Pulwama Like Attack Shows the Need of a Stronger Men’s Rights Movement in India

Male Sacrifice – Taken for Granted

From the time immemorial men have been saving the weak, diseased, women and children to save humanity from extinction. If women were entrusted by the mother-nature with the responsibility of taking humans ahead by giving birth to new generations, then males have assumed the responsibility of saving the generations natural calamities, foreign aggression or other ghastly attacks by laying their lives.

While women have been given their due respect from generations and even the so-called ‘patriarchal’ societies have been favouring women (read – 91 countries in the world where men are disadvantaged) men’s contribution to the society is taken for granted. Not only that in the battle of sexes that feminists have started, many men have willingly participated and started hating other men, but in the process, they have lost their own dignity as well.

Recent suicide attack on CRPF convoy in Pulwama in Kashmir valley, killing approximately 44 Indian Soldiers bared open the fact why India needs to stronger Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) in the country.

Pulwama Attack and Politics Thereafter

As soon as the Pulwama attack and the unfortunate death of Indian soldiers were known to people, everyone started their own agenda. As جیش – ے – محمد  (Jaish-e-Mohammed or JeM in short meaning the army of Mohammed) a Pakistani terrorist group accepted the responsibility of the attack and the BJP led Indian Govt. slammed Pakistan; Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal and leader of one of the oppositions parties Trinamool Congress (TMC) slammed the government for blaming Pakistan immediately after the attack and for not accepting India’s intelligence failure in Kashmir. Everyone understood that she has made a fool of herself without knowing all details but hardly did anyone realizes how much demeaning this statement was for Indian defence forces.

Security intelligence is a major area of focus for any government. However, highlighting the intelligence lapses done by the analysts who are also from the same forces and trying to shame them when the need of the hour was to stand by them, was a great disrespect shown to those men who are being vigilantes throughout the year. If they were not doing their job properly, India would have experienced many such attacks even on civilians. The fact that it is not happening, shows that Indian intelligence is working well. This was also questioning the ability of the same CRPF officials and was an attempt to show their unpreparedness and callousness for the safety of their own personnel.

If this was not enough, BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj was seen waving his hands to the people in his constituency, from a van carrying the mortal remains of a soldier, as if he was taking this ‘opportunity’ to garner support for him for upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha Polls. It was as if he was doing a ‘great’ favour to the martyr by being there with his mortal remains.

Even the Congress President Rahul Gandhi was seen busy with his mobile phone when the political leaders were receiving the bodies of the martyrs in Palam Airport and were in a state of deep mourning (even as a show-off). Rahul Gandhi’s action came out as grossly irresponsible, insensitive and immature act and showed the highest level of disrespect to the martyrs.

Rahul Gandhi was seen busy with his mobile phone when everyone else was in mourning. Image – Zee News

It was evident from these actions of the political leaders that none of them really cared for our soldiers, none of them felt that one of their family members have died. Whereas, if you just try to remember our political leaders’ actions after the Nirbhaya Gangrape and murder (??) you will see a big difference and concern for that one girl. Entire India seemed to be so ‘concerned’ about that one death that everyone was howling for the blood of the accused. Even the then Chief Justice of India (CJI) gave statements that he wanted to join the crowd protesting on the streets. Shahrukh Khan told he was ashamed of being a man. But this time, even after the gruesome murder of 44 valiant men, apparently no one seemed to bother.

Indian Media – Bunch of Hypocrites

Indian media, especially the so-called liberal, leftist media were no different. Many of their journalists tried to blame the soldiers instead (who said victim-blaming is not permitted?). They tried to mock the death of Indian soldiers. One of the NDTV assistant editors (a woman) tweeted a disrespectful tweet for which she was suspended for two weeks (only). And almost immediately after the attack, the liberals started talking about a peaceful resolution, dialogue with Pakistan etc. But when some of these journalists were attacked (only verbally or electronically) on social media they started reporting the incidents to the police instead of showing love and care for those abusers.

