Anandapur Molestation – The Truth Media Wants To Hide From You

Anandapur (Ruby) Molestation Case

What will you do when your girlfriend is unnecessarily fighting with you and has bitten your finger and is beating you in your moving car? It may be unnecessarily exaggerated reaction by her and the altercation could have happened in your home instead but even more exaggerated reaction is from an unknown person who without any background knowledge suddenly jumps in and starts chasing you as a molester and try to frame you as the culprit.

Try searching for Anandapur (আনন্দপুর) molestation case latest information on any search engine today, and you will feel that all information after 9th September has vanished from the web. The latest information available prominently on the web is that of 9th September when the accused in Anandapur molestation case Abhishek Pande (অভিষেক পান্ডে) was arrested. So, what happened in the last three weeks? Is it that after his arrest media is now waiting for his trial and hence kept their mouth shut?

If you are thinking what forced the media trial to stop immediately after the arrest of the main accused Abhishek Pandey (অভিষেক পান্ডে), you must not have an iota of doubt that media is trying to cover up something very fishy. In all such sensational cases, where you find media suddenly stopping their reporting and the web suddenly has no latest information available, you must be certain that the case was not what was reported by media initially.

Abhshek’s girlfriend who created the midnight drama is still referred to as ‘persecuted’, ‘oppressed’ and he identity is not revealed. But innocent Abhishek who was subjected to violence by her is sent to jail

The Media Vultures

The rapist mentality of the media and the general population only want to project everything as rape, molestation irrespective of the reality; because that is what the people want to see. It is like the biggest simps of Bollywood and in women’s NGOs talking about women’s safety and raping them in closed doors. You can see all #metoo accused are simps and most are from movie or media industries.

Molestation or Rape Culture?

People often talk about rape culture in India and if you are wondering what that is where does this exist, this case is probably a perfect example for you to start. This is such a case where there was no rape or molestation but a passer by Neelanjana Bhattacharya (নীলাঞ্জনা ভট্টাচার্য্য) ‘thought’ there was molestation and she tried taking advantage of the situation. All because the ‘rape culture’ is ingrained in her mind. Media also showed the same. Even when they found that Abhishek (অভিষেক) and her girlfriend was in the car, media projected that Abhishek was trying to molest her.

Neelanjana Bhattacharya (নীলাঞ্জনা ভট্টাচার্য্য) and Deep Satpathy were never punished for their unnecessary interference but given a heroic treatment by the state. She also promised to do this again. Time to tell her that she is dumb and she has committed a crime.

Rape Culture

It is the rapist mentality in the people and mainly in women who always want to see everything as a sexual crime. The rape culture if that exists at all, exists only in women’s mind. Read


In the Anandapur (আনন্দপুর) molestation case, something similar happened. Abhishek (অভিষেক পান্ডে) and her girlfriend were fighting in his car over a petty family issue while he was driving and out of nowhere a passer-by Neelanjana Bhattacharya (নীলাঞ্জনা ভট্টাচার্য্য) and her husband Deep Satpathy hear her scream and thought a girl was being raped in a moving car. After that when his girlfriend wanted to deboard from the moving car in a hurry, she toppled, and the great morons who wanted to be that night’s heroes thought that she was being thrown out by the rapists in the middle of the road. Based completely on their idiotic assumption and without trying to understand what really happened or ask the girl about it, they blew things out of proportion and make a juicy midnight molestation story.

Next day morning when everyone wakes up; all media channels and newspapers report this ‘midnight molestation’ in a moving car in the heart of the city and everyone thinks oh the city is so unsafe. Yes, the city is unsafe from the vulture media; yes, the city is unsafe from the attention seeker women like Neelanjana (নীলাঞ্জনা) and her husband who without even any information tried to be a hero; yes, the city is unsafe from the women like Abhishek’s girlfriend (whose detail should come out in public as she is a threat to public safety) who might be drunk that night and was just exerting her freedom to shout at the top of her voice. And where is the surprise? As an individual, dear reader, didn’t you think that women should have their right to do whatever they wanted to do? If yes, this is the world you have created for yourself by mindlessly following the feminist vultures.

Women Drinking

This is the time, when without trying to be politically correct we need to say that women drinking is not her choice. We should say that women drinking alcohol needs to be considered as a crime because it affects the society at various levels (Abhishek’s lawyer tried to mention this point in the court in his bail hearing and was warned). Read



Women Drinking Alcohol Should Be Considered A Crime


And if you still want to be politically correct and is afraid of saying and believing so, you are the problem and soon this problem will come to your home, in your own life and you should not be surprised.

What really happened?

If you are trying to understand what really happened on the night of 6th September, 2020 at Anandapur, near Ruby hospitals in Kolkata and trying to search for a relevant news item online; you will be disappointed. At least I tried searching the same online for a long time and failed. Even the epaper version of local newspaper Ananda Bazar Patrika of ABP group didn’t have latest news. It seemed that intentionally media has deleted the online presence of the truth in this case. You also should not be surprised if this TMF article is quarantined from the search results of all prominent search engines. This happens all the time as truth is bitter even for search engines.

The real story of the Anandapur molestation case came out after Abhishek (অভিষেক পান্ডে) was arrested and when his side of the story came to light. That is the reason the media that wanted to project rape culture, suddenly went silent on this as there was no rape.

The real story of the Anandapur (Ruby) molestation case came to light after Abhishek’s arrest

The story can be obtained from the above news item.

