5 Helpful Tips to Stay Safe From Gold-Digger Girlfriends Like Rhea Chakraborty

Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty in a playful mood, while Gold-digger Rhea plays and Sushant becomes the fool

With Sushant Singh Rajput’s alleged murder case taking a new twist and turn every day and with the big expose of his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty and her family using his money for their personal use, and extorting him to the tune of several crores in last one year; it has become an urgent need for young men like Sushant to understand how to stay safe from gold diggers like Rhea Chakravorty. Justice for Sushant Singh may be ensured in due course through the investigations of Mumbai Police, Bihar Police or ED but It is important that other young guys like Sushant understand what goes behind such relationships and why these Gold digger girls get chance to use these men.

It doesn’t matter if you are an IIT graduate or an IIM one, it doesn’t matter whether you are a security expert or a relationship coach – a honey trap is something men will keep getting trapped into. The question here is not about their intellect, but it’s about men’s psychological need of getting a soulmate – someone who will love them forever.

Most often men fail to find that one woman who will love them forever and the cases of getting entrapped by the gold diggers like Rhea Chakroborthy becomes aplenty. Sushant for that matter was a very intelligent and smart boy. He was not only knowledgeable in his area of study but was interested and knowledgeable in several other intellectual areas – like astronomy and philosophy.

While the investigating agencies can dig out more into this case, from men’s rights perspective this case will still not teach enough lesson to many men to stay safe from such gold digger women, hence it becomes important for everyone to understand how to stay safe from these gold diggers.

1.      Never Share Any Password

Girls like Rhea very often blackmail their boyfriends (or husbands) with Facebook or email passwords. They say, “if you really love me then prove it, gimme your password”. Men out of their love and non-suspicious attitude share these passwords with them. Problem is, these men do not ask for the same passwords from their women. Even if they ask, these girls always evade the same.

Remember, your password is your private property that no one should have access to. Even if the other person may not use it with any wrong intention, she can be blackmailed or threatened by someone else to get your private keys.

So, even if in any weak moment you do share your password with your girl, change it secretly. In case she enquires on why did you change (after she fails to log in), clearly tell her that you don’t like her spying on you. Play on her emotion and probe why she was using your password again?

The same goes for your ATM or any other card pin as well. Enable multi-factor authentication and other security features to secure your accounts.

2.      Be a Chauvinist

One of the major mistakes Sushant did was that he gave control of his bank account (and eventually his life) to Riya Chakraborty and never bothered to check her activities. Guys, remember, it doesn’t matter how academically sound you are when it comes to managing women you need to be a chauvinist and never let your guards down. It’s very easy for emotional guys like Sushant to not able to confront a Gold digger girl who is giving him sex, and that is why it becomes important for you as a man to take charge rather than exposing yourself to get controlled by a money mongering woman.

Feminist men, men who believe in equality, always fail in this aspect because they hate the term ‘chauvinism’ and hate to be associated with it. They think mutual love and respect can create and sustain a long and healthy relationship and that is often a myth. In every relationship, one partner wants to take charge of things. If the man is proved to be weaker, the woman will take charge. When I was a feminist and married, my wife used to occasionally give me suggestion about my money but once when I tried to give her some suggestion about her earned money, I was severely abused. She complained that I was eyeing her money.

Guys need to understand that ‘the thought process of men and women are not alike’. No matter whether both talk about egalitarianism or not. A man who fails to become a chauvinist in such cases, one who fails to understand that he should be in charge of affairs and not her, is prone to failure. Remember, once you loosen your strings with her, it will keep getting loose and she will soon start controlling you. So, beware from the beginning.

3.      Mind Your Sex

One of the signs of manipulating girls like Rhea is that they manipulate men through sex. If you have a sexy woman like Rhea Chakraborty as your girlfriend, it is likely that she will try to manipulate you as well. These are the weakest moments in any man’s life and women know that very well. So, you need to be extra careful during sexy encounters.

