Why Café Racer Is The Trendiest Motorcycle Choice For You


Everyone these days owns an accessory. Yes, there are the loud “pick-me” accessories that may be noticed from miles away, and there are the minimalist ones that are only noticeable on a close look. Regardless of your style or taste, one thing is sure – they make you look attractive and add to your personality.

Let’s break this down.

The first thing you should know about accessories is that they are not essential in themselves. A classic example is a necklace or a pair of earrings. You could do without them as they don’t perform any significant function except that they make you feel more sophisticated and attractive. In most instances, you probably use them just because they’re beautiful, and it feels good to use them.

Many are non-essential but become very useful when added to an essential item or have secondary importance. A pair of fashion glasses are pretty much accessories, but they can also help to shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful effects.

Then again, there is yet another category of accessories specifically highlighted for you in this  article. These are accessories that are essential in themselves but are instead used for their aesthetics, and in some cases, to display style or class. This means that anything can be an accessory depending on the purpose.

Headphones are an example of accessories that fall into this category. They’re essential in themselves because they are used to enhance audio sounds. They also make their owners look cool and trendy, and as a result, many youths buy them just because they’re attractive. It’s a similar story with certain motorcycles.

Delve into the motorcycles’ world in this article to understand how cafe racers and other motorcycles are becoming the trendiest type of vehicle.

Why motorcycles are becoming trendy?

If you didn’t already know, motorcycles are fast becoming one of the trendiest vehicles right now. You may be tempted to ask why, but the real question is, “why not”?

Motorcycles encapsulate many qualities that men like. Motorcycles also tend to make most individuals look appealing, especially to the opposite sex. The general conception is that the female folk find riders more attractive than non-riders.

While this stereotype cannot categorically be adopted, there are a lot of reasons to believe this to be true.

But before discussing these reasons, it’s apt to say that among the many trends for the youth, gadgets are a big deal. However, getting a great motorcycle to take you from place to place while boosting your cool status would do a lot to maintain your street credibility.

Cafe Racers – The Trendiest Companion That You Can Trust (Image – Kossi007)

Cafe Racers

You can perhaps see that motorcycles can be quite trendy to own, it’s important to mention that some motorcycles are more appealing than others. At the top of that spectrum is the Cafe Racer.

A cafe racer is a minimalistic motorcycle, yet it’s so trendy that it has become the first choice for many cyclists who intend to cycle for fun. It’s lightweight and strong and is structured for speed over short distances.

If you want a motorcycle majorly for its functionality or are prone to long-distance travel, a cafe racer though not entirely a bad idea, shouldn’t be your first choice. But if you want to move around the zone, causing stares from critics and prospective dates alike, then a cafe bike is for you.

Cafe racers have been so optimized for speed and short-distance cycling that many persons believe that it derives its name from driving from café to café.

Café racers are fun to ride. They are powerful bikes with low-mouthed handlers and elongated fuel tank. They’re usually associated with youth, status, speed, and they might be the perfect new trend for you to gain some street cred/ reputation.

The fuss about Cafe Racers

There has been a major increase in the demand for cafe racers in recent times, so it’s apt to wonder what makes it so special. Well, here are some of the reasons the cafe racer is the favorite and most popular choice motorcycle for youngsters:


Café racers are minimalist in design, and this makes them trendy. Minimalism had been associated with class and is currently the new trend.

Cafe Racers are also very popular for aesthetics. The cafe racer is beautifully designed and can be adapted to suit the rider’s personality and style. Beauty + customization will always be in vogue.

Suitable for towns and cities:

Cafe racers are lightweight. This makes it very fast and suitable for riding in cities and towns – another reason youngster who need it, love it.

The symbol of freedom:

Everyone loves freedom. This is especially the case for youths who are just beginning to explore adulthood; the cafe racer is just the perfect motorcycle to express this newfound sense of freedom. It embodies the freedom and carefreeness associated with youthfulness – little wonder it’s the trend for most youngsters.


Café racers are very fast motorcycles and combine speed with style to give an overall appeal. Many people love adventure, and the speed associated with cafe racers gives them the vibes. Although many people buy cafe racer for aesthetics, it still doesn’t downplay its functionality and speed, both of which remain the primary purpose for inventing cafe racers.


Compared to other motorcycles, cafe racers are much cheaper. Cyclists can even recreate their bike designs and convert them to a cafe racers, helping you save costs from buying a brand new one.

Easy to recreate

You can have a cafe racer that is uniquely adapted to suit your personality since you can build your cafe bike yourself. This is one of the most appealing stuff when it comes to café racers. Building a bike all by yourself is no small feat, and no other bike but a cafe racer gives you such an opportunity to birth a machine all by yourself.

It’s great for beginners.

Café racers give riders an amazing riding experience. It’s the best fit for beginners because it’s easy to ride, fun, and fairly comfortable, depending on your type.

What makes Cafe Racers the trendiest vehicles to own right now?