The story goes like this. Abhishek (অভিষেক) and his girlfriend were dating for several years and were supposed to get married in near future. They were planning to buy a new flat but because Abhishek has changed his job before lockdown and not yet settled in the new job he wanted to postpone the purchase for sometime. This was the main bone of contention between them and they were arguing over this matter in the car when she has bitten and beaten him. Abhishek thought if he took his girlfriend on a long drive they could discuss and sort matters between them. Instead the altercation had escalated to such a level that after physical fight his girlfriend wanted to deboard the car. Abhishek asked her not to deboard as the car was still moving but she didn’t listen and toppled in this process. In the meantime passers by Neelanjana Bhattacharya (নীলাঞ্জনা ভট্টাচার্য্য) and her husband Deep Satpathy unnecessarily chipped in thinking some midnight molestation is happening and Neelanjana (নীলাঞ্জনা) tried to block Abhishek’s car and got hit as the car was taking a turn.

One important point to note is that all media reports still mention Abhishek’s girlfriend as ‘persecuted’, ‘oppressed’ etc. Whereas in reality, she was the one who was one of the main culprits in this case. She was the who has bitten Abhishek (অভিষেক পান্ডে) and also beaten him and so if anyone was the molester it was she. By trying to stop Abhishek’s car, Neelanjana (নীলাঞ্জনা ভট্টাচার্য্য) also becomes a potential molester (just reverse the gender and think, you will know why).

Abhishek’s girlfriend was shouting at the top of her voice, wanted to deboard the car despite Abhishek’s warning (as the car was still moving) got toppled and gave an impression that she was being thrown out of the car. Attention seeker Neelanjana (নীলাঞ্জনা) and her husband did the rest. Created a new juicy molestation story for the sex hungry vultures in society. There seems to be no sanity in people, police and the legal system categorizing a case a molestation.

Helping or Interfering?

Now the question is, shouldn’t common people, the passers by come forward to help people when they see something wrong is happening? Isn’t that basic humanity? That obviously is basic humanity but before creating a ruckus about molestation and continuing with the rape/molestation story Neelanjana should have corrected herself by trying to understand the reality from the main culprit (Abhishek’s girlfriend) as Abhishek (অভিষেক পান্ডে) fled the spot after hitting her (he should not have fled but he said he was scared).

But instead of verifying the story first, they went on to be that night’s hero and when the original culprit (Abhishek’s girlfriend) wanted to take back the case against Abhishek, she was not permitted because the complaint is serious in nature (and she was the complainant).

The main complainant or the main witness in this case (Abhishek’s girlfriend) wanted to close the case but was not permitted

In the whole episode of Anandapur (Ruby) (আনন্দপুর) fake molestation drama, two attention seekers who created a baseless molestation story to the police without verifying facts first were given heroes treatment by the state; only the man who was innocent is rotting in the jail and all women criminals are out enjoying their good life.

Question is, if the court really thought molestation is a serious offence then why didn’t they release Abhishek when the main complainant or the prime witness said there was no molestation and they were just fighting over a family issue? Who is Neelanjana (নীলাঞ্জনা) to decide the crime in this case and why was Neelanjana not even warned by the court for blowing things out of proportion? If we talk about justice, then where is justice? Why is a third person allowed to ruin a man’s life? Is it that there is no value for Abhishek’s privacy to the court or his dignity doesn’t matter?

What Neelanjana did was even more than harming only Abhishek, she has probably ruined the upcoming marriage between Abhishek and his girlfriend. In no case, Abhishek should marry her now, even if he can sustain his job. These kinds of attention seekers create trouble always in life and he can be in a bigger trouble in his married life as well. She would however continue to remain a great threat to the society as her identity is not revealed and she is not punished and treated as ‘oppressed’.

Criminal Heroism That Ruined One Life

Neelanjana is given the treatment of a state hero when all she had done was ruin a life and a relationship. She got free medical treatment at government expense for her injured leg and the man who was innocent, who got bitten and beaten by his girlfriend was sent to jail.

What is more concerning now is that Neelanjana said in different interviews that she would do this again in future if needed. So even after she has unnecessarily interfered and ruined one relationship and sent one innocent man to jail, she promised to do this again. This is definitely time to tell her that she is a criminal and dumb. She might not be punished for her act, but she has just ruined so many people’s life.

Even though molestation charges may be dropped, will Abhishek get back his dignity?

Even though the probe team is now considering dropping the molestation charges against Abhishek, but why should the attention seeker women get away with their crimes and how long will innocent men like Abhishek keep being persecuted by this extremely biased and shameless society? Media even tried to character assassin him by saying Abhishek had relationships with many women and he was used to many other mischiefs etc, even though nothing should have mattered in this case as his lifestyle is his personal choice and media had no business being the moral guardian of Abhishek.

Abhishek Pande was forcefully made a molester in Anandapur case. Are you ready?
Abhishek Pande was forcefully made a molester in Anandapur case. Are you ready?

Remember, if you don’t find any problem in the women’s attitude here, you are the part of problem and you should get ready for some other Big Bindi to come and haunt you. All vultures around will clap – wow Big Bindi – you are a hero, like you are doing now.  

Addition on 11th October, 2020

Kolkata police filed criminal complaints against Abhishek's girlf friend for giving false testimony
Kolkata police finally filed cases under section IPC 211 and also trying to file a case under IPC 195 against the complainant in Anandapur molestation case. A BIG win for men’s rights

After a strong criticism from all corners the Kolkata police has filed a case under IPC 211 against Abhishek’s girl-friend and also sought court’s permission to file a case under CrPC 195 for harassing police by giving false testimony.


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  1. Simple. Neelanjana and her husband are trying to extort money from Abhishek. Probably this lady Neelanjana has a tendency of doing this type of settlement.


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