Men are very often more eager to have sex and they express their thoughts to their girlfriends very easily. Once you do that to a gold digger woman, she knows easily how to manipulate you. So, you need to train your mind in ‘chauvinism’ to come out of those tricky moments. You need to strongly believe that women also enjoy sex and hence men do not need to be beggars for sex. Your urge to get a sexual encounter quickly and with a better, (read sexier) woman will expose your needs more. Also, when you strongly believe that women do enjoy sex, you will be able to come out of any obligation to fulfil their demands after a sexual encounter. You will be strong enough to deviate the matter to somewhere else. That is why it is important that you don’t think through your penis, but use your brain.

4.      Medical Advice

Since men want to trust their girlfriends to the full extent and since the partner choice for males is mostly driven by a woman’s sex appeal, a man can be easily manipulated by a woman towards any fictitious medical need.

If I give my example it will be clear. When I was happily (?) married and used to identify myself as a feminist; during my marriage trouble days, I have lost sleep. (A man who thinks himself as a provider and protector of women, can’t even protect himself from the woman he is supposed to protect often lose the meaning of life. That’s why male feminists like Sushant often suffer from an identity crisis.) I expected a life long mutually loving relationship and tried my best to create one in my house, still there used to be a continuous fight and heartburn in my family. It was so severe that I used to get very less sleep every day (3-4 hours only). This resulted in continuous headache and other gastro problems.

So, my wife once suggested that since I was having that problem of sleep disorder, I should consult a good neurosurgeon. Since she was working in the medical field, I accepted her proposal and visited a neurosurgeon in her hospital and got several brain scans done. Nothing was found in those though and doctors simply gave me sleeping pills and asked me not to get excited unnecessarily and maintain a peaceful life.

Later on, this incident of my visiting a neurosurgeon was many times referred to by my in-laws as a psychological issue. They used to taunt me as ‘pagol‘ (mad). Since I was a confused male (read a male feminist) at that time, I didn’t know how to react and was very broken from inside.

That is why it’s important that you don’t fall prey to such vicious agenda of your wife or girlfriend. When we do, please become a chauvinist. Only chauvinism can put such nonsense allegations at bay. Feminism will make you even weaker and broken from inside.

What Sushant Singh Rajput made mistake was despite the warning of his fitness trainer, he continued to take the harmful psychotropic medicines. So, it’s also important that you take full charge of your medicines (when you are able-bodied and of sound mind, why shouldn’t you?). If you find any bad effect, take alternative opinion and stop your medication. Sushant Singh Rajput usually was against taking any medication. He never used to take medicines when he fell ill, but after Rhea entered his life, he started taking harmful medicines. How did the man who believed in inner strength and natural cure, fall prey to such vile minds?

Well, that’s why I said, you need to be a chauvinist while having sex, because men are weakest to the women (other than old long term wives) who give them sex. Otherwise, you will never know when your ‘identity’ is lost.

5.      Be Watchful

It is said, love makes one blind. It is truer for a man and in most modern ‘love’ relationships, it’s ‘lust’ that plays a prominent role. So, being watchful of any surreptitious activity of the gold digger woman becomes impossible.

So, the rule of thumb is to be cautious at initial stages and put a stop to her at the earliest. It is unlikely that Riya Chakravorthy got access to so many things in Sushant’s life in one day. It is also impossible that Sushant didn’t get any red flags about her future behaviour. But most probably he ignored all of that because he loved her. His emotional needs would have played a critical role here. And we can’t forget that he was not dumb. He was very sound in his intellect.

So, we need to understand that any man can be in a similar situation. Unless one is a seasoned MRA, it’s not easy to come out of these vile women and put them in their place. To understand this, again I need to tell a story from my life.

I have earlier written an article on why I have dumped the woman I loved. She was an IIM grad and was working in a senior management position in a big corporate house when we met. She was sexy, intelligent and also homely. Moreover, she claimed she was a non-feminist and even my evaluation of her was the same. In short, she was a dream come true for me.

