No, Giving Birth To Babies is Not As Painful As Feminists Tell You

Pain Tolerance During Childbirth

Every time men see a post on pregnancy and the excruciating pain women undergo during childbirth they are made to feel ashamed of not able to ‘know’ the magnitude of the pain. In fact, very often feminists would love men to believe that this is extremely high level of pain that women bear to keep the human race and male gene going, and they demand that men should respect women for the simple reason – ‘women bear more pain than men ever do’. Well, the truth, however, is that the experience of giving birth to children is actually enjoyable and very desirable for women and there are many medical studies on the same.

How Feminists Make Men Feel Ashamed

This is a long standing debate where it is demanded by the feminists that because women carry babies in their body and give birth following a process which seems to be very excruciating and painful (consider normal delivery of babies), women actually tolerate more pain than any man can ever imagine. Very often men are shut off in debates by women (remember all women are feminists) stating this and men are simply asked to ‘respect’ women because women ‘do’ tolerate much more pain while giving birth to babies than any man can imagine.

Since we men can never become pregnant or give birth to babies, this area remained an enigma for MRAs like us, and we didn’t know how to react. However, there existed medical evidence that women in general can tolerate only 50% pain that a man of similar age group and ethnicity background can tolerate.

In other words, if you have always imagined a screaming woman writhing in pain while giving birth to a baby, and thought it to be extremely painful for her (it is indeed a painful sight for us men), it may all be fake and if men could become pregnant and give birth to babies ever – they would have given birth to normal babies without any drama, screams, screeches or writhing relentlessly in pain. In fact, in South Korea, women do not scream like you are shown in movies, while giving birth to normal babies that you will see in any other feminist countries including India. 😊   

I know feminists will be very angry after seeing this article (written by a man and for a men’s website) and they would invariably attack us men, for being insensible to our mothers but let me assure you that it is not about disrespecting our mothers. In fact, most men including MRAs love their mothers the most, but the problem here is the feminist drama around women’s pain tolerance and that needs to be exposed today.

So, today I will share some medical studies done in different times by different sets of researchers in different countries to show that women’s overall pain tolerance is actually much less compared to men and in many cases, it is about 50% of that of men and the experience of giving birth is enjoyable and desirable for women.

Pain Tolerance Study by Stanford University

The first study I would like to refer here was done by Dr Kenneth M Woodrow from the Department of Psychiatry, Standford University Medical Center and a team from Permanente Medical Center, Oakland California (Dr Gary D Freidman, Mr. A B Siegelaub and Dr Morris F Collen) way back in 1972.

For their study, they have selected a group of 41,119 subjects for a specially designed pain tolerance test called Automated Multiphasic Screening examination in San Fransisco or California laboratories. In this specially designed test to measure the pain tolerance of the human subjects, the doctors, however, didn’t tell the subjects that they were tested for their pain tolerance, but told them that their ‘pressure tolerance’ was tested.

In this experiment, a specially designed medical probe increased pressure on the subjects’ Achillies Tendon (ankle) and continued gradually increasing the pressure until the subject asked them to stop.

Difference in pain tolerance in age, sex and race
The Stanford University study proved that even older men can withstand more pain compared to younger women

The figure above speaks the truth that men can tolerate more pain than woman of any age group can. This test showed that even older men (men in their 80s) could tolerate more pain than a woman in her 20s.

The mean pain tolerance observed in this study was 28.7 lb/sq. in for men and only 15.9 lb/sq. in for women. Another important finding of the research was that pain tolerance varied very little among women compared to that of men –

Mean Pain Tolerance according to age, sex and race
Mean Pain Tolerance varies much more widely in men than in women

Their study also found that about one-third women could tolerate a pain for pressure upto 20 lbs/sq in.

Pain tolerance distribution in male and females
About 32% women can withstand only upto 20 lbs/Sq. inch pressure

Pain Tolerance Studies in the UK

There is one 2003 study was conducted by researchers from some UK Universities. Linda S Chesterton, Panos Barlas, Nadine E Foster, G David Baxter and Christine C Wright published their study online in 2003 and found that healthy females exhibited significantly lower mean Pressure Pain Threshold (PPT) in the first dorsal interosseous muscle (muscle between first and second finger) than males.

Study by Spanish Researchers

Another study done by Spanish scientists E Garcia et al. in a repeated measure assessment also found that women’s pressure pain threshold at different points in human body is significantly lower than in men.

Pressure Pain Threshold in genders
Pressure Pain Tolerance Threshold in men and women

They have tested PPT threshold in 24 different points (symmetrically located in a human body) and found the same trend for all pressure points.

Iranian Study on Pain During Childbirth

While the medical community have many studies done to measure the Pressure Pain Threshold (PPT) in the genders and found repeatedly that women’s PPT is far less compared to men without any exception, this article published in NCBI deals directly with pain in childbirth. These Iranian researchers have taken women subjects in their post-partum period of natural delivery and interviewed them to find out their experience of pain during natural delivery.

This study found and I quote from the paper, “labor pain has a special aspect and that is being accompanied with different feelings and emotional states which is negative sometimes and mostly is positive and joyful; based on some of the participants’ statements this aspect made the labor pain a desirable memory.

The Iranians researchers observed in their paper, “Considering the characteristics and cultural essence of the individuals has a special importance in the way they face pain. One’s recognitions (beliefs, evaluations and expectations) about results of the labor pain and also her ability to face it shape her viewpoints and functions which can change her function and reaction toward pain.” This is an important aspect in labor pain as the perception of pain depends on a woman’s acceptance of the pain and positive attitude towards giving birth to a child. This attitude can lessen the pain of natural birth in women.

One’s recognitions (beliefs, evaluations and expectations) about results of the labor pain and also her ability to face it shape her viewpoints

Iranian Study

Labor Pain is Enjoyable, Relaxing and Pleasure

In a 2006 study titled “Expectations, perceptions, and management of labor in nulliparas prior to hospitalization” Kathleen R Beebe and Janice Humphreys found “that the labor pain can be enjoyable, relaxing and pleasure”.


From the above discussion you can understand that contrary to what feminists would like you to believe, labor pain is actually enjoyable and desirable experience for women. Whenever feminists shame men for not understanding the pain a woman go through during pregnancy and natural child birth process, and start demanding respect for women simply because they can withstand this ‘excruciating pain’, you should know that these feminists are negative in their attitude and mostly never had a childbirth experience.

The labor pain can be enjoyable, relaxing and pleasure”

Study by Kathleen R Beebe et. al, 2006

It is these women (and very often men who are more than willing to feel sorry for them) who need to be told to be women in the first place and stop boasting about some fictitious pain that they are made to withstand. Childbirth is a natural phenomenon and if any woman wants to exaggerate the ‘pain’ as ‘unbearable’, ‘excruciating’ etc, they should know that they are rejected by the nature as mothers. Men should not feel ashamed that they can’t bear children or share the pain of their loving wives but it’s time that we tell women to buck up and be real ‘women’.  


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  1. I cannot agree with this article more than I already do…

    In any case it is not a competition and definitely not one which in which one should try to win.

    But I have my own prudish way and non-prudish way to shut this discussion if ever brought out by any woman (read: feminists) without being logically incorrect.


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