These hypocrites who promoted the separatists of JNU earlier, this time took interview of the parents of the suicide bomber and tried to create sympathy for him. Whereas if we remember, none of these liberal media cared to take an interview of the Kashmiri Pandit families when they were thrown out of the valley. This time they propagated that the suicide bomber was from a poor family and became a suicide bomber after being subjected to atrocities by the Indian Army. It was a clear and straight effort of demeaning the men in uniform who are securing the lives of the same journalists.

In a sustained campaign, these journalists have left no stone unturned to create sympathy for the Pakistan PM and to propagate how dangerous and immature was the thought of attacking Pakistan in a war. Ravish Kumar of NDTV ran a show proving why India should not go on war. All these statements were just heart-breaking for the warrior families as none of the journalists who promoted ‘peace and love’ were ready to follow the same when attacked personally on social media. All these peace lovers suddenly became violent and wanted to teach the online abusers a lesson. This showed that these journalists also didn’t consider the dead soldiers as their own family members.

अहिंसा परमं धर्मः

Non-Violence is Ultimate Responsibility

The liberal media that tries to save all terrorist/separatists activities in India preached non-violence to people when they were enraged. They tried to save terrorist and showed many reasons not to attack Pakistan. (But after Nirbhaya it was the same media that was baying for blood). The media that slams all religious innuendos at the slightest possible opportunity, all of a sudden became preachers of non-violence – a core Hindu philosophy. India was the one country that preached non-violence to the world. The roots of Buddhism and Jainism both are in India and both these religions talk about ahimsa or non-violence. Even Hindus talk about shunning all forms of violence.

So, the question arises why so much of ‘intolerance’ by some (mostly the Hindutva promoters)? Well, to understand that in simple terms one needs to read and understand Bhagavat Geeta. Another religious scripture of Hindus that inspired Arjuna to fight against his own family members. We also need to understand that Ahimsa or non-violence maybe the absolute (or ultimate) Dharma (responsibility), but that is the ideal situation. When the situation is not ideal, then it is our dharma (responsibility) to take up weapons.

..and who in India does not know this श्लोक shloka from Upanishad (thanks to a popular Hindi serial Mahabharata this is also popular today) –

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत ।

अभ्युत्थान- मधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम्- ॥

परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम्- ।

धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे ॥

Meaning – whenever the world becomes sinful, I (the god) take birth and safeguard the ‘good’ and destroy the evil. So, it is important that when sin increases in the world, good people come together to fight against evil.

Entitled Civilians – Indifferent to Ultimate Male Sacrifice

But if these actions and statements from politicians and journalists were not enough, the cruellest and most derogatory statements came from our civilians. And they were not few in numbers. In fact, there were quite a few Indians who started shaming Indian Army and raised questions of why the dead soldiers are called ‘martyrs’ as they are paid to die in war. An overwhelming majority of such comments came from Bengali women and almost all comments were from either Bengali and Malayali women (the two Indian hubs of communism for a long time). There were some Indian and Bangladeshi Muslims were also seen celebrating the death of Indian soldiers.

Hindu women claimed that India’s freedom fighters like Sukhdev, Bhagat Singh, Surya Sen, Khudiram Bose etc. were not paid by anyone for their fight for India’s freedom, so when they died in the hands of the British, they were called ‘martyrs’; but why should the present day Jawans get the same status when they are paid ‘heavily’ to die in war. Many Bengali women raised the question that the Army personnel ‘enjoy’ many benefits throughout their life and so when they die in war, why should we civilians show remorse at all?

Initially, I thought these accounts were fake Pakistani profiles but I was surprised to see all of them being real ones. That shook my entire belief system so much that I could not sleep for days. The anger, disbelief, irritation, shame everything engulfed my emotions and I could not react to this for days. These statements were the most insensitive statements I have ever heard in my life and I could not believe that the society had become so highly misandrist one. Hence it is important to focus on this issue and elaborate on why our soldiers’ sacrifice is no way less compared to that of our freedom fighters.

