A Sexist Bitch Now Targets Under 18 Boys in Mardaani2

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If you are wondering how can a movie review cross all limits and use a word like ‘sexist bitch’ in the title when the movie Mardaani2 is made on an issue that media and feminists are trying to portray hard as the burning issue in India, you will know that soon.

Shivani Shivaji Rao (played by Rani Mukherjee) who is a daredevil IPS and SP of Kota, had to copy a male role (hence Mardaani) to promote feminism. Yes, the patriarchy has ‘inserted’ it’s tool in her middle name like the middle finger feminists showed this time to Indian boys with Mardaani2. …and as expected in any feminist movie, Mardaani2 starts with a lie.

Yes, you heard it right. Like all feminist movies, Mardaani 2, starring Rani Mukherjee and Vishal Jethwa (the representative of India’s toxic masculinity) starts with a lie when it showed every year 2000 boys (under 18) arrested on rape charges. It also gives the source boldly as National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

A quick check on NCRB portal for juveniles in conflict with the law, however, will tell you that in 2017, the total number of juveniles arrested for rape (under section 376) was 1614 (Table 5.2, Column 17).

I am not getting into the facts of how many cases were actually substantiated and how many of these juveniles who were arrested in rape charges were actually found guilty. I am also not getting into figures of how many of these juveniles were girls and I am also not getting into the discussion of how many girls just evaded arrest for rapes they had committed, simply for being girls.

Don’t believe me that girls can be rapists too? Well, you need to check out this story of a nymphomaniac. There are many women sexual predators who are not even reported as sexual predators like I have shown you in this article from the media articles of popular mainstream media.

Now to understand how our young boys are getting rape charges today, you need to understand that most of these rape charges are charges after a relationship went sour. A boy wrote to TMF earlier to tell his story of being a rapist –

Read – The Story of A Rapist

Even without getting into the discussion of false cases, however, we know that the statistics that every year 2000 juveniles are committing rape, is totally bogus statistics that the sexist team of Yash Raj Films (YRF) has manufactured.

The movie Mardaani2 comes with loads of feminist sexism and a so-called feminist myth carefully nurtured about toxic masculinity. Shivani Shivaji Rao has tried to establish many sexist feminist myths and also bangs patriarchy for intimidating women and especially empowered women. In Shivani’s words, society call empowered women ‘bitches’ in cities and ……. In villages.

As I belong to a city, I will henceforth call Shivani (the empowered woman) a bitch and hence the title.

The sole purpose of this sexist team of Yash Raj Films was to show masculinity as toxic and portray a psychic character as the one representing masculinity.

If you are going by movie reviews of Mardaani 2 on all popular channels and watching the stars displayed there, besides talking about acting skills of the actors, you need to know the writer behind the sexism. Gopi Puthran who was also the writer for Mardaani (the first one in this sequel) was behind. Feminism and rather feminazism has always given success to Bollywood. It doesn’t matter how much truth these movies convey, but emotional Indians are fooled easily into believing such lies as they already did in Pink, Neerja, Section 375, Padman or Mission Mangal. Even a web series Mission Over Mars (M.O.M.) was no exception.

The recent trend in Bollywood is to make movies based on ‘true stories’ and ‘true events’. These movies won’t provide you with any details of the original event and spread all types of lies in the guise of portraying trues events. This is true in Hollywood and Bollywood both.

When Bollywood made a movie on Mangalyaan and changed the history and projected women as the main force behind India’s space success, you might have seen that in Mardaani 2 as well. But since the movie is released immediately after the Hyderabad rape and murder of Priyanka Reddy, your emotions will drive Mardaani2 really far and in this emotional boil, you will see only evil patriarchy but not evil feminism.

In the role of evil patriarchy, Vishal did extremely well. A similar role to depict evil feminism will be denied by any female actor. Hope Vishal doesn’t need to pay the price of his sexism against his own gender in future and get killed by the same feminism he has promoted today. Otherwise, any male actor should have just refused to work in that role as many women would have done. And that is where ethics comes into play in acting and in Bollywood.

To give an example from Indian cinema, when different Bengali actresses were offered the role of the lawyer who would expose the truth behind 1990 sensational Hetal Parekh rape and Murder story in the movie Dhananjay; many actresses refused to work. Even the producer had to spend a hard time convincing Mimi Chakroborty for the role. Well, the role didn’t show a woman raping a man, but it only showed a lawyer doing her duty for saving an innocent and showing that a man was not responsible for the murder and there was no rape but the girl was sexually active.

Mardaani2 has succeeded in attacking Indian boys with impunity as they knew very well that there is no one who would stand up against it. If the same portrayal was done against women, India would have seen another emergency situation.

