The Silly Ways Feminists Are Trying to Prove MRM As Violent


In recent years you might have noticed how men’s forums, blogs, websites and comments are either deleted or spammed or banned from different platforms. The subreddit “r/MGTOW” being quarantined or the Men’s Rights site A Voice for Men (AVFM) being banned by FB was other examples. Other than these numerous men’s blogs are either delisted from search engines or blacklisted by them so that their content does not appear in searches. Online platforms such as Facebook and Twitter now use filters to filter out men’s rights content as ‘Hate Speech’.

If you are still sceptical about any of these and believe that these do not exist, visit any non-MRA forum and post something for men’s rights or reason out feminists in their own rhetoric with data or reasoning. You will immediately get banned from the forum. Recently I was banned from posting on “r/MensRights” subreddit because I mentioned there that I downvoted some feminist content. I was not using Reddit regularly and was not aware that voting manipulation is not permitted and I was banned for a lifetime.

Now while I was wondering the reason behind such a drastic step by the subreddit admins, their answer was even surprising. Such posts could lead to banning the whole subreddit itself. So, you can understand how drastic steps are preventing men’s advocates’ voices and how they are being censored for nothing. TMF is also banned by several search engine results. In the initial days of its existence, TMF used to feature in the top results of Google search, not anymore. Despite trying all possible SEO tricks.

The trend is worrying as we can clearly understand that while similar feminist sites are not censored despite having equal and more violent content, the voice for the 50% of the population that has so far tremendously outperformed women in all aspects of building the society is being suppressed. It doesn’t matter how logical or data-driven your arguments are, what matters to the online regulators is for which gender you are speaking up and while speaking up whether you are being ‘politically correct’ – that is following the leftist-feminist-terrorist rhetoric.

You would have also observed that in almost all men’s forums including TMF, we do invite and welcome negative comments from feminists and we don’t censor anyone. That is the freedom of speech we believe in. That is why on this blog you will find many feminist comments attacking the blogger in particular and men in general. Whereas the contrary is never true on a feminist weblog or forum. If you try posting anything that goes against the feminist principles or challenging their philosophy, you will be banned. This clearly shows how silly and frivolous are feminist narratives that they get scared in the smallest interference.

A recent article on MIT TechnologyReview claimed that the manosphere is getting more toxic as angry men are joining those forums. This article refers to several feminist studies to prove this point. These feminist studies claimed to have studied different men’s rights websites, blogs and forums to identify the level of toxicity against women.

One such latest study titled “Exploring Misogyny across the Manosphere in Reddit” published on Open Research Online, claims to be the most comprehensive study in this matter and we will discuss this study in detail to understand how some dumbo feminist scholars are trying to portray men’s rights advocates as potential terrorists.

Now please note that the word ‘Dumbo’ is also considered as a word to threaten feminists in their literature. As if every such dumb activity and research paper of feminists should be termed as intelligent, path-breaking work, else that will be considered as the one attacking women.

Now let’s look at the method in which feminists ‘found out’ the violent nature of the manosphere and proved their point that the manosphere is becoming more violent towards women.

This study defined manosphere as “a group of loosely incorporated websites and social media communities where men’s perspectives, needs, gripes, frustrations and desires are explicitly explored”. Now they went ahead saying that this manosphere is particularly hostile towards women and feminism.

This paper also says, that “Feminist analysis of the manosphere concludes that there is an ideological shift away from the men’s rights topics that used to unite members toward more misogynistic and violent ideas.” A direct and concerning effort to attack manosphere and showing a hostile attitude towards the same. This also says, that talking about men’s rights is not only hostile but also an indication of potentially violent behaviour in males that can create potential terrorists.

To prove their point, the paper mentioned that “popular men’s rights websites, A Voice for Men and Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) point to a backlash toward feminism [31, 32, 38], where even positive sentiments toward rape in some circumstances may be utilised to attract men who feel concerned or excluded by the direction of sexual politics” – a clear misinterpretation of the content therein. This may be typical of a feminist ploy to mislead people and project any opposition as a potential threat to mankind.

In case you are wondering what I am saying, please check any feminist roadshow or protest and check any other protest or rally of a men’s rights group. You will always find more vulgarity, obscenity, hatred and violence in the feminist propaganda and not in the men’s rights one.