Feminists always try to use men to their advantage

Getting Paid Vs Being a Patriot

It is indeed true that the dedication our freedom fighters have shown was immense and being born in a free India, we can’t even evaluate their sacrifice. However, we also need to understand that being born in a foreign ruled country and having seen the torture and discrimination in the hands of some foreigners adds that extra passion in every civilian’s mind to earn the freedom. Many of those brave hearts didn’t fight to enjoy freedom, but they have fought until death so that their next generations could enjoy freedom. They didn’t have any other option but to fight or to die in the hands of the British.

As we understand earning freedom needs great sacrifice, if we think that retaining freedom is any less difficult, we will be mistaken. It is never easy to maintain freedom even in an imaginary world where all countries are peace-loving. This is because there are so many parameters to life today. A nation that has earned its freedom, may soon lose it in various other ways. So, it is important to maintain overall peace and progress in the country. Otherwise, even the country’s own financial weakness or low productivity issues can destroy a country.

When we talk about internal peace and progress of a country, it is not possible when we have militant neighbours like Pakistan and China. So, it is always important to keep the borders safe so that people inside the country can live peacefully and think about overall progress. This is not possible without the valiant contribution from the men in uniform guarding our borders. It is because they are dying in the borders, we can continue to go to debates or give a special lecture on their death, otherwise, we would have to suffer the same fate as theirs.

The reason civilians’ comments about their pay and benefits is shameful is that these civilians don’t realize and appreciate this highest sacrifice from men in uniform. It is this country’s responsibility to take all possible care to this army personnel because they fight for the country, they save all people irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or sexuality. They save civilians not only during war and from foreign aggressors, but they also save us from natural calamities by endangering their lives. They are ready to lay down their lives for the cause of the country every moment without thinking twice.

Soldiers – Dedication More Than Salary

We also need to understand that these soldiers are not paid ‘heavily’ as some jobless entitled females from Bengal may think. As a country, we are supposed to take all care of them because they are serving the country and not any individual. Also, we need to understand, they are not going on foreign trips to spend their money, rather they live and die a humble life.

That is the difference between these soldiers with highly paid doctors and engineers who go on frequent foreign trips to enjoy their lives. Also, if soldiers do that at all, we as civilians should not bother because it is their ‘right’ to enjoy their lives.

We also need to understand that being a soldier is not easy. You can’t be a soldier just because you are jobless. You need years of preparation and dedication for that. Unless one has the right abilities, one can’t become a soldier. You can become a doctor or an Engineer by paying money, but not a soldier. So, we need to understand that without proper dedication for being a soldier knowing fully well that one can die any moment, it is not possible to become a soldier.

Also, the self-determination of one person is not enough to make a soldier. It is his family’s determination as well. When a family sends their son to the warfront knowing fully well that he may not return at all, we need to salute their patriotism to sacrifice for the country rather than raising a question about the ‘benefits’ our soldiers ‘enjoy’. When you compare this determination with that of a family that wants their kid to become a doctor or an engineer, you will find that the latter is not comparable at all. Because their kid is not signing on his own death warrant by joining any of those professions.

There is one more reason why such derogatory comments from the civilians are extremely distasteful. Today the warfare is more of covert warfare rather than a war against a known enemy. The suicide bombers, sleeper cells are not a visible enemy. They are covert threats that no one knows for sure when and where will strike. This is the reason a soldier’s life is even more dangerous today and their sacrifice is noteworthy.  For example, in case of any attack like Pulwama, it is not possible for the soldiers to know in advance what lies ahead. So, they are almost blindly embracing death every moment of their life and hence we should be extremely grateful and only grateful for their sacrifice.

