Why Men Are No Longer Interested in Marriage

Marriage Strike
Marriage Strike by men

A few years ago, some Indian MRAs asked me to join their group of Anti-Marriage. I refused because I felt India was not ready at that point in time to take a giant leap in that direction. In my own study I found India men are at least three times more eager to get married than Indian women. So, it didn’t make any sense to me to straightway start a new aspect of men’s rights. I was also concerned that Indian MRAs will not be able to create right communication for this. When the base of MRM was not strong, the communication was not matured and when Indian MRAs failed to create any meaningful channel (either a blog or VLOG), I was concerned that such random communication could kill the prospects of MRM altogether.

A few years on today, however, I feel I have the right kind of communication available from men globally that I can write about and educate young, unmarried men around the globe about why men are boycotting marriage globally.

In a feminist article for a woman’s magazine the feminist author blamed the government for a large number of exodus of men from the marriages, but more than the article itself the comments made by the men were eye-openers. Each and every comment was so insightful about this problem that I could hardly segregate comments based on their importance. And hence I have decided to make this a series titled #MarriageStrike.

In this series titled Marriage Strike, I discuss the comments made by other men about why they chose not to marry or date any woman and decided to live a happy single life.

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Part 1

Avoid The Burden

Men undergoes the grind of life and accumulate wealth, buy their house, get stability in life and when they get married, a woman who had no contribution in his life or finances starts controlling his wealth, life and every aspect of it.

women burden
Women became burden on men

With no responsibility assigned to women in marriages, she just becomes a parasite and demands to have equal say in his life and wealth where she had no contribution. No self-respecting man can tolerate that. They are definitely better off earning less and enjoying their life with other male friends without any unnecessary intervention in their personal matters.

Casual Relationships Are Way Cheaper

With the invention of women’s birth control pills, women tasted their sexual freedom for the first time and as they started joining the workforce their promiscuous attitude started showing up. As the women themselves fought to remove the shame attached to their promiscuous behavior as a ‘choice’, they lost their only power for which men used to get attracted to them – sex.

Unmarried by choice
Man working hard whereas women just want to be parasite

When you know that sex is available aplenty around you, and when women are more than willing to sleep around without marriage, why marry? Marriage invariably became unnecessary for men as both men and women started enjoying uncontrolled sex. That is why, in Hinduism unbridled sex is a strict no-no and women were kept protected and their sexual power was not only admired but often worshipped. The value and respect women had by controlling their sexual urge, was lost when they started freely distributing it, and also supporting that behavior as their right.

Abusive Women

If promiscuous behaviour was not enough, women started becoming excessively arrogant, rude and uncivilized with their empowerment, as they were not made equally responsible. Since the responsibility is taken away, their freedom took a nasty turn that many women understand as well –

Woman explaining marriage strike
Some women understand that marriage boycott by men is due to other women and not because of laws

So, it is not that women do not understand they have become trash, ALL of them have turned so because it was feminists themselves who wanted to categorize women as a ‘class’. Now when some in that class behave in rude and uncivilized manner, the ‘class’ gets the burnt.

Feminism has Turned Women into Men  

Moreover, as feminism wanted equality to men they tried to abolish all gender differences that a man and a woman has. So, women lost their attractiveness. Coupled with this, is the abusive and unruly behavior that is often so beastly in nature that any respectful man would distance himself

women turned into men
Women have become men, why should a heterosexual man marry another man

From such women. Men now think if his woman will dress properly public or roam naked. Like for the man above he is happy as long as his woman dresses up in public. Now the embarrassment that a husband has to go through from such wives is often overbearing and marriage strike and distancing from such trash women seems to be the best option.

Women are criminals

Coupled with women’s nasty behavior, women are not punished adequately and very often not punished at all for the crimes they commit. Their crimes are not limited within the periphery

Woman criminals not punished
Criminal women not punished – women getting away with all crimes is a big deterrent for men to marry them

of their homes but extends beyond. The cruel nature of these crimes and a guaranteed shield against severe punishment incentivize every woman (yes, every woman, including your loved ones) to commit more heinous crimes and get away with those. In this situation, which peace-loving and law-abiding man will try to even get close to these monsters?

Wayward Lifestyle

Feminists say, why should men have all the fun. So, they are taught to spend money more than they can even earn. With free benefits and extra shower of cash and goods showering on them for no reason makes them greedy even more.

Women have uncontrolled lifestyle
Women have uncontrolled lifestyle at the expense of men

At a time when men are busy earning money to have some meaningful life, women are enjoying their lives with the money their boyfriends or husbands earn. So, they keep changing boyfriends or have weird expectations from them in terms of meeting their lifestyle needs. It’s not that men do not notice such wayward lifestyle of women around them, they know eventually it’s their hard-earned money that will be burnt if they even try to bond with women.

-End of Part 1




  1. Nice but sadly in reality boys are not turning away women. They r being taught to treat girls like queen and be a simp. Now most of the projects in my college are on “Women”.


  2. Given 70% of divorces are filed by women, who are also the ones sleeping around most often for any reason that seems to be good enough for them go on the internet and read the divorce outcomes there is plenty of cases of women filing for divorce and cleans her husband out! The Judges are notorious for accusing men for a failed marriage. A man catches his wife in his home with another woman and eventually she files for the divorce! She got his house of almost a million dollars, $50k a month, (this is no lie) she also got their young child! The money was for child support and alimony! You can read pages and pages of such behavior that is why you see men’s groups now have volunteer lawyers to see this BS is a little more equitable! Given the judges position at least there is more sense to the settlements than what has been happening! In many cases the man has to go somewhere he can afford to live since his wife gladly takes everything and she is not required to let the father see the child which only recently that is becoming somewhat more reasonable and you are wondering why men are staying Single it’s because it makes zero sense to get married!


    • I couldn’t agree more

      Why do you give a f**k to the legacy if it doesn’t at all care about your rights, your welfare and your happiness…?!?

      Legacy is made to exploit men & benefit women…that’s how it is….bulls**t legacy

      Always keep your relationships with literally ZERO LEGAL STRINGS ATTACHED…!

      That’s how you can LIVE IN PEACE with complete freedom, zero entitlements, zero sacrifices, zero expectations

      A “PURE RELATIONSHIP” is what today’s men need but don’t know that they need it 😦

      Fk the bullst gender biased laws & the shameless a**hole judiciary which makes your life a living hell as a “MAN”



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