The Lies Kailash Satyarthi Told In KBC

If you have watched the Grand Finale of Kaun Banega Crorepati on Sony Entertainment Television (SET) today on 6th November 2017, you would have started believing by now, that Indian men, especially fathers are rapists and they are indiscriminately raping their daughters. Nobel peace prize winner Kailash Satyarthi who came on the show made everyone feel so. Coupled with Kailashji’s half-truths was Amitabh’s shocking reactions could have already made India a country of rapists and Kailash Satyarthi a messaiah of children next to god.

Why I Do Not Believe Kailash Satyarthi

Until a few days, ago many like me would have thought of him likewise. But this grand finale of KBC has opened my eyes and exposed Kailash Satyarthi as a blatant liar or should I say someone who spoke half-truths in a way to make us believe something which is completely opposite to the truth.

Kailashji (I am feeling ashamed to give him any respect for his lies, but he has won Nobel prize and I did not), told a bunch of stories of how girls are raped by their family members and named fathers, uncle, fathers friends etc. as rapists. He projected an image that every other Indian man (except him and Amitabh of course who can tell plain lies on camera) as rapists.

He told stories of his rescue operation and told sordid tales supposed to have told by rescued girls about how they were raped every now and then (as a gift as well as a punishment). We have no way to find out if those stories are true or his imagination for earning TRP for KBC (or some other award for himself). But what exposed him was when he tried to state some statistics.

Kailashji’s Misinterpretation of Data

He told, 10 years ago GOI did a survey and found 53% Indian girls and boys are raped by their family members. And then gave examples of how GIRLS are raped by their known male family members. Now it is not a complete lie but is half-truth like ‘Ashwathama Hata….Iti Gaja’ story of Mahabharata. For those who cried for our girls, for those males who felt ashamed to be males after his words that have made our men rapists (except some liars like him), let me show you the data that he was referring to in the drama called KBC.

This survey was done Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD) in the year 2007 (Study on Child Abuse in India). Here are the data pertaining to violence on children –

Clearly, Indian fathers aren’t the most dreaded creatures. It was found in the survey that it is the mothers who abuse their children the most. And..

Sec 6.2 Page # 75

the 53% child victim of sexual abuse were boys and not girls. In fact, the sexual abuse of girls was found to be less compared to that of the boys in that WCD survey. But Kailash Satyarthi has made it look like it is the girls who are getting raped and it is Indian fathers who are abusing their children most.

Why Kailashji’s Statement Is Dangerous

The reason this is a serious lie and very harmful for this society is that if a person like him can get Nobel Prize, and if he is still rescuing our boys we get scared to think of the safety of those boys under him or his organization. As a nation, our head stoops in shame for having such low-grade Nobel Laurette among us.

What kind of reform will a man like him bring on this earth, when he can’t speak the truth? When he can misrepresent data like this, what is the veracity of other stories told by him? Why should we trust him at all?

Kailash Satyarthi on KBC Grand Finale


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    • मेरा केबीसी पर सत्यार्थी के झूठ के पुलिंदों से खून खौल रहा था। आप के आर्टिकल से यह जानकर कि वो अधिकांश झूठ बोल रहा था मन को कुछ शांति मिली। आज की दुनियां में अगर आप का झूठ लच्छेदार है तो आप कई पुरस्कार प्राप्त कर सकते हैं।
      ऐसे झूठों का ऐसे ही परदा फाश होना चाहिए।


  1. You are trying to manipulate the truth…you are trying to fight feminism…it doesn’t matter if you’re right…majority has the power….higher power prevails over the lesser…i appreciate that these sites keep enlightening men to reality…but outside of internet,it’s foolish to even try to bring up a society that is doomed…you are trying to fight the truth which you should accept actually…help men by educating and listening to their problem but trying to fight the government or society is wrong…you will eventually find it hard way…good men are incredibly outnumbered by bad men…ignorance is greatly exceeded by knowledge…the poison has been spread everywhere….i know its not the appropriate place to say this but its your ignorance that keeps you trying to manipulate the truth…you blame woman for feminism but root of feminism is ignorance of men…it’s a instigated war on men vs men by women….what you need to find is what caused this ignorance…the truth is in Buddhism…i hope you consider once the Buddha teachings…and stop trying to do what’s not possible…well I have already decided to live in solitude already..i hope you find your peace too….or this loop can continue forever …


