Sexual Freedom of Genders

Recently in a discussion, a researcher told that it is natural that women are more precious in the world because nature has made them that way.

He clarified, that nature has given men the ability to produce millions of sperms at one time multiple times a day when a woman can produce only one egg at a time, two times a month. So a man is given the power to impregnate multiple women but women can only get selectively impregnated. Also, women can’t get impregnated while they are already pregnant.

So the natural selection is sexual freedom he male gender but not for the females. Since a man can spread his genes only through a woman, it is important that the man pampers his woman to spread his gene and hence the woman becomes more precious among the two genders. Because that womb can only selectively carry children whereas that penis doesn’t need to be selective.

I was not able to understand why the selection should not apply to men. Because men too look for women with better physical features as they look for a woman with good genes and ability to give birth and nurture healthy babies. So men too need to be selective.

But the economics of sexual freedom is heavily skewed against the male gender with men’s ability to produce millions of sperms each time and only ONE sperm is all that is important to impregnate the woman. All other sperms die in the process. This is symbolic of why the male gender becomes disposable and millions die to save one female.

But when we look at this from a different perspective, we find that a man can produce millions of equally capable sperms to impregnate a woman. All these sperms have same characteristics and same good genes that the special sperm possess. So, in this case, a man has created far more superior species than the female species. But this ability to produce quality in abundance also makes men the disposable gender and gives the hidden power to control all sexual encounters to women and to manipulate men to every possible extent.

With the nature being so misandric, it has also balanced this misandry out by giving men the power to impregnate multiple women every day.

Feminists played a very cruel game with nature in the name of women empowerment. They brought a vaguely defined term called “consent” that can send any man behind the bars on the mere allegation of rape. In this way, feminists have prohibited men from having multiple sexual partners, the only advantage given to them by Mother Nature.

Feminists are manipulating with the rules of nature. When these rules are manipulated the only result that we can think of is the destruction of human species.


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  1. Well written, always feminists are defaming Men by using these dirty tactics. But as born in INDIA, we should be aware about the Biased Sexual Law’s. The word “Consent” has to defined with meaning full abbreviation in Law.

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  2. It is a very unintelligent perspective to see people by their reproductive utility. There is more in the world than reproduction.

    Making lives comfortable by inventing aeroplane, telephone, electricity, automobile, railway, computers, etc. Doing something for the society, helping others, bringing up good children, etc.

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  3. For all those who are MGTOW, indeed it is difficult for adult men to stay away from physical intimacy.Temptations may arise within the body and it may make those MGTOW to swerve away from the oath of celibacy .Fasting may be a remedy for this.It will help us stay aloof without sexual pleasure for a longer time. (Just saying).

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  4. I understand the authors point of view, but that doesn’t mean I agree with al of it. To put it bluntly nature is neither misogynic, nor misandric. That said (from my deep understanding and studies undertaken in the field of wildlife science, evolutionary psychology and resource dynamics in nature), I completely agree with the notion that feminism tries to tinker with natural setup, and since they cannot do anything but blme nature secretly for women’s woes they explicitly exhibit it against men of the species because throughout history of human evolution women were the pointers to change and they were used to men acting those changes by pushing boundaries at their own cost driven by their sexual urge and women’s innate control power over men for the collective good of species.

    But I fear if MRAs goes the feminist way in thinking and start blaming nature for being misandrist, then there is collusion and more power will go towards feminist and their illogical lies as well as propaganda.

    What I definitely feel and have good philosophical and empirical backing to discuss at length and prove it, is that feminism is not the starting cause behind the horrible gender war. Feminism is the effect of comfort oriented and comfort demanding society we created by industrializing rapidly while degrading natural balance and nature’s control over human population dynamics as well as adding chemicals into the environment that plays havoc with male phenotypical as well mental characteristics plus over emphasizing thus killing feminine qualities. Adding to that large scale urbanization and lifestyle changes that delink us from nature, making us beleive we have triumphed over nature and are beyond its domain, we have recipe for a disasterous decline in our population in very short term, something that can be aptly termed as human extinction or at the very least extinction of the so called modern urbanized and globalized world. And the last nail on this coffin of human population would be feminism driven naila hamnered into our psyche and societal structure that would prevent the natural rebuilding of population of any sexually dimorphic animal species by free mixing of opposite sexes. This saftey valve that nature gave us human animals and have been tested successfully several times throughout history after disasterous decline in population will fail this time around because feminism will block it. And that is because we humans think that we are moral, civilized species unlike other animals. But alas we are just one in millions of species in the natural world still ruled by nature and not the other way round (rulling nature).

    By saying all this I am not trying to blame feminism for anything. I just coyld rrad the signs of a collapse and am getting better at it by each passing day. So just pointed out.


  5. The expression of feminism is a sign that a society has become too decadent and too prosperous…too quickly. When times are too good and when things come too easy…it is common for affluent individuals to seek self-aggrandizement and self-actualization (since all other needs have been met). Subsequently, the rich man often envisions himself as a demi-god who is superior to his brethren, whereas wealthy women envision themselves as goddesses who are superior to men.

    Feminism is thus a social disease that originates with affluent, albeit greedy women, who have lost touch with reality, have forgotten their place, have adopted an entitlement mentality, have lost respect for mankind and who continue to strive for more privileges and power. The disease is thus spread from the elite and then trickles down through the ranks. The working class and the poor, however, do not have the time or the luxury of fostering such grandiose delusions, so they are somewhat removed from this condition (to varying degrees).

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