is anybody’s guess. Also, pappu wanted to exempt new businesses from applicable laws (except minimum wages act and tax laws) for first three years. Now it may sound a positive signal for new businesses but the manifesto is silent on removing bottlenecks in different government approvals or bringing in a single-window mechanism to make it smooth sailing for the businessmen.

Pappufication of jobs

You will also realize that Pappu doesn’t have any sense of current job scenario when you see two self-contradictory claims made in the manifesto. In one hand, the manifesto talks about acquiring patents of new technology for SME sector and on the other hand this talks about restoring current jobs. We all understand how the jobs keep changing with introduction of new technology and how skills need to change based on opportunities available. This is how job situation evolves. With introduction of IT based innovations, all jobs are set to change. So either Congress is fooling us on promoting acquiring new patents or safeguarding current jobs.

Congress pledges to create new jobs for teachers, doctors etc. But there is no guarantee that anyone will get these jobs in reality. Because if you look at what happened in West Bengal in early 2019, there SSC pass candidates were not getting their teaching jobs and were sitting in a hunger strike. Congress didn’t do anything to support them. No Congress leader even sat in hunger strike with those teacher aspirants. When we see that in reality Congress has not taken any step to ensure jobs in already existing opportunities, all these promises seem to be mere ‘pappufication’ of jobs.

‘Make for the world’ scheme

Congress manifesto promises another anti-India initiative under ‘Make for the world scheme’. Under this scheme, Foreign and Indian companies will be allowed to invest in ‘Exclusive-Export only zones’ and export their entire produce. These companies will pay no indirect taxes and pay a low rate of corporate tax. So, this scheme is basically another Congress scam to loot India. Under this policy any foreign company can use Indian soil to produce any world class products, but we Indians will not get those. We will only work as low wage laborers and the world will enjoy our world class products. Since the corporate tax paid by these companies will be low our government will also not earn much revenue. So, this Pappu policy is a direct threat to looting our country by utilizing our low value labor.

CON – gress NYAY

Pappu’s NYAY yojana is another scheme to con you by transferring a sum of Rs. 72,000 to the poorest 20% families. What is important is to help these people develop their skills to be fit for the emerging roles. Instead, Con – gress makes an open promise in their manifesto to loot the taxpayers’ money and make the poorest section permanently dependent on the government for survival. History teaches us that when people are given such free money, they don’t work. The Con-gress promises India to convert poor people into permanent parasites on economy.

When able-bodied persons get the promise of hard cash from pappu, the absence of any welfare scheme for physically disabled persons will shock you. Pappu-festo wants to give free cash to able bodied poor people but do not intend to show minimum empathy to a large number of handicapped people, their skill development or job schemes.

Women Centric Laws

Like several other ways Con-gress wants to divide this country, gender perspective has been very strong for years. The gender biased laws are all brought by different Congress governments. Congress promises to continue doing that. In fact, in this pappu-festo they promise to ‘take strong action’ in cases of Crimes against women when we all know how these biased laws are breaking Indian families and how an increased number of legislations has only created a legal mess. Pappu promises to ‘hold the District Administration’ responsible for crimes against women. This shows a possible promise of making legal terrorism stronger and district administration along with Congress leadership will work in tandem to extort public.

Pappu manifesto also promises to increase women’s representation in judiciary. This will tell you that Congress probably is looking at inducting women based on their gender and not based on any quality. This is a clear sign that Congress wants to paralyze already crippled judiciary by inducting candidates chosen based on their genitals. How can we forget the judges’ appointment scam by the Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi who recruited women judges based on sexual favors given to him by those women? And it raises a serious question about how Congress recruit women in senior positions? Isn’t it a serious concern for all women occupying senior positions?

If Manu Singhvi’s incident shows anything clearly that is Congress do not want to bring dignity of women. All they want is sexual favors. So, when more women are recruited (we know pappu-festo ‘Kaam’ is translated to ‘cum’ or sex) we know what dividend Congress leaders get.

What is more concerning is that the Congress manifesto openly talks about 33% reservation even in promotions for women constables and officers.

Congress promises to reserve 33% positions in central govt. positions for women. As a result, you can understand Congress openly promotes reservation based on gender so that their leaders can get sexual favors and all govt entities lose their competitive edge. How will these women officers even function if they are not selected through a competitive process?

Congress also wants to give incentives to companies for employing more women and you know why. While a leader should look at the problem of unemployment from an overall perspective, Congress has already divided the workforce as well. Their promise of 33% reservation of women in the parliament also raises question about their intention behind this move.

Gender Justice in Pappu pages

If you look at the section 35 of pappu manifesto, Congress promises one sided benefit to women and call it gender justice. This is the narrative Congress has promoted for ages to create a distinct gender bias in the country and to wage a gender war. Among all the provisions Congress wants, the extension of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplaces Act to all industries should take prime focus. A party that recruited women judges through sexual favors, claims to prevent women from sexual exploitation. The SHWB act as it stands today, is only misused by women with common Indian men being falsely accused and committing even suicide. The recent case of Genpact AVP committing suicide should be an eye-opener of this legal terrorism.


If you carefully read the Pappu manifesto you will clearly see that this is a manifesto to divide India further, create and promote terrorism in different forms and to disintegrate the country in the name of liberalism and creativity. The manifesto talks about guaranteeing artistic freedom to express their views and promise strong action against vigilante groups. So, you can expect to see more attack on Indian culture by Congress promoted and supported cultural terrorists that will promote more nudity, pornography and filth against Indian heritage and culture in the name of artistic freedom. Congress in their manifesto has presented the blueprint of a dystopian (opposite of utopia) society to lead us to hell. So, you know why pappugiri can be self-destructive for you and your future generation.


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  1. Great article and analysis on a pathetic party and their manifesto. It seems you are definitely concerned with a very remote chance of Khan-grust party cumming to power through dubious means.

    But I guess with all the nonsensical details you read in their manifesto you missed out it promised to give constitutional status to NCW, meaning another parallel court.

    That alone stood out to me as the main point that can be thrown at many men’s rights group that is opposing BJP for favouring women to see the truth that BJP is favouring women (no doubt about it and I am very much against it) for political reasons but Khan-grust party is using them to divide and destroy India in its entirety.

    Even before 2014 (in 2013) I had told my Mother (who turned dead against women appeasement due to being a witness to plight of my brother and me under feminist jurisprudence) that even though SP had openly supported men (in a weird way) there is no alternative to BJP for keeping the nation and its heritage safe even if they seem to favour women. My mother is an ardent supporter of Modi Ji and BJP (then and now).

    But that conversation still holds true in 2019 (not with my mother) but for many of us common folks, because we don’t realise that the choice in politics is really never between Good & Evil. It is always and always between Bad & Evil.

    And if we leave politics to stay neutral due to the leftist-feminist-jihadist-evangelist-sickular shaming tactics employed always to make common folks stay away from important issues and sphere (that includes politics) and think that vacuum will be tolerated by mother nature, then we could not be more wrong. Nature abhors vacuum and will fill vacant space with Evil hell bound to destroy us.


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