Now A Male Boss Writes A Response To Priya Ramani’s Allegations Against Male Bosses

Women employees

Dear Women Employees,

This email was necessary to all of you as I have recently seen Priya Ramani’s #MeToo article that went into a controversy and ended in a defamation lawsuit by M J Akbar in Indian courts. In that article, she blamed male bosses in general for many atrocities against women workers and projected how women undergo sexual harassment in their workplaces are one-sided affair. This article written in the #MeToo era to conform to one-sided stories and many of you believe that this is the situation everywhere.

Today, it’s the women employees in workplaces who are teaching us what chauvinism really means. Yes, I am talking about female chauvinism. I grew up hearing about male chauvinism all my life but has never witnessed it until you females have shown what chauvinism really meant.

We men are raised with the notion of respecting women and mostly for no given reason. Sometimes, we are told that women reproduce and men can’t, so we need to respect women. So, when women give birth to bad children, criminals and parasites, only women should be blamed, no? But that is never the case. When we blame mothers for badly raised children, surprisingly that becomes part of the male chauvinism. Sometimes we are told a woman has stripped in public so please respect her, sometimes we are told she has menstruation – please respect a woman. I mean -really?

It is told that women are weak and they were subjected to years of subjugation by males (my forefathers) and hence women need to be respected. We didn’t have any reason but we believed that we needed to respect women and not to expect anything back. We were constantly told that no matter how a woman behave it is her choice, when in reality even we males are not respected like that and have so many restrictions in choices.

I grew up hearing stories about Mata Sita, Mandodari, Parbati and other goddesses to understand what kind of women should get respect and suddenly I see my next-door slut claiming to be a goddess. Now that other women come forward supporting these sluts, I don’t know how to distinguish between sluts and goddesses. Now, someone with the capability of showing her skin and shouting abuses in nude demands same level of respect with a woman scientist who would have taken years of grueling training to reach to that top spot is very confusing for us men. Even prostitutes became ‘sex workers’ now and like all other workers even they can allege sexual abuse by their male clients. I am still not sure about their female clients and how that works. Now the problem is, should these two types of sexual abuses be considered the same? Or where to draw the line?

I remained confused as the definition of workplace widened and I didn’t know what to do, when my company’s HR policies failed to restrict women employees in their clothing, while males were given a dress code, and we never felt ‘oppressed’ by that. Men felt that these were rules and chose to follow them without questioning and to maintain proper working environment. But the ‘open’ dress code for women was so much disturbing and spoiler of workplace environment that my team’s performance started decreasing.

Today’s jobs demand that we work late in office as we have continued pricing pressure from our clients. Also, employees expect continuous salary hike. Every year every company is supposed to deliver better products and services at lesser price compared to the previous year. So, we need to continuously innovate. Employees can’t achieve the productivity without innovation and without working harder. Your habit of wearing tank tops and mini skirts in our liberal office does not give us that working environment. Most often other males in my office are busy working harder for your productivity losses, for your inefficiencies and for your high-handedness. You spend office hours in gossiping about your n-th boyfriends, your maid’s irregularity and Ekta Kapoor’s bitching serials, but that doesn’t help in our deliverables.

I have given one of you an opportunity to manage a reporting for the team as she had shown interest and wanted to grow in the organization. The same opportunity was also given to another male employee and you two were supposed to take care of this reporting in alternate months. However, very soon my team members started complaining about your arrogance, inefficiency and rudeness while handling these meetings. You have also threatened some of them to file sexual harassment complaint against them as you couldn’t handle the discussions properly. They complained that your knowledge sucked and so is your learning skills. While your meetings every week shot much over the allotted time, the other male employee used to manage all his meetings without any complaints from anyone and within the allotted time. So, who should I support in career growth?

I have never seen any other male employee having this kind of attitude or performance issues. But I still can’t take any action against you as that will be considered as sexism and oppression against a woman employee. You had dared to had fight with our Geo lead to whom you were supposed to present the report. On many occasions he had to cancel the call with you because you failed to provide him with the important details, and you had no knowledge about the report you had created. Still, we could not take any action against you and had to bear the burnt of having an inefficient employee in our team. Many times, I felt like complaining of sexual harassment against you because of your unnecessary complaining attitude and taking shelter in feminism. You women think the companies should accept you with all your negativities and continue to suffer productivity losses while male employees keep compensating for your inefficiencies? Why should I spend additional hours pleading to other male employees to cover for your inefficiencies?