Soldiers – Not Afraid to Die

Those who started preaching peace immediately after the Pulwama attack, need to understand that you as civilians may be afraid of death, but the one who has signed his death bond by being a soldier is not afraid. For him, his motherland comes first. That is why we the civilians who are afraid of death can’t really judge their sentiments. When their companions die in espionage, talking peace to them is nonsense when we ourselves don’t follow that policy in our lives. NDTV anchor Ravish Kumar in a viral video said, will you try fighting with a miscreant whose only job is to create disturbance in your life or will you mind your other businesses and maintain peace. You will know that it is clear bullshit when you know he himself will not follow this principle when attacked personally. When he has a threat to his life.

Our reactions to different enemies are different. When the enemy is bigger and mightier than us, we try other ways including garnering support and talking shit like peace. But not when the enemy is smaller. Because if immediately after the death of our soldiers we start talking about peace, that shows our weakness and bolsters the morale of the terrorists. So, peace (ahimsa) can be a greater achievable goal for a long term but is nonsense in a shorter term.

The question is, those who show patriotism by showing concern for soldiers’ death, it is always those who talk about giving a fitting reply or going on a surgical strike etc. It is unlikely that they don’t understand that such frontal warfare will not have any loss for their own soldiers. But still it becomes the country’s responsibility to open the warfront if needed, otherwise, terrorism doesn’t stop.

It becomes important at that instance of the outbreak of terrorism to dishearten terrorists and deter them from any such action in the future. There is also a question of keeping our soldiers’ morale on high ground and to show solidarity with them. Because in wars, moral power is equally important than one’s physical strength. We as civilians, who are afraid to die in war can at least help keep their morale high and show solidarity with them in whatever way possible. This is because no country will ever launch an attack with another sovereign country simply because its countrymen want to go on war. These decisions will always be taken by experts. As civilians we can only stop criticizing the forces in the need of the hour, leave alone talking about their salary and benefits to die.

Those Who Criticize

It is also the time to ask those who dare to criticize soldiers as ‘paid workers trained to die in war’, if they will ever sacrifice their life for anyone. These civilians enjoy all benefits and take those for granted. In today’s world when a mother is killing her own children for her lust, in a world when children are killing their parents for acquiring their property, in a world where selfishness is reigning supreme in everyone and no one is ready to sacrifice even smaller things in life, how can anyone question the highest level of sacrifice made by these men in uniform?

It needs real courage, selfless dedication and patriotism to become a soldier. What is the meaning of education, if these so-called educated individuals raise a question about our soldiers’ contribution do not understand these basic things? Why should we call these ‘humans’ when they don’t have minimum humane values? Why should we as a society tolerate such individuals? Why shouldn’t we terminate them readily?

Why Men’s Rights

It is evident from the discussion above that even the highest level of sacrifice from men is looked down upon in India. From the reactions we have seen from all quarters only a misandrist attitude was evident. Male sacrifice is not only undermined but also taken for granted by society. People are no more grateful for such great sacrifice, rather they show hatred towards these men. This proves the growing influence of the feminist virus that spread male hatred so much that men are only used by society to die. This warrants for immediate surging of a great male rights agenda that everyone needs to follow and uphold. If anything India needs at the moment, that is a very strong men’s rights movement and extremely dedicated MRAs to restore the lost respect of Indian males.


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  1. I cannot agree more with you Partha… Feminism is the virus which have made almost all of us impotent to face any danger with stoicism because after psychologists are now terming stoicism as toxic masculinity.

    I would say, if feminists can imagine unreal oppression to start a gender war, why shouldn’t we start a real war to weed out impotent, incapable, blabbering, screen-space occupying leftists, feminists, peaceful tribesmen and women who are perennially afraid of war.

    Because when there is natural stress (survival at stake situation) all the creatures of comfort & technology will start begging for alms and would melt out. Let’s see how feminism survive that situation in any meaningful way.


    • Agree with you. This is because MRAs are not interested. This happened because Indian MRM has made some people as leaders without any contribution. This is the reason I came out as I saw no progress or no willingness to change anything.


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