BiggBoss12 – Week 1 Was About Inherent Misandry


Salman Khan on Bigg Boss Season 12 on Colors TV


The Season 12 of Bigg Boss with Salman Khan as the host is the current buzz in social media. Colors TV is successful in keeping the netizens hooked to the series and I can say that for sure because I am being the one who never watched the previous series; have also started watching it now. One very strong reason for watching is that some of us MRAs were invited to be on Bigg Boss this year. While I decided not to go because I do not like showing off and do not believe that MRM is about showing off at all, some others went for the auditions. So, my reason for watching the series was to understand how much misandry I would have had to tolerate in smiling face inside the house if selected.

In normal eyes, BiggBoss12 may seem to be a normal show but we MRAs somehow sniff out misandry (either covert or overt) and get really angry over it, as we understand the long-term consequences of this subtle hatred. Today, I am going to tell you what I have observed in week 1, i.e. the week ending 23rd September.

Misandry In Anup – Jasleen Relation

Whether it is a scripted story by the Colors channel for BIggBoss12 (because Jasleen’s family and friends didn’t know of her relationship with Anupji before this show) or a desperate attempt of Jasleen to rise to fame by creating a controversy, if anyone was hurt in this is Anup Jalota ji. Anupji is made fun of everywhere and there are viral videos mocking his relationship. We have seen this initially inside the house as well. Anupji is called names, his memes going viral and since he is already a celebrity, it’s his image that is being tarnished. There is a video showing how he is flirting with other women in the BiggBoss house, whereas those actions might be only fatherlike gestures. Even though a comparison can be drawn with Priyanka Chopra’s recent marriage, but Priyanka is not shamed like Anupji.

When Indian women do not find Indian men attractive anymore and they want to marry abroad (like celebrities started doing), the question is, is Jasleen’s so-called love driven by Anupji’s fame? As a society can we be blind towards this as ‘their personal matter’? Probably not, because when the debate on India’s rape law was raged, and it was discussed whether sex on the promise of marriage should be considered as ‘rape’, then it was told if the age gap is very high then it should be considered as ‘rape’. Question is, even if we don’t care about what happens to Anupji, what about the wrong message sent to the masses and what about other men who are termed as rapists and whose name is being registered in India’s ‘first sexual offenders registry’? Can we simply ignore this as their personal matter? Probably not. We also can’t ignore the prevailing misandry in the thought process of our law makers. None of them, of course, takes responsibility for anything.

Volunteering For Imprisonment – Mockery of Falsely Accused Males

The week 1 of Bigg Boss season 12, also showed three participants (Karanveer, Romil, and Nirmal) choosing to go to jail in order to save women. Karanveer though thought Deepika should have gone to jail, volunteered to go to jail just to save a woman. Karanveer’s explanation that he ‘more than respects women’ etc. sounded more of self-hatred. Romil and Nirmal also decided to go to jail mostly on their own. Romil worked a lot in the house and wanted to take some ‘rest’ in jail.

However, all this self-sacrifice may sound nice but for real victims of falsely accused males, this was a shocker. These men might not have understood the repercussions of going to jail but this symbolic voluntary imprisonment sent a wrong signal to those falsely accused prisoners. It tells them to accept such misandry in the open heart. In this case, contestants’ life and limb were not under threat, neither was their future jeopardized, so they wouldn’t have realized the pain of thousands of falsely accused prisoners every year.

Karanveer’s desperate explanation of how much he respects women, only showed that a man has no option but to become a feminist when in trouble. He needed to show how great a woman worshipper he was in order to safeguard his position in the house. However, in a similar situation, a woman wouldn’t have felt sorry (for snatching flowers from another man’s hand when the man says, ‘don’t you dare touch me’).

Jasleen’s T’Shirt – Future is Female

There is no denying that an episode like Bigg Boss, season 12, can’t go without feminist tinge from the women participants. In this, Jasleen wore a T’shirt with the message ‘Future is Female’ was written. In other words, ‘kill all men’ because the future is females. In a world when men have built almost everything saying ‘Future is Female’ is not only highly misandric in nature but shows the reality of modern women. They get educated in male hatred and keep teaching misandry to others and create hatred against males like Jasleen did.

Question is, if future is female, then why is she dating a male when the futuristic female-to-female relations are also legalized now and female judges in Supreme Court are ready to feel sorry for generations of such people?

Anupji’s Punishment

Anupji’s torture chamber punishment in the BiggBoss12 house was another incident that showed how wrong decisions driven by our subtle misandry can lead men to face public wrath. When he was trusted with the responsibility of selecting the leader of the house, the house needed to have the required respect for him, not only for his age but also for his decision-making ability.

Even though Anupji didn’t mind the punishment at all and it was all part of a game (sportsman spirit), the result was men were victimized and women were rewarded (made leaders).

Sreeshant Taking Responsibility of Team’s Failure

It was probably one of the best sportsmanship we have seen from former Indian Cricket team player. Only a team player can show this kind of spirit. In fact, the simple rule of thumb of managing any team for a leader is to take all blame on his shoulders and accept the punishment. Similarly, a good leader is always supposed to entrust the team for all successes. That way Sreeshant’s taking responsibility for his team’s (singles team) failure in the sui-dhaga (needle-thread) challenge should be a great example of sportsman spirit. But when we knew from Deepika (as explained to Salman on the Weekend ki Vaar) that he took the responsibility on his shoulders because the ‘other team members were all women’, we know how his internal misandry had driven his decision.

The very fact that Sreesanth’s decision was driven not by his great leadership qualities but because of the gender of his teammates, makes us believe that if other members of his team were males, he might as well have blamed them instead.


There is no denying that BiggBoss12 with Salman Khan showed us a lot of subtle and explicit misandry in different forms. Even Salman has noticed it. In his Weekend ki Vaar episode, Salman has noted the same. He told that if in previous seasons women were sent to prison, then why not this season? A direct factor that I can see is the ‘indirect effect of MRA teams in the auditions’. By seeing them, the male contestants in the BiggBoss12 show would have tried to be more chivalrous and caring to women. It is in a way good for MRAs that none of them were selected in this show. None of them could have changed anything in the house, rather the unnecessary showoff of caring for women by other males would have increased. There could have been a competition among alpha male attendees to show how much they cared for women. That would have been a nightmare for MRAs (if they really cared for the cause) for tolerating all that. This is another reason I rejected the invitation.



  1. I guess its better not to participate in any such shows….most of Alphas are least bothered about common men suffering…and its they who are promoting feminism….or misandry in the societies and …forcing men to feel ashamed of their gender..and when they gets their ass kicked…they just settle it by paying hefty money and keeps doing their misandrous act..recently i observed hoarding in Kolkata…”AJJ DURGA DHORSHITO…LOJJITO”…..and not the other way around….

    Whatch out for durga puja pandals…which will be fill with feminist sheet…misandry…wimen centric theme….how as a man we are letting our women down…and take moral responsibility and die


  2. One of the Malayalam channels also telecast such a Big Boss program and the host is a super star. It has become so easy now to promote misandry through such sub-standard programs.


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