However, when she met me, I was an established and well trained MRA and that is how I could cut the crap very easily. There were situations where my emotions told me to do something, but I ignored my emotions and went by my logical brain. That is how I could be watchful to cut the crap early and was not possible for her to manipulate me through anything, including sex. So, when in a big mall she most adorably ‘demanded’ an expensive gift, I said, ‘no’. Luckily I used my brain and not my penis to think at that time. Note, that by saying ‘No’ at an early stage I have stopped all possibilities of her getting any undue gift in future. By reading that article, however, you will know more about how women slowly and increasingly try to control you in your relationship.

As you can understand, without being an MRA and a chauvinist who believed that women too enjoy sex, and hence they should not get any extra privilege for giving a man (me) sex, it was not possible for me to say ‘no’. In fact, I thought I should get gifts from her because she earned double than I did at that time. I told her, that her ‘demand’ for an expensive gift, had hurt me as I thought I didn’t need to give her any gift to prove I loved and cared for her.

Most often men like Sushant Singh Rajput fail to do that. That is because they may be academically sound, they have a feminist mind which forces them to feel obliged to the woman who gives them sex without filing rape cases. They forget that it’s the unpaid sex which is most often costlier for men than the paid ones.


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Stay safe, stay alert.

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  1. Sushanth weakness was not sex. He is a successful actor and he had two girl friends before Rhea and he won’t have problem finding another one. Nor was he depressed. But society image mattered to him. Like Ankitha his ex girl friend(one of sushanth’s mistake to leave a true person) told Kangana that stuff written by Bollywood PR hurt him, Kangana (very helpful in Sushanth case but also (like you who would use every opportunity to generalize women) does it for her own benefit) shared to media that the Ankitha said Bollywood nepotism and PR has led Sushanth to depression. In interview with Arnab , Ankitha clearly mentioned it hurt sushanth when his image was tarnished but he would not get depressed. But yes PR already tarnished his image and rumours were being spread about his mental instability and also that he behaved inappropriately with a co star. Rhea Administered Drugs (Partha, a friend of mine is a woman and her husband mixed drugs through food. She was given medications without even meeting the doctor. The daughter noticed it and told her mother. Thankfully she is single and not on medications). Probably In the same way drugs were given to Sushanth. When he felt something has happened to him, he visited doctors (My friend was video recorded when she acted psychotically after taking drugs.) or forced to visit doctors and Rhea blackmailed him using the same reports that she would share all these reports to media . That was his weakness. They got him to such mental state and took all his money. Sushanth messaged Ankitha that he was trapped. But there is more in this case. If it was just Rhea , the government would not stop CBI investigation. There are some big parties involved. Either Disha(sushant ex manager who was murdered) knew about Sushanth being killed and she was murdered or Sushanth knew Disha was killed and they killed him so the information does not get leaked. Or Rhea was used to completely destroy Him.

    Sushanth Singh was given medication which made him lose his thinking capability. He was surrounded by only fake people. Including his friends siddhanth who is not willing to say anything to media. Sandeep Singh.. he had fake friends.


  2. Women or men , all can have different weaknesses . My friends weakness was kids and she wanted to leave a abusive marriage. By showing she is crazy he knew she won’t get custody of kids. This will
    Keep her in marriage. She waited for children to turn 18 to leave.


  3. The thing is people like Rhea always hide their manipulative tendencies to the point where they get a strong weakness of a person or situation. Once they get a hold on your weakness, all they do is blackmail you into submission. She got hold over Sushant’s weaknesses, also tried her best to weaken him by the means of drug and other substances.

    Not just sushant, even men like Mahesh Bhatt are being fooled. She simply clicked Mahesh Bhatt’s soft side by relating her situation to that of his and Sapna Pabbi. Poor Bhatt, didn’t mature with age.

    Anyways, beware men! Stay strong.


    • The situation of Mahesh Bhatt and Sushant Singh Rajput are different. Mahesh Bhatt is a simp but Sushant is a normal, gentleman. There is a difference.


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