How A WhatsApp Discussion on Johnny Depp Divorce, Caused Feminist Meltdown

Johnny Dep Amber Herd Divorce

The expression on Amber Herd’s face is a typical expression any woman has in family courts. Crocodile tears do help them in courts

If Johnny Depp and Amber Herd divorce suit teaches us anything that is – it is time for men to speak up against domestic violence on them by their female partners. If celebrities don’t do that, how can commoners do? Or who will listen to the commoners? But today’s discussion is not about Johnny Depp divorce at all, rather it is about many other fundamental problems with women.

In a WhatsApp group discussion with a on Johnny Depp’s defamation suit and his testimony about Amber Herd’s violent nature, we have seen a feminist meltdown when she was schooled on feminism. This discussion exposed many realities about women and feminism that we can’t ignore and that goes beyond the implications of our learning from Depp-Herd divorce.

It all started when someone posted a newslink on the Herd-Elon Musk affair –

The news on the shocking revelations about Depp-Herd relation prompted me to comment that people who want to blindly ‘respect women’ and promote the same, create such a society where undeserving people become arrogant and irresponsible. This causes destruction of a society. To this a feminist in that group started reacting –

So, hers is typical rant that don’t paint all women in same colour and the incidents like Amber Herd is a one-off incident. This is a typical feminist alibi in all situations when they try to claim that news of women perpetrators of crime are one-off cases whereas news claiming male perpetrators becomes the reality of the society. She also tried to show that because other men in the group do not support my comments directly through comments, that meant they opposed my views. Whereas any man or MRA would know that most men do not want to be open about such issues and in the garb of being politically correct they choose to be silent and ‘observe’ the fun. Most men have the fear of being termed as ‘sexist’ if they support men in any manner and that fear of being called a ‘sexist’ and a ‘chauvinist’ keeps them away from commenting in favour of men.

However, we MRAs have no such fear as our goal is to eradicate this bias from the society. Hence, we can’t be intimidated from such discussions. Also, she immediately tagged some admins of the group and raised her objection in this regard (probably with the hope that admins would ban me). Admins didn’t react either way proving that they wanted me to say the words from their hearts that they couldn’t speak openly.

So, I had to clarify to her what ‘Respect Women’ term means and explain that it demands respect for all women –

To this, she tried to explain feminism to me and then the discussion turned extremely intriguing –

From her comment itself you can understand that she had completely lost it when she said, men do get respect and not all women demand respect. Going astray from the original demand of ‘respect women’. She did say that not all men are responsible for violence but didn’t know about the gender biased laws which considers a man as a criminal and a woman as a victim.

Now in the Johnny Depp- Amber Herd case we came to know about the partner violence against Johnny Depp only because the law of his country allowed him to share his side of the story. Otherwise, in countries like India where men are not even allowed to share such stories in court or even in social media (may get defamation lawsuit) how will their side of the story be known?

From the comment above, you can easily understand the basic premise of respect in this discussion is about the misandry and misogyny that prevails in the society and where it is the misandry that prevails and makes such gender-biased laws. From her comment, however, one can easily understand that she has gone into a tangent and didn’t have proper understanding of the subject.

So, I had to caution her about her wrong understanding and expose how feminism is not about equality and this was enough to trigger the feminist in her –

My comment was enough to trigger the feminist inside her. Probably she didn’t face such open rebuttal of feminist theories in her life –

Even though she used laughing emojis in her comment, by reading the comments you can easily understand she was not in a light mood at all. The frequency and speed at which she wrote those comments were a proof how super excited she was. But in turn she didn’t even realize that she was getting exposed more with every such retaliation. So, I had to show her mirror –

Clearly, she didn’t have any logical answer to prove me wrong. So, she preferred blabbering some nonsense. She tried to mock the situation that men can’t file complaints against women, so I had to show her reality that how someone claiming to be an equalist is actually a misandrist –

From her comment above you can easily understand how stupid a person can really be to write such stuff. This came after I have already explained that ‘respect is earned’ and not demanded and not everyone is worthy of respect. But probably to expect more intelligence from a feminist is a utopian concept, so I had to write this –

This time she thought she will intimidate me by saying ‘male dominating’ society etc. to justify the biased laws. But I am what I am –

One point to note here is that women display more chauvinism while opposing imaginary male chauvinism that doesn’t exist. Almost all women try to justify the biased laws by saying a lot more women are violated compared to me, but at the same time they want to reject men’s demand of neutral laws by saying ‘male domination’. This way feminism and Islamic terrorism behaves the same way. Islamic terrorists play the victim card whenever caught off-guard like the feminists do. This is why we see incidents like Amber Herd’s violence against Johnny Depp become rare incidents in feminist argument, while if it is the other way round, the same women would have generalized the matter and demanded stricter laws. A great display of chauvinism by women in general. And so, I had to add the last part.

..and this had the desired effect as she ran completely out of her mind –

This is where she started boasting about her position in the corporate. One point to note here (though I have not mentioned it in the WA chat) is that such morons are not only hired in companies but they are given lead positions in the name of gender diversity. You may easily find the dangerous implications of this kind inclusion in workforce. Such narcissists cause great harm to workforce. In one hand they are not open minded and certainly not egalitarian in nature, and on the other hand they are extremely hateful to men around them (I have tested this on a company director of a large IT MNC as well when she was my girlfriend with similar results). Her comments are proof of that. The point here is, women no matter how educated and elevated in social position remain male haters and attention seekers.

The way the fact that men can’t file complaints against women (In India) or are not even heard anywhere (in India) evoked funny responses from her shows enough of female chauvinism in display. Now imagine what will be the culture in her team? Men will be unnecessarily dominated and will not be given a fair chance. Such a narcissist woman doesn’t even realize that she lacks basic sense and humanity, forget about being sensible to the cause of men. This is why, I always protest against ‘respect women’. If wrong people are respected and promoted in life, they ultimately become egoists and narcissists like her.

You can also find a dominant cancel culture in her retorts. In the end, unable to match my arguments, she threatened probably of some legal consequences for personal attack that she only started. Playing victim card like all women do, when they can’t win arguments.


This discussion goes beyond the Johnny Depp – Amber Herd divorce case and exposes the nature of women. Women given reservation in different positions and given easy raise in the corporate do not realize that they are growing at the expense of men. You can find this attitude from women from all walks of life. This reality can’t be ignored. It’s does not only affect the domestic violence scenario but affects all spheres of life and pushes men to the edge. Men most often are not even aware about this and hence they take this as a personal problem. It is probably time to ensure that only quality people are respected and promoted in life so that life’s balance remain intact. Otherwise, there will be more trouble in the society than solving anything.



  1. This is where I think MRAs get it completely wrong and MGTOW gets it spot on. You can’t reason with the unreasonable.
    See feminists base their arguments on two emotions. Blind hatred for men, all men, and pure greed. Evil. They don’t care how logically correct you arguments are, in their minds, they are always right and you are always wrong, no matter what. Women Good Men Bad, Remember.
    You can’t be reasonable with them. You think The Nazis would stop if someone requested them nicely?
    The best way is to avoid them like the plague. Hit them where it hurts the most. It’s men who do all the work in the society, pay all the taxes, take up all the dangerous jobs. Starve them of your resources and utilities and the entire system collapses on its head. The MGTOW way.
    You are wasting your precious time arguing with them, honestly.


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