Years after My Choice, This is The Best Chance For Deepika To Show Her Empowerment

After her marriage, it’s the best time to show her empowered lifestyle to us

Ever since Deepika Padukone has successfully expressed her choice, in Vogue My Choice video now the time is ripe for her to show empowerment. As the news reports show, she is off to Europe with Shahrukh Khan for the shooting of the movie Pathan. And there can’t be any better time for her to show that she can really –

My choice, to love temporarily or to lust forever…

My choice, to love a man or a woman or both..

She can now love temporarily or lust forever. She can love or lust any man, woman or both…..

Remember My Choice video of Deepika Padukone? She celebrates 28th March as the anniversary of her VogueEmpower video that vouched to empower women. But even after years of preaching (or instigating) women about their choices, we are yet to see a truly empowered Deepika Padukone. We are yet to see how her ‘unbounded, uninhibited and unregulated’ lifestyle (like beasts in the jungle, even though beasts actually follow their rules), has helped her in her personal life, especially after her marriage. This is the best time for her to prove to all the uncivilized brutes like myself, who has ever dared to oppose that video, that how she is leading a ‘lifestyle of her choice’ like the one she preached to all other women – our wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters.

At the time of writing this article, the video has 11 M+ views on the Vogue India YT channel and 102K ‘likes’ and 54K ‘dislikes’. Oh, I didn’t tell you that YT has a shitory (yes, not history as it’s their shit) of converting ‘dislikes’ into ‘likes’, stopping you from ‘disliking’ a video etc. We have seen that in Gillette’s anti-male commercial very recently.

However, oppressive patriarchs of India (and around the world as well), didn’t like the video and slammed her for ‘her choice’. You can check the video on YT but years after, we are yet to see that kind of ‘my choice’ lifestyle from her.

Let me explain in detail, telling you what she preached our women in her video as an empowered lifestyle and what she has so far failed to show us as a lifestyle she endorses herself.

Her choices on clothes

Her ‘My Choice’ started by saying, “My Body, my mind, my choice. To wear the clothes I like, even as my spirit rolls naked”- while we don’t really understand why should her ‘soul roll naked’ and why was being naked so important; the video showed women wearing almost no dress while Deepika’s voiceover said those words. Since a video is at least 100 times more powerful than spoken words, the message to the women was, ‘go naked in public’- it’s your choice. So, while our daughters reduced their value to their skin, some other male feminists shouted, ‘yeah…empowerment. Long live liberalism’.

Only patriarchal chauvinists, the law-abiding, peace-loving parents, and teachers of India had a hard time telling their daughters that they were not empowered by showing their body. This empowerment is for those who eagerly showed their body in ‘My Choice’ because they may have nothing else to offer, so, maintaining social decency is not for them. Their value is their vagina only. The more they show their body, the more they are empowered because they get more money. Their value is only their skin, their body parts. Parents and teachers had a tough time telling their wards, that real human value is beyond one’s bodily beauty, it’s in their brains that is not on display overtly.

Some of our boys were also happy watching the empowered women shedding all clothes. The toxic masculinity that attracts them to women for the age-old reproduction habits, the male hormones that run amok at women’s sexuality, drove them crazy behind women empowerment. They cried…”Yeah….women should be empowered…the way it was shown in the video, by shedding clothes. They were just being liberals”.

My choice suggested shedding clothes is empowerment

However, in reality, we didn’t see Deepika roaming in public with her clothes off. Even though celebrities have the liberty to wear or not to wear any decent clothes in public, when the public decency and morality becomes their personal wish, we don’t really see any of those ‘My Choice’ woman roaming in public holding a bedsheet in her cleavage. They themselves seem not to be following what they have shown to our daughters. Was it only for driving our children to hell? Let the chauvinist pigs who comment on women dressing think.

Size ‘zero’ or Size ‘15’

The video also showed that being “size ‘0’ or size ‘15’” as ‘My Choice’. Inadvertently, telling our women to continue to be anorexic or obese and follow their unhealthy lifestyle as their ‘choice’. While these celebrities continued to take care of their health either through diet control or by following a healthy lifestyle in these years; they preached our children to continue their unhealthy lifestyle (if they had any), because it became their ‘right’ to be either skinny or obese. Anything their well-wishers told them about maintaining health, became a sign of patriarchal oppression and chauvinism with added sexism tag under body-shaming.