Many personality traits make people look attractive, and strength is one of them. This pretty much explains why so many ladies are attracted to heavily built guys. Unfortunately, many of us are not exactly heavily built or have a naturally strong personality. Well, since everyone cannot afford the work that goes into being muscular, at least you can look the part – with a strong aura. 

Motorcycles have a way of enhancing your personality to make you look strong and agile, and if you’ve already got the build, there’s no such thing as “looking too strong.”

Helps boost confidence:

If strength holds such an appeal, confidence holds a bigger appeal, and what better way to show how confident you are than being a motorcyclist? Again, you don’t need to be confident to ride a motorcycle.

You can exude confidence by just owning one while working on your inner self. Motorcycles tend to boost confidence by making you feel free and in control as you ride.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Aesthetic appeal is one of the major reasons why cafe motorcycles are fast becoming a statement of trend. Let’s face it- some motorcycles are really beautiful. If you aren’t a fan of motorcycles, you probably haven’t seen one that suits your taste and style.

Like jewelry and other fashion accessories, motorcycles come in many designs and colors to suit various personality types.

Athletic appeal:

Motorcycles give an athletic vibe that most people admire. Motorcycling is also one of the best exercises to engage in daily. It’s good for both your mental and physical health, and it makes you look healthy. Who doesn’t get attracted to a healthy-looking, athletic human? To look the part, it’s always easier to get a motorcycle.

Attracts attention:

Many people get attracted to motorcycles without knowing it. In many cases, they have no choice. Motorcyclists attract immediate attention without even trying, and if being in the spotlight is your thing, motorcycles should be your thing too.

Decision Tree For Bikes
Your Decision-Tree for Bikes


This one is especially for ladies with a non-conformist personality. Being a non-conformist shows how comfortable you’re in your skin and views, and it can be an admirable quality. Having a motorcycle can add to your personality and make the world appreciate you for you.

Many ladies love bikes, and they don’t even need to know the cyclist to love them. There’s a certain thrill that comes with riding a bike. It emphasizes your masculinity too. So while motorcycles are essentially made for transportation, they’re not always bought for that purpose.

Some cyclists want to feel and look cool with their motorcycles, which is why it’s fast becoming the trendiest piece of vehicular equipment today. Like fashion accessories, it’s easy for you to get attracted to your motorcycles because they can put you in the spotlight whenever you crave the attention.

If accessorizing is your primary reason for getting a motorcycle, it’s a valid reason. Just don’t get addicted to the bike.

Some Cafe Racer Myths:

With such fuss around Cafe Racers, it’s no surprise that so many myths and misconceptions about the superbike exist. Let’s discuss three (3) of the most common ones:

Myth 1: Cafe Racers are bad investments

While some persons believe that cafe racers are bad investments, anyone who understands that cafe racers are an all-time classic would understand how untrue this is. Café Racers, unlike most other bikes, actually appreciate over time due to its timeless nature.

Myth 2: Café Racers are “neighborhood” bikes only

While it is true that cafe racers are specifically built for short distances, the idea that they can only be used in a neighborhood and at that, occasionally only is not true.

Myth 3: They’re expensive to build:

Here’s one myth that is so alarming simply because the opposite is the case. The fact that you can convert your old bike to a cafe racer and can build it all by yourself makes it a much cheaper option than other bikes. You simply have to know what exactly you’re doing.

Café Racers – The Trendiest Companion That You Can Trust (Source – Image Patt_Mike)

Other Motorcycles that are fast becoming trendy

Regardless of how amazing and appealing café racers are, some persons won’t buy into all the hype, and that’s okay. If you’re one of these individuals, the good news is that you can still experience the thrills and chills associated with riding your modern motorcycle by choosing a bike from these other available options: 

Ducati 916: 

Like the cafe racer, Ducati 916 is another classic that combines beautiful design with a certain depth of sportiness to gain its trendy appeal.

The Ducati 916 is known to be one of the most beautiful bikes ever, and if you love adventure and speed, this bike can serve as a good replacement for the cafe racer.

Jordan Meadows Metalback:

If you’re a fan of big and heavily structured bikes, you’d love the Jordan Meadows Metalback. It’s also fast and can serve as the perfect motorcycle

Ferrari V4:

Ferrari is already a popular and highly sort after brand in the automobile industry. The Ferrari V4 is the motorcycle equivalent.

It’s been nicknamed “the road king” by many and may be said to be the perfect motorcycle for persons of high status and class.

Other cool bikes that are also fast becoming trendy pieces on two wheels include the Deus Grievous Angel, Falcon Kestrel, Triumph Rocket III Roadster, Zero Engineering T5 Blackie IZH Hybrid, among others.


Bikes are no more a luxury item to own. They are a necessity in your life today. While you can choose any from the available variety of bikes, cafe racers will give you the most desirable features that you will always cherish. Let us know how did you like the journey in the dream world of Cafe Racers in the comment section below.


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