Cash Karo – Mast Raho

Money Saved is Money Earned

But we always have concerns about how much to save. Normally experts say anyone should save 20% of one’s income as savings. But its amazing to find that thanks to a websites like Cashkaro now the money that you save can actually buy you goodies in addition and the money you spend can bring in savings to you. All these are possible because of this site.

Shopping was never as easy prior to the era of online shopping. We have seen many individual shopping sites like Myntra, Yatra or However, Cashkaro initiative has brought a new dimension to it. And hence if I am given Rs. 10,000 today, I would like to save the entire money through this website or you can say spend the entire amount through it…hehe after all the above proverb is now changed to –

Money Spent is Money Saved and Money Saved is Money Earned

Surprised / shocked? – read on..

With festival season round the corner, especially for the Bengalis like us who want to chill out during this time and hang out with friends and show off, a website like this is bringing cool stuff for us with hot offers.


One best thing about this website is it brings all different sites selling same merchandise or a good mix of the same, under one umbrella. So we get to see all exciting offers at one place. We don’t need to visit different websites and select from their offers. We have whole lot of goodies and services to choose from. The process of buying your merchandise is also very simple as described on the website –


There is no end to it. The Hot offers section of the site gives us the hottest offers on internet for the moment. So we choose from the best offers from one selected merchandise. Cool isn’t it?


So if I get Rs. 10,000 this festive season – I will first prioritize my necessities. This is enough for shopping during this festival time, specially when this will be a saving for our future too. Once I prioritize, I will check the Hot Offers section for hot offers from different brands. Since we need merchandise for people of all age groups I am sure to get best offers for each of my family member.

Unfortunately for Bengalis living in cities other than Delhi and Mumbai they don’t have cool restaurant offers but never mind, we have enough to choose from, may not be Restaurants.

This will be my choice and selection of merchandise for my family  –  Cashkaro Expenditure

I still save ~Rs 1000 in cash that I can use to buy jewelry for the women in my house at a later point in time. Since in four months from now we have a couple of family functions coming up, we will utilize this fund to purchase new goodies during that time and save more.

So now you know that you can now spend money to save the same, and hence earn money without really working for it.

No wonder why someone said –

You need money to make money

So keep making money through these avenues and then keep fulfilling your need too. Isn’t it cool?

Cash Karo, Aish Karo!

Aish Karo, Mast Raho!!


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