We, however, didn’t find Deepika herself becoming either a size zero or size ‘15’. Why? The problem was with our children who refused to listen to us and continued their unhealthy lifestyles as their ‘right’. Deepika didn’t suffer because of those added rights, because she knew what was correct, only some fools who believed in her messages, suffered from bad health while thinking they were being progressive. Some died of anorexia while some others in obesity.

They died promoting their liberal propaganda of being unhealthy. It was their choice but people who loved them were made to suffer the loss. Deepika or her My Choice gang didn’t suffer.

Dress is Oppressive

My Choice told, “To use cotton and silk to trap my soul is to believe you can halt the expansion of the universe. Or capture sunlight in the palm of your hand. Your mind is caged, let it free. My body is not”.

While you may wonder how to trap someone’s soul with cotton or silk, or whether the video really meant ‘soul’ while saying the same, the visuals of My Choice showed scantily dressed women suggesting to the viewers that their ‘trapping their soul by cotton and silk’ was actually trapping of their body in cotton and silk.

While you may also wonder about the relevance of expansion of the universe or sanity behind the thought of capturing sunlight in your palm, some intellectuals with thick glasses may see the reference to freeing up women from the bondage of wearing any dress. Scantily dressed women making weird moves on screen were suggestive enough to hint at the ‘correct’ meaning of liberation to the shedding of clothes.

If you still don’t understand yet, “your mind is caged, let it free.” This line is to show, you are mentally retarded unless you think women should shed their clothes either to free their soul or body.

“Your mind is caged, let it free” – My Choice suggested aggression as empowerment

If you are still wondering why Deepika had to wear an expensive cage (read ‘wedding-gown’) made of cotton, silk and other materials on her marriage day and why didn’t she let herself free as she suggested in her video? It was a golden opportunity for her to show her empowerment but she missed that opportunity. We would have had a golden opportunity to see how exactly her ‘empowerment’ looked. Looks like she didn’t follow what she preached to others.

Many of the so-called oppressive chauvinists wanted to treat their eyes how she expanded her ‘universe’. We didn’t want to halt the expansion of her universe either.

Choice and Privilege

“You are my choice, I am not your privilege” – Whatever that means

Deepika said,

“To have sex before marriage, to have sex outside of marriage, do not have sex, ..

My choice, to love temporarily or to lust forever…

My choice, to love a man or a woman or both..

Remember, you are my choice, I am not your privilege”

My Choice redefined women’s liberation to a new era of having sex within marriage or outside or lust forever or do not have sex at all. While this encouraged our wives to lead an immoral, irresponsible life; we still don’t find Deepika openly following that path.

Many of her followers who would have believed in her way of empowerment, is yet to see those choices from her. We are still waiting to see her status on social media, “Had an awesome threesome with some liberals in my house. Ranveer enjoyed my empowerment”. Or something like, “I am ready to lust forever from tomorrow, anyone interested to come along, please send an intimate message”.

If Deepika is not yet empowered completely under oppressive patriarchy, we are waiting to see something positive coming from Ranveer. Maybe one day we will see Ranveer’s status on social media, “Deepu is ready to lust forever from tomorrow. Need some     as**oles asap.” Or something like this, “now she is ready to love other men, women or both. Please apply. Early bird discount available”.

We are just waiting to see Deepika following what she had suggested in her video four years ago. Ranveer maybe already finding that she is not his privilege (whatever that means and I don’t know what).

Husbands’ Surname is ornament, can be replaced

‘The Bindi on my forehead, the rings on my fingers, adding your surname to mine…they are ornaments. They can be replaced’

No, we didn’t see Deepika changing her surname after marriage. After all, as she showed us that her husband’s surname was like the bindi on her forehead or rings on her fingers and could be replaced. The very fact that the last name is part of the identity of her husband. She had reduced her husband’s identity to cheap products like Bindi and rings. That is how cheap becomes her husband in real life. We are waiting to see that Ranveer now.

She didn’t wear the ‘ornament’ of her husband’s last name (like Priyanka Chopra did for some time). So, while in this line, My Choice suggested that women should have an independent identity, that Deepika has endorsed, we will wait until her divorce to see actually how much alimony she claims. While the husband’s identity can be easily renounced, will his property be renounced, too? From what we see in other women celebrities, we don’t find any of them NOT claiming alimony. We will wait to see how much does this ‘ornament’ costs.