The problem becomes evident when you understand how feminists are deriving at the conclusions of MRM turning increasingly violent and a threat to society.

This paper tried to prove the feminist theory (that MRAs are becoming more violent) through a linguistic study online, as they claim that the language used by the men’s advocates can show if they are potential terrorists.

Let’s understand how they have selected the terms on harassment/bully of women as defined in the paper previously mentioned –

  1. Words under the Harassment Corpus – This corpus has 713 harassment words including 452 terms for sexual harassment, 153 terms for racial harassment, 14 terms for appearance-related, 31 terms for intellectual related, 21 terms for political harassment and 42 general items.
  2. Violence Verbs – 322 verbs identified with violence related to torture, stabbing, murder, massacre and choke.
  3. Hatebase (female) – Hatebase is the world’s largest multilingual hate speech database against females. It contains 2432 terms in 94 languages.
  4. Profanity words – 450 bad words banned by Google
  5. Incel Specific – 57 specific neologisms the involuntary celibates (incel) use.

Now you may be wondering that there can exist such a huge database to demean and suppress women and we hardly knew about them. To clarify some of the questions that may be arising in your mind now, let me list down some of the top keywords the researchers have used, the paper did give some of the word samples like this –

You will ever wonder how this lexicon of misogyny ever be created without knowing the usage of the word. The same words can be used against men as well.

From the above list, you may easily understand how frivolous are such feminist studies, even without me telling you.

For example, if we say this is a stupid list that doesn’t prove anything for sure, that will be belittling feminist effort to prove men are violent. So, the demand here is no matter how stupid feminist research is, we still need to praise the same as ‘great’.

Similarly, identifying yourself as a ‘men’s rights’ activist, or trying to flip the narrative expressed in the above table in favour of men’s rights itself may be termed as misogyny.

Now even if one identifies herself as a whore, you can’t just agree to that without displaying misogyny, and if you ever say that feminists claim that patriarchal society ‘suppresses’ women, you will again be branded as a misogynist. Similarly, if you say, I have taken a blackpill or this news displays hypergamy, that will be considered as potentially violent behaviour.

Believe it or not, that is the level of insanity displayed by these jobless creatures and now they are writing research papers on how men using these words are potential terrorists. These are the papers that are being used for cross-reference in several other feminist literature. When you read those ‘other’ research papers mentioning about this research, you are bound to think how in-depth research feminists would have done. Only until you read an article on a men’s site like TMF showing how frivolous and dumbass these papers have been.

If you think I have delivered all humour already, you are mistaken. As we continue reading the research paper showing how manosphere is becoming violent, we come across this table –

The misogynist terms that are often blocked

For better clarity, let me list down the top used misogynist terms in different Reddit communities as found by these femtards.

Belittling – Female, Dumb, roastie, boobs, failure

Flipping Narrative – MGTOW, Beta, Normie, MRA, Overthrow

Homophobia – Faggot, Fag, Fags, homo, dyke

Hostility – hate, bitch, pussy, hurt, cunt

Patriarchy – suppress, betabuxx, omega, subjugate, oblige

Physical Violence – Hit, Kill, cut, force, attack

Sexual Violence – Rape, Cock carousel, pound, conquer, incest

Racism – black, bigger, nigga, nigger, niggas

Stoicism – incel, chad, cuck, cope, blackpill

Now if you are surprised and think why on earth, one can think that the words like MGTOW, MRA, Men’s Rights, female, beta etc can’t be found in large numbers in MGTOW and MR forums and how on earth these can be words depicting potential violent behaviour towards women; you can’t stop thinking how these creatures are jobless dumbasses and potential terrorists themselves. That is because similar words and even more hatred can easily be found in any feminist or in women’s forums. Is that any surprise?

Now if we really want to analyze any potential terrorist behaviour from the use of words online, we need to first do that in feminists weblogs and forums that spews constant venom against men. Feminist propaganda and rallies historically have been more vulgar, obscene and violent. That proved their terrorist behaviour already.

The use of the term female itself is ‘belittling’ to the feminists as if using the term ‘male’ for a female would have been more glorifying. Please don’t question about the sanity of such humans conducting such rubbish study, and those who are paying for such rubbish to be published because based on such studies Google and Reddit are identifying their potential crime suspects and different state governments like Texas, are creating their anti-terror strategies.

