You Need to Abuse MTV Roadies Hosts at Every Opportunity, Here’s Why?


Warning! – This article will be full of abuses if you are averse to abuses you can avoid reading it because this is written for MTV Roadies fans who would definitely like the abuses as that’s what the loved show promotes.


Switch on any episode of MTV Roadies and you will find the hosts using filthy abuses freely and making this a part of common use in our daily life. They are making abuses so common that every unimportant discussion will have abuses a part of it. If you think Roadies is a show that is for Indian youth and this show wants to bring out the toughness of the participants and hence the excessive use of abuses is justified, think again. In this article, I am going to show that the hosts shouting abuses in hoarse voices do not help bring out the mental toughness of the participants but shows the filthy characters of pigs who host the show.

These pigs of the current Roadies episode have some human names too. Rannvijay Singha, Nikhil Chinapa and Neha Dhupia being the biggest ones. There are other two piglets as well. These m0therf**er lot of MTV Roadies think they are the moral guardians of the participants and can dictate the moral limits of others. You don’t need to see any specific episode to see the sexism of these ba$tards but these swine show that in every episode.

Sexism and Double-Standard of Roadies

The morons of the show, however, don’t leave any opportunity to shout out loud that they are against sexism, violence etc and think that Indians will believe them. Every time I chanced upon any streaming episode of this f**king show, I have seen that the hosts think they are the king and all participants are their slaves without any dignity. These kings today need to be told that they are in fact fu-king idiots who only show their piggy tastes.

I am currently flooded with thoughts of how many different sexist attitudes or Roadies episodes I should mention here as people keep complaining to me about the show’s sexism and urge me to write about those. But there are so many important topics I have to write about, I hardly get time to even watch those Roadies episodes to write anything. I remember, a few years ago when I was watching one episode of MTV Roadies with my then girlfriend, Rannvijay read out a sexist comment by one of the female participants. The comment read like this – Men are dogs who need to be trained. Other assh0les sitting as judges in the show were grinning as if the woman made a great statement and those low-life creatures were enjoying.

To say, that shows like Roadies, are made to humiliate men, propel sexism against men and create harmful stereotypes in the society is an understatement. When a show is created and managed by pigs without any value system, we should not expect any substantial value in the first place. These filthy shows create filth that creates so much filth in the society that makes people more disrespectful to others and create a disturbance in your own family that creates a long-term problem. If you see today’s younger generation do not respect their elders, abuse people for no reason and show violent attitude as these kinds of degenerating shows create that mental frame as the ‘coolest’ attitude. So, don’t be surprised to that filth around you.

Pigs Will Only Have Values of Pigs

These m0therf**ers, however, don’t care. Their assh0le families have brought them up with these values so Neha Chutiya can think that cheating on with six guys by a girl is cool and a woman’s ‘choice’ because if that statement shows anything, that shows her own character. If someone chooses to keep relationship with six guys at a time she can at best be called a whore. It is indeed her choice but she should declare that in all her relationships and make it clear to the men who may think that they are in a relationship with her individually.

It is indeed a fact that there are many whores around who come on TV or other electronic media and promote their values and force upon others. To them, only the choice of these prostitutes’ matter. Now those women who support them also displays the same values, otherwise how they can justify their own lifestyle? The problem with these shows is that they enforce these values in others’ lives as well.

Whores Justify Other Hoes

In a recent episode, that has created a huge storm online, Neha Chutiya was seen telling a male participant that his girl-friend cheating on him with six other guys was her choice. She went on to blame that guy saying that maybe he was not able to satisfy her sexually, that’s why she chose to have a relationship with six other guys. Now, even kuttis (bitches – the animals) don’t mate with six dogs if you know their behaviour. Kuttis in human form can, however, think like that and also justify their action as a ‘choice’ on national TV, so that no one calls them whores. It needs a special pig like mind that probably a swine have. You will surely find them in abusive shows like MTV Roadies.

But that was not all if Roadies wanted to promote whores it also wanted to promote male gigolos. As we see immediately after Neha Chutiya stopped another a$$h0le host Nikhil Chinapa started with heavy abuse to the participant. The abuses were full of words like ‘Chutiya’, ‘A$$h0le’, ‘m0therf**er’ etc. At the same time, funnily enough, that moron claimed that he respected women. That is when you need to be concerned as while he tried to mainstream these abuses in your everyday life, he also promoted that using such abuses make you respect women. So, tomorrow any Roadies’ fan can use such abuses to show their respect for women. A bunch of idiots who promote whores and can abuse mothers, claim they respect women.