The uncontrolled lifestyle

‘Don’t be upset if I come home at 4 am” – My Choice suggested wayward lifestyle as empowerment

My Choice also promoted an uninhibited or unrestrained lifestyle of women. It said, “don’t be upset if I come home at 4 am, don’t be a fool if come home at 6 pm”. With visuals suggesting that even if a wife comes back at 6 pm, that doesn’t mean she didn’t have ‘sex outside’. A suggestive move of a woman wearing her bra while the voiceover asks the audience not to be fooled, taught our wives to go astray. Even though coming home at 4 am or 6 pm doesn’t really mean anything, the suggestive video that is 100 times more powerful than words, provided necessary courage to women to find their liberty in unbridled sex or lustful behavior.

Deepika’s profession may encourage her for removing clothes to anyone and everyone for money, but when our homes broke, when our children experienced bitter divorce between their parents, because of promotion of such unrestrained behavior in women, it became their personal problems (see this). Neither Deepika nor the makers of My Choice had any implication of that.

Oppressive patriarchs continued shouting against My Choice and breaking of their families, but who gave them the right for moral policing? Their families broke but how much Deepika is endorsing that lifestyle is still questionable.

To Have Your Baby or Not

‘To pick you from 7 billion choices, my choice” “My Pleasure may be your pain”

This is the golden moment for Deepika to exercise this choice of hers. Many husbands who have been supporting illicit children of their wives know what it means when a wife says, ‘My choice to have your baby or not’. But the problem is when women decide on that, they don’t accept the consequences of what they had chosen. In most cases, these women who think husband as an ornament, bearing his baby or not is her personal choice; they almost never miss out on claiming maintenance for her personal choice. Doesn’t this choice alone tell that women should be ‘solely responsible’ for their choice? Doesn’t it make ‘all children’ born anywhere in the world is her choice? So, when babies are women’s sole choice, why do they ask for maintenance?

It is also said that to choose him from ‘7-billion choices’ (total population of humans in the world), is her choice; but almost always these my choice protagonists in their daily life run after husband provided money – alimony and maintenance.

Choice mismatch

“My choices are my fingerprints, they make me unique” “I am the universe, infinite in every direction”

Have you ever heard Terrorists speaking? If you have not, the few statements mentioned above is enough to understand how they talk. What if terrorists say – “my pleasure (killing you) may be your pain but that is my right”. “My songs (bomb blasts) may be your noise but that is my fun”. “My order (in bloodshed) maybe your anarchy, but you keep the hell out of my business because my choices are my fingerprints, they make me unique (yeah terrorists are unique)”.

The above statements came out of a feminist agenda almost certainly showed why feminists are no better than terrorists. They want to create a situation where almost anything they do is taken with no consequence for them. In a way, Deepika promoted social terrorism in this video. Even though this video and her statements have created enough anarchy in normal persons’ lives, we don’t see her yet to apply these qualities in her personal married life.

We are still waiting to see her empowerment the way she has suggested. Maybe one day she will break the limbs of Ranveer and post that video on social media showing cheers to her mentally retarded fans. (feminist vamps can do anything). We are waiting to see those ‘proofs’ of her creating anarchy in her personal life and creating a hell of her empowerment. Since Ranveer married her after knowing her views about life, we wish that Ranveer will also encourage her to create real anarchy in his life. We want to see how this remains only a matter of her own choice and not become a bigger issue in her life, the way it has affected other families.

Since Ranveer has married her despite knowing all these, he should suffer the worst consequences of all these choices and his life should become full of misery. Because his acceptance of such a criminal in his life showed he also promoted such nuisance and is fine with these.

Deepika will probably not get a better time than around the time of International Women’s Day when women all over the world force us to see their tantrums and how they can even beat the dreaded terrorists with their life’s choices.


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  1. I have stopped seeing women’s day as special day as memes used to claim every day is a men’s day around men’s day…

    Best possible strategy and tactics to deal with feminism like terrorism is to not engage with them in anything, bomb them when one can and ignore them afterwards, when they say bombs didn’t affect them and acknowledge that no.bombing raid ever happened.


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