Legal Anarchy Will Destroy Indian Families – This Is The Best You Can Do

From my previous two articles you have seen how the nation is continuously fooled to create gender-biased legislation in the name of women empowerment. In the name of article 15(3) of the Indian constitution, it is always said that Indian govt. has the power to create such laws to empower women. If you go through this link (it may take time, so read in your leisure time) you will know how our constitution is violated every time we have a new amendment like the one being created now.

Even though in its 253rd report published in August 2012, law commission of India has suggested punishment for misuse under the sections (CrPC 358, IPC 182, IPC 211, CrPC 250), our govt. has never implemented the same. This is only encouraging the misuse by some criminal females. We have already seen that how some women take advantage of 498a, DV, different maintenance sections, child custody and also the adultery laws. There are many husbands in India who are forced to maintain their adulterous wives or her illicit children. As per different legal provisions, an adulterous wife can’t be punished even if proved guilty. No court can order a DNA test of a child unless it is for the child’s benefit, as the bastardization of a child is not allowed. These advantages are leading to legal extortion by women.

Per the recent recommendation for legal changes, all sexual crimes were under review. In The Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill, ‘misuse clause’ is taken away. This will give rise to a whole lot of false cases for personal gains even in our corporate offices. This in all probability will lead to the booking of corporate honchos by these miscreant women and these men will have to shell out huge money or part of their salary. So the corporate world will now have a lot of unproductive time loss and overall loss of productivity. This will lead to loss of business for Indian corporate and loss of global competitiveness. This is the easiest way to ruin our corporate sector. If corporate India is in trouble, our economy will see another gloom period. With more job losses and under-employment, India will have another outflow of the talent pool.

With rape and SHWB being made more stringent, the misuse is going to be increased much fold. A lenient legal process for women will ensure that the defence of an accused is taken away completely and on a simple accusation, a man will undergo tremendous trauma and will be forced to settle such matters with money to avoid complications.

Obviously, this situation will give rise to a different section of the population who will try to keep a safe distance from all women unless they are their mother or sister. This will jeopardize all our social relations and Indians will be more lonely. We know the importance of family as that provides much-needed support to an individual. But under changed circumstances, we will lose that support structure.

With more men refusing to marry or get closer to women, a new breed of a sex-starved frustrated population will be created. Even women will be lonely and frustrated. Average women, who are not so good looking or educated will not be able to get married. The sexual frustration of the population will lead to increased illicit relations, bastard children, feticide, prostitution (both male and female), drug/alcohol abuse, murder and suicide (even mass suicide). This genocide will take away their childhood from every child and with increased corruption level even juvenile crime will increase. Already we have seen how in India juvenile crime and underage prostitution is increasing. More and more common people will now commit a crime.

Another danger is women being used by other men for their narrow gains. Now any woman can commit murder and claim it as self-defence to prevent rape, it is most likely that we will have all women criminals roaming around freely in the society. With previous sex history of the woman not being seen, many prostitutes will come forward and file rape cases. It will be another easy way to earn money for prostitutes (feminists will still demand respect for prostitutes).

As a result, more innocent men will either be sent to jail or commit suicide. India will be full of people warring against each other for their narrow selfish gains. With men around them incriminated and left to die every day under so much social pressure, normal women too will not be able to fight this war against feminists and will either die or commit suicide. Men will murder other men, children will commit a crime and this coupled with increased corruption will give rise to a situation like civil war, a situation like anarchy.

If you think you do not want your children to live in this kind of a nation and you do not have any provision to leave India sooner, you need to face this situation boldly. You need to come forward, stand up and fight against these feminist forces that will eventually destroy our women and children too.

Currently, there are forty different NGOs in India who are working against the creation of these gender biased laws and trying to bring in gender justice. These NGOs are spread across the country in different cities. If you are convinced about the cause you can contribute in the following way –

  1. As knowledge is the key here, you need to read the link given at the beginning of this article. You will know, how in the name of empowerment extremely biased laws were made.
  2. Legal knowledge is never complete without knowledge of judgments, and hence you need to study important judgments given in different gender-related crimes.

  3. You also need to understand how the legal process works in India and what kinds of pieces of evidence are required to prove each type of crime.

  4. Once you have sufficient knowledge about each gender-related crime, you will be ready to talk to different people about them. But remember, you need to continuously build on your knowledge, so keep in touch with real victims and join any of these NGOs and attend their meetings in a city near you. Also, you need to keep on reading different legal reforms, law commission reports, international reports and even results of different social studies.

  5. After you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of these matters, you will be ready to talk to the outside world promoting gender-neutral laws.

  6. In order to promote neutrality and punishment for the criminals irrespective of gender, you need to make use of all possible media choices available today. Be it blog, social media, emails, presentations, motivational speaking or even debates or social seminars.