After this episode created a huge uproar on social media about the hypocrisy shown by Roadies as previously in another episode when a woman participant claimed that she slapped her boyfriend for cheating on her, the same Neha Chutiya and Rannvijay and other MTV Roadies Assh0le judges felt gleeful.

The Cowards of Roadies

There were other episodes where these morons promoted one-way violence and showed their own violent behaviour, as Nikhil Chinapa Chutiya also did the same. Not only that ba$tard shows his disrespect for women, but the way he started shouting at the participant it showed his own violent behaviour. Moreover, the guy to whom he was shouting at in a closed environment surrounded by bouncers was really shameful for anyone who is brave and really tough in kind. Needless to say, that if this rat Nikhil ever abuse one who is physically as strong as the abused participant in this episode in a neutral environment, he will know the taste of his own blood. Showing this cowardice attitude when he is in his studio surrounded by his own bouncers and fellow men is simply not a heroic attitude.

When we see other ba$tard judges of Roadies like Rannvijay keeping mum about the episode that confirms his true nature as well. It is shameful indeed to see that these rats who whines in the closed studio to a lone participant and show their heroism on a single defenceless person, it shows how much coward these bastards really are. And these rats are given to host a show that claims to find out the tough people.

Chutiya’s Sense of Domestic Violence

After this incident and after a huge uproar against Neha Chutiya’s support for whores and show’s double standard on domestic violence while judges’ themselves show violent attitude, That Chutiya released a statement supporting her action in the show. The statement of that moron is attached above.

Chutiya said, that she took ‘a stand against violence’, however, all her show has always promoted was violence and in the same episode and in the same disputed video, she used verbal abuse against the participant. Besides, her fellow judges also used heavy verbal violence and she did not protest. Roadies didn’t take any action against any of the judges till the article is written and that shows MTV Roadies is a show and the A$$h0le judges of the show indeed promote violence with impunity.

In her justification, Neha Cuntiya claimed that ‘Adultery’ is a moral choice of an individual and she herself does not support cheating in relationships. However, that cnt didn’t say that in the Roadies episode. She tried all ways to support cheating and blame the guy who was being cheated. That is the behaviour of a true cut and she couldn’t hide that. She said, she stood for women’s safety and ended up promoting the safety of social terrorists, a filthy take that only a similar hoe can take.

She claimed in her justification that after that Roadies episode, even her near and dear one’s including her daughter’s page was filled with abuses. It is indeed surprising to note that the filthy ba$$tards who are filling our drawing rooms with filth and shitload of abuses with every episode of Roadies, – a show that she is proud of, is now pained to see her own family being abused. She herself supported whores showing her own attitude towards life. Now her family may be okay and her husband who later came forward to support her may be fine to be living with a hoe but why should others tolerate the same in their life? Also, how did the Fu*king Roadies’ judges get the authority to force upon their filthy value system on others?

She said in her crappy justification that ‘No matter what physical abuse or assault is not acceptable’, while she herself was found to be enjoying the story of a girl slapping her boyfriend in an earlier episode. Also, that moron didn’t know that any kind of violence is not acceptable and her show Roadies is full of abuses and violence of all forms. (Roadies also show that girls choose guys who balls need to be hit).

In the last sentence, Neha proved that she was indeed a chutiya. She said, “I urge people, whether a man or a woman, to educate themselves about domestic violence….if you’re a victim of abuse, please stand up for yourself”. Problem is that ba$$tard herself along with other co-hosts of that filthy show constantly use abuses against the Roadies participants and MTV also promote that.

No, Abuses DO NOT Test Mental Toughness

Now that you understand, that Roadies is not only a show of hypocrites but also a show that promote vile nature of humans as great values and drag us to the filth from where these hosts have come from; I will tell you why these constant abuses can’t be seen as testing the participants’ mental toughness.

Recently, I was reading a book titled ‘Irrationally Passionate’ written by Jason Kothari, the Wharton graduate and architect behind many corporate turnaround stories. In that book, Jason has spoken about how his mental toughness was increased through training of ‘Muay Thai’, the Thai martial arts. He had to travel to a place near Bangkok to learn this martial art from the world’s greatest and toughest fighters.

No, this is not about the fake fights you see on WWE bouts where again abuses are aplenty. This training was about testing one’s limits on mental and physical strengths. The training, as described, was about extreme forms of day-long workout routine and displays before the world’s greatest fighters. It is not about using filthy language and abusing participants to test their limits of mental toughness but it was to teach through extreme physical routines that – ‘pain is a non-factor’. That developed his real mental toughness which inspired him to take on extreme challenges in life while he kept on turning around dying or dead companies against all odds.

Join any extreme martial arts course yourself and you will know what I mean. Hurling abuses to one defenceless participant surely do not show or test any mental toughness. Rather if it shows anything, that is the mentality of the pigs who are running the show.