No matter where I put you, you have shown inefficiency and yet I need to keep promoting you. You were given the opportunity as an Architect and you had always delivered late, half-baked or wrong solutions that other male employees who were not even Architect had to correct. When a male Architect can finish the same solution in one day, you take several weeks. There is no comparison between your quality of work and that of a male employee in a similar role, and you demand that you are not paid equal wages? Do you even understand how much highly you are paid compared to your actual performance? I am lucky that our male employees do not know your salary or else we would have lost them. If I was the sole decider of your pay, many of you would have been working as trainees and not in senior management roles.

You fail us in every aspect of your interaction. You demand all kinds of wavers, you fail to follow company procedures, you don’t want to be disciplined, yet demand that you be given all facilities by the company.

The reason we give the mandatory transport facility only to you and not to the male employees is because we thought it will help you and your productivity. But very often you women end up fighting with cab drivers to get dropped in places other than your approved stops. You complain about our sexism, yet you women show sexism every day. You are not disciplined, and you want to blame other male employees for that. The reason we force other male employees to be dropped after all of you are dropped is for your safety and very often you women take that for granted. When you women yourselves don’t care about your safety, why should other men bother?

Priya Ramani, however, complained that we male bosses remained the same, lecherous. The reason women like her can think that, is they only think of perversion and nothing else. Like the feminist who forced the Mumbai police to take action against Myntra for having logo perceived by her as offensive to women. No one else in the world have found a problem with that logo until she pointed it out. This is what happens when you feminists have a dirty, sick, pervert mind. Like the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so is the obscenity.

This is the mindset that drives women to create stories about lustful male behaviour. They can imagine lust even when there is none. And Priya had audacity to comment about all male bosses. If all men are classified in one single ‘class’ of predators, then from the Myntra episode we know exactly how all women think and how corrupt their minds are.

In Priya Ramani’s language, I will say – “All these years the world has changed and so is your species” (oops that is a wrong statement because incidentally we both are from the human species but she probably wanted to talk about the gender while used ‘species’). There was a time when chastity and purity were considered women’s best ornament and pride; but now showing skin, showing unnecessary temper, hurling abuses, demanding respect and equal rights for criminals seem to be have become the agenda of your ‘species’. Whenever someone shows perversion, promotes immoral attitude immediately feminists’ shower blessing to her – ‘You go girl’, ‘smash patriarchy’.

But the same behaviour from a man becomes a predatory behaviour. Why should it be that way?  

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At the outset, let me end one misconception that you women have about yourself. Like Priya Ramani herself, you think all male bosses take a pick at the young females entering the workforce, but you need to know that many of you are hired because our companies need to show gender diversity in workforce in the first place. Otherwise, we would have hired more productive and contributing male employees. We are forced to hire you and many times we are told to lower our bars for that. An average woman may come to us with higher scores in exams but very often fail to deliver the work, whereas the guys deliver more than what is asked for.

You are an expert in making up stories on obscene phone calls, texts, inappropriate compliments etc. #MeToo has shown us how these stories are written and propagated by most unattractive and failed women. Our male employees do not have this chance, not even when they are working under a woman boss. When you women are given higher professional positions, you become real chauvinists. You try to blame your male employees even when the fault is yours. Male bosses do not do that, they manage the situations from the front. You women have the tendency to find fault with others even when you are the one to be blamed.

Priya Ramani’s article about male bosses spoke about inappropriate compliments, obscene phone calls, inappropriate text messages etc. She complained that male bosses know how to pinch, pat, rub, grab and assault women employees. I am not sure which industry was she talking about? It felt like she was fantasizing about the porn industry and blaming all other industries to be same. The fact that she had generalized everything so much and was still not punished shows how much of female chauvinism working in our legal spheres. And you talk about male chauvinism? It is my suggestion to you that stop fantasizing sexual harassment in everything. Stop making up stories like Priya Ramani did to be famous – this is an excuse for non-contributing average performer females. If you continue to do this, we will simply refuse to hire you.

The reason that some of you today are given the liberty to announce in meetings that they have ‘discovered’ their gender after 45 years of being in this world, is our tolerant and liberal attitude. When I hear that in meetings, I get scared. What else do you need to discover yet? And if you are so slow in learning about your own self, how will you understand our company policy, processes and contribute? Under the social responsibility scheme we have allowed some of you to further feminist agenda in our offices and they are just making money by promoting how oppressed women are and how much gender-biased our organization is, while we the male employees are slogging hard to keep the company profitable, continuously innovate and deliver, so that the freeloaders like you are continuously fed. How long should we continue doing this?


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