Abuse In G D Birla School – How POCSO Was Amended

How POCSO is getting amended
How POCSO is Amended

First Kailash Satyarthi went on a Bharat Yatra protesting Child Sexual Abuse in India.

Then, his appearance in KBC on 6th Nov and speaking about the high rate of child sexual abuse in India and adult men mainly responsible for child sexual abuse.

How Kailash Satyarthi Painted A Wrong Picture of Child Sexual Abuse

Then, on Nov 20, 2017, a meeting of National Commission For Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) to decide on bringing in ‘Broad-based strategy’ to prevent these crimes from happening.

On 28th Nov 2017, a public notice issued by NCPCR to get suggestions from everyone to suitably amend the provisions of POCSO Act to ‘Prevent’ these crimes from happening.

Then on 1st Dec 2017, allegations leveled against two teachers of G D Birla school, Kolkata of sexually abusing a three-year-old child and subsequent demand of removing all-male staff from schools along with demand for the death penalty of the accused.

Bus aab bahut ho gaya’ – Did you sign that petition demanding death penalty of the accused in Kolkata G D Birla case?  A special account was created only for this petition and it was an overwhelming success even if you have missed signing it.

When sufficient public opinion was generated and people were all up against two accused even before completion of trial and when the society (I mean you) demanded death penalty for those accused, …..

Another petition came through. This petition informed people that NCPCR is seeking public opinion to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse. This petition was created on 5th December 2017, when the society was on a high on vengeance.

Is it just too much coincidence that everything fell into place in an organized manner?

How justified is it to amend a law with the public opinion given in vengeance? This petition, another great success went viral on our emotions, saw comments seeking death penalty of the accused.

So, did you join the bandwagon of people in demanding death penalty for child sexual abuse?

To Hang The Rapist Campaigners

From a 2007 report of WCD ministry on Child Sexual Abuse, (no such report available for a later date) the report that Kailash Satyarthi misrepresented in KBC, gives you the details of child sexual abusers whom you just wanted to kill. Let’s have a look at whom you wanted to kill in outrage –

Persons Sexually Assaulting Children

Persons assaulting children sexually
Persons Sexually Assaulting Children

10% of these abusers are Cousins (males and females) and 29% are friends. So totally 39% of these abusers may be juveniles themselves who may not even understand their crime. As a society that needs to reform these children, you just wanted their death penalty. Chances are, many of you have given same recommendation to NCPCR.

Forcing to Exhibit

Persons Forcing Children To Exhibit Private Parts

You demanded death penalty for abusers of whom a total of 58.7% may be juveniles. Since your emotions were running high on Kolkata case, you might have thought you were trying to punish some criminals but paved the way to kill our own children who needed reforms, NOT punishment.

Persons Forcing to Fondle

Touch Body parts

You just demanded death penalty for another 56.3% children who may just be curious about sexual matters rather than being sexual abusers. Not many can manage their dangerous teenage and you have given them death penalty for being ignorant or may be curious. In one hand, as a society, you have created a high sexual environment through the promotion of feminist propaganda of #MyChoice and on the other hand, you created a way to punish them, yes, our future generation.

 Forcible Kissing

Forcible Kissing

If you demanded death penalty for child sexual abusers, you just wanted to kill 52% of these children including girls.

Do you think the so-called Child Rights Advocates that now include you as well, are really working for child rights? Do they want the welfare of our children or just want to create some panic in society for ‘Other Reasons’??

These child rights advocates were nowhere to be seen when the JJ Act was amended and our juveniles were made rapists and to be eligible to be tried as adults in rape cases. That paved the way to even 12-year-old boys to be made as rapists on mere allegation.

How A 12-yr Old Boy Became A Rapist

So, what changes shall we expect now in POCSO Act?

Since the question is about preventing the crime from happening and since schools is in the top of our minds, expect all-male staff to be removed first from nursery schools, and then from primary and secondary (girls and co-ed) schools as well. Some male staff may remain in boys’ schools. So that will necessarily mean fewer job opportunities or job losses for male staff, and….most importantly feminists will have a free hand in introducing feminist lessons VERY EARLY in our children’s life.

Also, we can expect some structural biases like assuming a man guilty if he is present on the spot and is being accused; or stopping access of all males to children schools or introducing feminist guided education to rotten the brains of our children very early in their life. Additionally, since a majority of child sexual abusers are also children, you just awarded death penalty to those children who needed reforms instead.

Child sexual abuse is a crime of a very serious nature. However, there is a chance of mistake in understanding diaper rashes as sexual abuse. Like what happened in a Bangalore school in December 2014 that seized Bangalore for nearly a month.

What Really Happened in Bangalore School in 2014

Based on emotions from the G D Birla School case, if you have demanded death penalty of the accused, you have just paved a way for more children being in jail under child sexual abuse rather than getting reformed. Like what happened to a 12-yr old recently.


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