Now let’s look at each of the corpus of harassment words in detail to understand what level of study feminists did. The paper mentioned some sources of these keywords in the paper.

For instance, it says, the corpus of 713 words for harassment corpus was taken from the research titled “Publishing a Quality Context-aware Annotated Corpus and Lexicon for Harassment Research” of Rezvan and colleagues. If you check that paper of Rezvan and colleagues, you won’t find those 713 words. But only this table below is given –

Feminist hate Lexicon statistics that often raises doubt

Problem is neither in this list nor in the list provided in the original paper by Tracie Farrel et. al. these words are mentioned. Then the question comes, how did they do their ‘research’ or the so-called research is only a fake publication.

Now Tracie Farrel gave the second reference of 322 verbs that are termed as violence verbs and was developed by Geen and Soner and published in their research paper titled, ”Primary associates to 20 verbs connoting violence.” This paper, however, gives a list of verbs that they termed as violent verbs.

Let’s look at the list they provided –


So, you understand that the original research was on 20 verbs and NOT about 322 verbs (only 5 verbs are given above, viz. Choke, Massacre, Murder, Stab, Torture). People who took the original test might have associated 322 words (not verbs, for example, car, hand, neck etc are not verb) to these 20 violent verbs. And now we see a feminist ‘research’ that makes it 322 verbs. This raises serious concern about the understanding level of Tracie Farrel and her co-researchers about the researches they used in their ‘research paper’.

Since the female Hatebase words are multilingual in nature, we will not consider those words and now directly consider the Profanity words (450 bad words banned by Google). Tracie’s paper says these words were published by Robert J Gabriel. These words include words like ‘Ass’, ‘Bitch’, ‘boobs’, ‘Arse’, ‘annus’ etc words in different spellings. For example, if ass is written as – ‘a55’ or ‘a_s_s’ – all forms are listed. If you observe online, you will find many women using these words against men as well.

Now based on such baseless, one-sided study, feminists are claiming that men’s rights activists, MGTOWs, Incels and PUAs are being violent and they can be identified through their use of these words. When the words like MGTOW, Men’s Rights itself become threatening in the feminist literature and when flipping the narrative and trying to show men’s side of the story becomes words of misogyny, you can understand how much hate these feminists are propagating and the online forums like Google, Reddit etc are made to act against the men’s rights groups.

This, however, is not restricted to such forums only but now governments also started identifying potential domestic terror threats by the use of such words. As the Texas government domestic terror assessment report shows, Incel and MGTOW forums are checked for use of these words and identifying potential terrorists. Since only men’s forum are in the target based on these baseless studies, women demanding cruel punishment to men will not be considered as violent behaviour but only men ever using such terms (even without demanding cruel punishments) will be termed as potential terrorists.

The Texas government report on domestic terrorism shows different mass shooting by people who would have followed or shared Incel content. Some of them might have demonstrated direct threat but no government can be oblivious to the fact that many feminist groups also display such behaviour. Also, the effect of a broken family, single parenthood and extremely skewed maintenance laws were never studied in all the violent incel cases. The fact that only the men’s groups and forums have become the target shows how big a conspiracy is going on against men’s rights. This also shows that feminists have turned into real social terrorists with a clear intention of their supremacy and nothing else.



[This article is a part of our series on Modern Feminist theories.

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  1. Looks like we have a new disorder found, eNPD.
    The electronic Narcists. E-Narcists are equally harmful for the electronics media as NPDs are for the society in general.

    Need some serious medical help.


  2. MGTOW channels on YouTube are either banned or demonetized, and notifications are turned off automatically. Their traffic is also cut off.

    On a different note, please do a piece on the trailer of Angrezi Medium, where an incredibly selfish daughter tortures her poor father to send her to a college in London, to the point he breaks down. I’ve seen this in real life too, when a daughter harassed her father to pay for her admission in a medical college to a point where he ended up with a heart attack, but luckily survived. There are countless stories of daughters treating their poor fathers like ATMs and tissue paper.


  3. Slapping is wrong only when a man does it. In the movie Kabir Singh, Preeti slapped Kabir first, but no uproar on social media.


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