Not A Rapist But Given Death Sentence

“Oh, candle-bearers of Delhi! Why should I be pushed to death? I have not committed any crime.”

Unfortunately, no one has heard his plea when yet another man committed suicide (the news). People who created madness in Delhi in 2012, people who added to Delhi’s rape story, aggravated it, spread rumours, given drastic statements, demanded harshest punishments for rapists, who has written blogs, won awards for them, created whole lot of drama on rape and continuously doing so, all of them have killed him. Global leaders who have made sensational statements about women safety in India and no one bothered to protest as all those leaders were only interfering in India’s internal affairs. Leaders who were carried away by public emotion and given path-breaking statements, media who have exaggerated the crime and shown Indian men as rapists are all responsible for his death.

Police had nothing else to do but to follow the laws of the land. They have arrested him before the charges were proved. That is what India has demanded. That is what men who said ‘they are ashamed of their manhood’ have demanded and so there was punishment even before the crime is proved, only one complaint.

Following Delhi rape, the people who have raised ‘respect women’ slogan, who in the name of showing their emotion for one killed woman, also killed a policeman on duty, all of them have joined hands in killing this person too. When they demanded death penalty for the rapists or making stringent laws, they have not cared for the implementation of the existing laws, they have not cared for seeing that any false complainant is also severely punished. They have compared the victim with their sister. As if everyone’s sister is choosing an empty bus to travel with their boyfriend and make those love scenes in public. I am sorry, I refuse to endorse such a girl like this as my sister and I refuse to protect them.

Everyone who raised the slogan of ‘respect women’ theory and compared all women with their mothers forgot one thing, that their mother may be worthy of respect but there are women like this one too. There are prostitutes, murders, attention seekers, abusers, drunkards, thieves, dacoits, extortionist, snatchers and above all strippers who cannot be compared with their own mothers, or their mothers are of so much below the standard that they had to compare her with these women. I am sorry, I refuse to do that, I refuse to compare my mother with any other woman in the world. She is one, she is unique. She has not demanded her rights and shunned all responsibilities, she has not filed false cases against anyone, she has not chosen an empty bus to travel with her boyfriend and make her love scenes public. I refuse to compare my mother with any other woman in this world and I don’t want to respect anyone and everyone simply because one is a woman.

All the well-educated people in India, who consists almost 98% (or should I say 100% because MRAs has protested this really don’t make any percentage) who has created huge ruckus based on one Delhi incident and killed many others like Roopkishore (maybe indirectly) are responsible for this death. But none of them bothers today, none of the media has made it a story, none of those intellectuals or highly educated people (or should I say protectors) is bothered about this death. Either they are ignorant or they are kept selectively ignorant by the media. This news is published in only one not so popular newspaper and may not be in all editions. So even people taking this newspaper at home in other cities may not know this happened. People who are not net-savvy, who are not on social networking sites, not on any groups will not know how they have killed another person.

Electronic media, print media and most other popular media being silent and all the intellectuals who vehemently protested and demanded harshest possible punishment in Delhi are only doing more harm to future sufferers. Unfortunately, none of them will demand death penalty for the woman today, no global leader will claim India has become unsafe again, no debate in parliament over hours on how to stop legal terrorism, no debate on media on this issue, no judicial commission, no public prosecution, no blogging, no competition, no bell bajao campaign. India does not bother about these terrorists.

Who will now take care of his family? Will govt. allocate special funds in the name of Roopkishore to look after families of people who died of legal terrorism; will the govt. bother to give one member of his family a job at least? He was 53, so might be earning or capable of earning. Who will look after his family’s well being? If Govt. can talk about paying to rape victims, if the UN can do a study on rapes then why don’t they do the same on legal terrorism too? Especially when 75% of rape cases filed in India are false.

UN today demands that in India and in most of the third world countries incidents of rape are not even reported. We know with 75% false cases we would have got more victims like Roopkishore for whom no one will do any study either real or fake, no leader will give any statement, and our parliament will not even observe a minute of silence. Because as an Indian man he was a criminal and disposable….and so are other male candle bearers. It’s only a matter of time when the peaceful existence of such a candle bearer is hit and he turns into a rapist like this. Till then he will continue to be fooled by popular media, feminists and continue to demand ….death penalty for his own self. When he is struck by this fate, no one will remember that he was a candle bearer, no one will say he always respected women and taken good care of them. People will only say he was a rapist because some ‘respected’ woman has said so…people will continue to respect women while the same men will continue to die silent deaths like this…


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