Why you Should not miss Any Opportunity to Abuse Roadies Judges

As I have shown you in this article so far, hurling abuses to others do not show one’s mental toughness and it also does not test other’s mental toughness. If such abuses show anything, that is the degraded nature of the germs that spread filth in the society. Earlier we have seen how one of the hosts of ‘All India Bokchod (AIB)’s was found to be sending sexual messages violating women’s privacy while personally projecting him as feminists. The same is true for Roadies’ current hosts as well. They used abuses using ‘mother’ and projected them as respecting women.

The reason such shows exist and can afford to have multiple hosts is that there is a large number of youngsters who are consuming such content eagerly. In the process, these abusive shows are mainstreaming abuses. So, now if your own son abuses you in daily life, don’t be surprised. If you see elderly people are not only neglected but humiliated in public for nothing, that is the result of such shows, if you find increasing violent behaviour among youth, the reason is such shows that promote violence and sexism in all forms as the ‘cool’ stuff.

Such abusive shows can’t be seen in isolation. Humans have a nature to pick up negative traits very fast. These shows are mainstreaming abuses in our daily life and hence such abuses are becoming normal in your daily life. Overall, your life is getting filthier due to such shows. These ba$tards don’t need any human-like treatment and this is why you should treat them like the way they show and promote in their own shows. Hence abusing Neha Chutiya, other fu*king hosts and their families on a daily basis should be a normal behaviour arising out of the same show they endorse. Remember, today that Chutiya has come out with a statement against abuses hurled at her own family members when she was only treated in the same way she had treated others. If this shows anything, that is, the morons themselves can’t take abuses and are cowards who start crying when paid in the same coin. Unless they are treated like this on a continuous basis, such abusive shows will continue to fill your own life with filth and distasteful crap without them ever realizing what harm they are doing to others.


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  1. If verbal abuses can make one mentally tough as per the roadies show hosts, then the same hosts should be happy that their kids are getting abuses online. Also they should be happy about physical abuses because then it can make one physically tough. So domestic violence is also to toughen up domestic partner.

    BTW domestic violence is not limited to physical abuse, the female host must know that better because she is preaching others about getting educated about DV.


  2. There is a horrible double-standard when it comes to women hitting men. All violence is wrong. It’s despicable that many women can get away with physically attacking men if she can make it seem like he “deserved it.” Nobody ever deserves physical violence.


  3. I want to abuse those male bosses who hire women in schools, offices, etc. knowing well that these women’s husbands are earning lakhs of rupees every month, and that these jobs can be used by men to feed themselves and their families. A woman needs a job to buy cosmetics. A man needs a job for himself, his wife, his children, his parents, his siblings, etc.


    • Yes, when you hire(or give freedom) women, they create mess in the society (male spaces).
      In ancient times, many wise scholars (Chanakya, Sant kabir) had said that never trust women but today all men have become manginas, simps.


      • True. Now we have some households with two incomes and others with none. How inhuman and selfish! And in many places, useless women are hired in place of brilliant men, just because they are women. Furthermore, many work places have women doing the hiring, and they only hire women because they are men-hating feminists.


  4. MTV roandies is the most toxic chutyiest show ever on indian television,ChuBoss & splitsbulle comes next.Have seen few bits and pieces of this filth on YouTube but have to agree that subah subah toilet me dekhne ko ye shows masth hai.

    The amount of Verbal,Physical abuses mixed with gutter morality of judges & sexism, makes it a toxic gases septic tank show.

    I wonder how this shows permitted for television airing.


  5. Chanakya also called women incredibly foolish, and this is enough proof:

    1) Women’s increasing participation in the workforce has made their own brothers, sons, husbands, and fathers redundant. You as a woman steal the job of a man in someone’s family, some other woman steal’s the job of a man in your family. Karma.

    2) Due to women in the workforce, workforce has doubled and employers can afford to pay much less. This means that women’s participation in the workforce has significantly reduced their husband’s salaries.


  6. 3) Now what a man would have earned on his own, it will take both husband and wife to earn the same amount, while the woman is not with her kids, with money being spent on babysitters, daycare centres, an extra vehicle for the wife to travel to work, new clothes for work, etc. When the woman comes back from work she is too tired to cook, too tired to pay attention to children, too tired for household duties, etc.


    • ‘ Woman talks with one man, stares lustfully at other man and thinks fondly of another man.’
      – Acharya Chanakya


  7. The show called Roadies (personally called Lowdies) was always very filthy. I used to hate their misandry from the moment I saw it in the 8th season. Only now, things are getting clearer due to social media and greater effect of pages like yours.


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