The antagonist in this movie, the psycho killer went on a killing and rape spree in Kota with open concerns being expressed about increasing number of boys getting into serious crimes like rape and murder. Mardaani2 never tried to handle the situation carefully and understand the problem why an increasing number of boys are getting into such crime, rather did an irresponsible job of pointing finger at boys and toxic masculinity. Our broken families, thanks again to this increasing feminism, is a major reason of our children getting into drug abuse and crimes and boys are more prone for these behaviours as they are subjected to more and more sexist bias that feminists create through movies like Mardaani.

Like any other sexist movie, Mardaani 2 also has an interesting speech from the bitch Shivani Shivaji Rao on feminism. In an interview with a channel, Shivani says all emotional stories of women are evaluated every time, how they need to be aware whether their bra strap is visible or whether they are laughing more or behaving inappropriately etc. This speech ends with – बराबरी तोह दूर की बात है, हिस्सेदारी मिल जाए वही काफी है” (equality is a far cry, if we get some share that is more than enough).

This is said at a time when globally there is never before sexism and violence against men that are not even reported. Read –

37 Heart-Wrenching Ways Men Are Discriminated Against

Now as a man when you see feminist movies like Mardaani2, you need to remember that while watching the movie, you were oppressing the females around you and maybe raping the on-screen actresses enacting in rape scenes. If you can’t, these movies will make you do that, as endless cry-babies of feminism will keep crying for Crimes Against Women and keep inventing new crimes every day while similar crimes against males will continue to be ignored.

A question comes in our mind, where will these bitches really stop? Unless we men just simply ignore such movies or shut off the feminist bitches will they ever stop? Empowerment has only created endless cry-babies in women as shown in the SP of Mardaani2. They don’t see women committing sexual crimes, they don’t protest biased media reporting that hides female predators, but they keep crying about rape and keep attacking our younger generation.

The bitch, Shivani Shivaji Roy, had narrated a lot of feminist frustrations that she thought we men won’t even understand because we don’t face those situations. However, we never want to display our private parts in public like Mardaani referred to and still punish men doing that. This behaviour instantly becomes a rape mentality if men do that. However, when these bitches do that, that becomes empowerment.

The question to bitches and the feminist Mardaani cry-babies is how long would you show your rapist mentality? When you want to display your undies in public and think that is your empowerment, you have no right to report any similar incident of a man doing the same. We have seen this hypocrisy in Kolkata about one year ago.

When a couple engaging in obscene behaviour in Metro Railway was projected as their wish and empowerment but a man masturbating in a bus was held as guilty and was imprisoned. Even no action was taken against Swara Bhaskar or her film crew Veere Di Wedding for showing on-screen masturbation. These incidents show that bitches that identify themselves as Mardaani-s are sexual predators themselves and want to get away with their offences. The movie Mardaani2 is another effort towards that.

Problem with such feminist movies is also that the emotional narrations of bitches like Shivani, when told without any effective counter-arguments, may seem to be empowering but can be challenged effectively in any debating forum by a sensible and knowledgeable MRA. But these sexist attitudes and emotional drama is often ignored by society and in the process, a hatred is created against men. That is why Rani Mukherjees of the world get applause for such one-sided speeches.

So, if you are a man, after watching Rani Mukherjee’s Mardaani2, you are supposed to hate yourself more. Similarly, women around you are also taught to hate yourself more. The movie extends this hatred now to our boys and teaches the society to hate our boys based on some frivolous and erroneous statistics and emotional drama by the scumbugs of Yash Raj Films (yrf).

So, when in the last scene the movie shows some data of Crime Against Women, you don’t understand or raise any question that a similar crime head against men would have had much more cases reported and many more women would have found guilty. The only reason, there exists a crime head as “Crime Against Women” and NOT a crime head as ‘Crimes Against Men’ is that the patriarchy that is portrayed as evil and oppressing, in reality, doesn’t care for its boys.

You also do not raise questions about why in every movie or media report, the reported crimes are shown as confirmed cases of crimes happening when a majority of those cases are not even substantiated in courts.

You rather get carried away by the Protagonist’s emotions and you cry with her when the screen shows the data on ‘Crime Against Women’ and never raise the question if patriarchy was so evil, then why did the feminist protagonist, the bitch, Shivani Shivaji Rao needed to adopt the traits of evil masculinity and take the name of Mardaani?



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  1. Seems “Mardaani 2” is another “feminazi” movie made to brainwash the society into believing the feminist lies.


  2. Equating a couple in love with a pervert masturbating in public is going too far and that comparison is the bane of this otherwise well written article. Can’t even take it seriously after that.


    • Dude that was not simple lovemaking, it was with sexual overtures. Also if musterbation in public is a crime, then Swara Bhaskar should first face criminal charges for showing that on screen.


      • Actually, the society where we are living is now gynocentric not patriarchy. The patriarchy was already over when women were given freedom.


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