This is How UC News Tried to Alter Men’s Rights Voice

UC News

Today I will share my experience of association with UC News Platform and will explain why banning Chinese apps was very much needed and a step towards the right direction.

In 2016, UC News approached me to partner with them and provide them with men’s rights content and they will promote that on their app. By that time TMF was established as a men’s rights platform and many foreign institutions came to me for the association. Initially, I didn’t know about them (shame on me) but when came to know from others that they were big, associated with Alibaba etc, I decided to go in for the said alliance.

I felt it was a win-win for both sides. Men’s Rights will get free publicity and they will get some quality content. So, I didn’t bother to ask for money for my contribution. Anyway, my blog is free, so it didn’t really matter.

Initially, the first 10-12 articles were automatically published without any problem. But after some time, they started blocking my articles demanding edits. The edits they asked were funny. My voice or rather the Men’s Rights voice would not have properly represented with those edits. In some cases, they mentioned that my articles contained unacceptable words. I didn’t know how those words were unacceptable. In one or two cases when despite me changing the words, they didn’t accept my article, I raised it to their support manager. She came to me first with a request to join the platform.

She mentioned words like sex, genitals etc mentioned in my articles. Now if you know, these words are not mentioned in any of my articles to spread vulgarity or nudity but these are while discussing different relevant cases. On the other hand, I have also observed that they were streaming soft porn, and pornographic content and those were most liked, shared articles on their platform.

When I have shown those articles to them and tried to reason with them, they didn’t listen to me. They wanted to tweak my articles.

I understood that their main goal was not to promote men’s rights or TMF content, but they wanted to capture Indian men’s rights and dictate terms for us. Also, when I saw them streaming soft porn and other outrageous articles, I realized that the platform was not safe.

So, I had to break that association with them after about 6 months. I told them that I work for a cause and I don’t change that cause for anyone.

Today, I came to know from an ABP News report that UC News was allowing articles against India but not against China. Probably, the reason they wanted to associate with TMF was that they thought since I am writing against the mainstream feminist society, I must be a hater of India and can be moulded to their pawn for free publicity.

What they didn’t understand was that I am the greatest nationalist they could probably find and unlike feminists, most MRAs are nation lovers. We protest against existing laws and policies, not because we hate our country, but because we want to change these and have a better society.

Now imagine, when Indians are continuously fed with only negative news items about India, how will Indian’s perspective about their own country change? Most Indians will start hating their own country and there will be internal unrest. That is what the UC News platform was trying to do.

Similarly, if you scan platforms like TikTok and other Chinese app platforms you will see the same. Either they were promoting vulgar content or porn or videos of rape etc but nothing about how China was violating human rights in their country.

It is shocking to note that how China had planned to attack our society through social media by turning our youth into India haters. Create a propaganda war against India by using Indians and create unrest in this country. Unless we specifically analyse these behaviours we will not understand the far-reaching implications. Good that government has taken this step to ban all of these Apps.


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  1. Our Indian people are emotionally weaker and fools. They can be easily manipulated by emotional activities. That is why, Tiktok is very famous in India. Because of Tiktok, people(Teenagers Indian) have become more shameless and distracted frequently.


  2. Partha sir, you are very brave man taking such hard steps to create awareness for men’s issues and also to fight the Misandry (feminism) in our world.
    Men like you are very few. I even don’t have 10 percent of courage you have.


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