  7. Please understand that feminism today harms both men and women in India and hence you can’t do anything against women. Women too are victims of feminism. Hence we need more women to join us and real women will be with us. So invite them to join us as well.

  8. Keep a safe distance from women and families who are newly rich, or either higher or lower in terms of social status with you.

  9. Also keep distance from women who are either ‘Commitment Pusher’, ‘Jealous’, ‘Control Freak’, ‘Unrealistic’, ‘Divider & Ruler’, ‘Attention Seeker’, ‘Blame Gamer’, ‘Hypersensitive’, ‘Rigid’, ‘suffer from Sudden Mood Swings’ or of ‘Threatening’ behaviour. Because they try to manipulate men a lot. Hence be careful when you choose your teammates/friends. Alert other men around you from these women.

  10. These laws are the outcome of deep-rooted misandry in our society. This incriminates men easily. Men as protector always feel guilty if there is any crime against women and incriminate their own selves even though they are not guilty. To fight with these laws, you need to fight with this misandry as well. To do this, please remember these in your every interaction –

    a. Stop judging other men negatively as soon as women complaints against them. Women can and they do file false cases, yet they are guarded more than a baby. Even juvenile boys are treated like adults but not Indian women under these biased laws.

b. Question the social construct which forces a man to earn manhood or suffer abuse because it is considered unmanly to raise voice against it.

c. Challenge all forms of anti-male attitude in all forums you interact including media.

d. STOP believing that Girls / Women are always right and men are always wrong.

e. Join any Men’s Rights Group, they fight for gender justice in the country and are not against women. They are against feminism and consists of well-qualified men and women.

f. Contact your MP and send letters to all MPs and other important office bearers of the country (Judges, PM, President, law commission, police etc.) and request for gender-neutral laws.

g. Organize social movements, roadshows, debates, dharnas on these subjects and make people aware about the situation.

h. Any time a special commission is set up (like the recent Verma panel) to review any law or make new amendments, please send letters to the commission and demand gender-neutral laws and punishment for false complaints. Make others around you, especially women around you to send letters.

This is not the end. You can innovate and bring in new ideas too. Share your ideas with us so that we can follow those. This list is not exhaustive as this fight is still in its infancy.

Remember as a human being and as a peace-loving, law-abiding citizen of India, it is your right to live peacefully without being exploited by anyone. If you don’t react today, you will not be able to have a peaceful future or give your future generation a good life.




  1. Great article Partha. Hope our Society realises this and takes measures to hand over safe society to our future generataion.


    • Thanks Sathya..problem I find with our movement people do not share these blogs or read and comment on these. This one way frustrates me and hinders from writing further and also lets me think whether I should continue this. I am trying to create pointers for everyone so that people can use them in all different forums but without proper resoponse I don’t feel that we are going to right direction either.


  2. You are absolutely right Partha.I have also tried several times to make people aware about this.Unfortunately ,even who have false 498a,125,dv etc behind them do not come forward.They are busy and eager to have another marriage secretly.Anyway, do not stop writing.It is the source of inspiration to many of us who are working within their limited resources.


  3. Hi Partha,

    I have been reading your articles for past 2 weeks and yes, I also feel the same what you have written. Myself, being a victim of 498A an it’s still ongoing. The problem with 498A is, most of the victims, including myself lead a very secluded and private life, without disclosing the real identity (such is the widespread gamut of this illicit Law). Your family, job, promotion, social existence, honesty, truthfulness, savings, property………….bla bla, everything comes under the scanner when your true identity is being exposed. Yet, as hapless rational animals (MEN), we should continue to fight for justice against the so called new class of goons called FEMINIST TERRORISTS. By the time, Govt realizes, that one part of Society or one/two generations have been completely being suppressed and under tremendous depression, it’ll be too late .

    I request you all from best of your knowledge, please share with me, in my e-mail, the blogs, forums, debates, Ministry level e-mails, where I can share my posts.

    Thanks and Regards,


  4. Great article..Many are afraid to come forward. Run the movement. False are always false. Hope the change will come soon.


    • Freinds..thanks for your appreciation. Please share these blogs with any forum (including feminists) or during any debate. The reasons I have created these is to give people direction and also inspire others to give direction (we may not be right always). There are many myths in our society and most people believe in newspaper reports blindly. We need to make them realize (peaceful way only) the truth. Our data, reasoning and logic should talk and not temper. The moment we start showing our rage we will piss off people. It may be for their benefit, but still no one understands.


  5. Meh!! If u think retarded women worshiping brain-dead Indian white knights and manginas will suddenly see their mistake and join u in this fight…then u r seriously deluded. The best u as a man can do is gain the required knowledge and save urself. Never get married or have kids. Avoid all women like the Black Plague of the 16th century. If possible try to expat to other non-hostile nation ASAP. I can feel u guys r trying so hard to make a difference….but most men can’t think beyond the brainwashing they receive from society. Good luck!!


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