  2. For clarification of yours, Buddha was against gender equality…..buddha,s (Gautam Siddharth) mother died after 7 days of giving him birth…gautam was then brought up by his mother’s sister who took good care of him….but after his enlightenment, he started expounding dharma to all men that wished to know and desired….though he was against women joining men in this path…after Buddha mother (one that brought her up) requested him to be allowed to learn his teachings like men were, BUDDHA DENIED HER NOT ONCE NOT TWICE MANY TIMES , GIVING THE SAME REASON ” LET IT NOT PLEASE YOU THAT WOMEN SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO DO SO ” …buddha mother along with other women followed Buddha requesting him again and again only to hear the Same answer… women were not able to convince him ( even his own mother)…women were however able to convince Buddha favourite disciple ananda – who had Rights to ask Buddha and clear any of his doubts because of the loyal service to Buddha… Ananda melted at the sight of women having walked bare foot long way only to be denied …he fell weak to women tears, and Buddha mother made him promise to request Buddha on his own if ananda respected her as a mother…emotional ananda asked Buddha how was he so numb to the request of women (one of them his own mother) and that he should show some mercy… Buddha did not melt …then ananda asked him what is the reason that the enlightened one has fall deaf ears to them and the lord of mercy has denied all request of them?? Is something wrong? Are women not capable of enlightenment…buddha answer was – THEY ARE CAPABLE OF REALISING SAINTSHIP…..ananda then requested Buddha to give permission to women to renounce the world like men and enter the homeless state under the doctrine proclaimed by Buddha…buddha then said if and only if they accept the eight chief rules and let that be reckoned to them as a form of their ordination….and those chief rules were – NOT GENDER NEUTRAL…THESE ARE MY FACTS BROTHER…even Buddha didn’t believe in gender equality…


    • Lord Buddha said that women can’t be enlightened if they have to enlighten then they have to reborn as a man.
      That is why he never wanted to allow women in sangha.
      He had also said that if a person performs good deeds in his life then he is born as man and person performs bad deeds then he is born as woman.
      Even in Jainism, same rules are there.


  3. Kailash S is a Liar.

    He has trodden down, an the Sacramento institution of Parenthoid, and made it a stepping stone for his personal gain.

    He is a fraud.

    For personal gain, he showed his video of Yatra, much like the Autocratic Chief ministers of india do.

    He is Sordid.
    We should file a PIL against him u/ Sec 32 and 226 and get him to retract.

    Let people like him not benefit from his lies and planting seeds of illwill in young children.

    KBC was at fault on narrating such a show. AB, you have made an error. Sir, you need to make amends with India. And parents of India.


  4. Denial does not change reality.By publishing statistics which are never accurate but indicates trends.Most of sexual abuse in the society is carried out by close relatives. By accusing him a liar without proper investigation you are standing alo e on a denial and defensive and rotten society.


    • Not sure if that anonymous comment was for me. If yes, do you understand the difference between trying to bring in reforms or address a social issue compared to creating sensation out of something. In this case it may be for his Bharat Ratna as well.


  5. only one question mr parthasadhukhan or whoever you are, i challange you show me the part where kailash ji said – ALL FATHERS ARE RAPISTS or MOST OF THE FATHERS ARE RAPISTS


    • Do you understand how public opinion is created. Did you even understand what I said here? Did even understand what I meant by giving example of ‘Ashwathama Hata…iti Gaja’? He told a juicy story of a father raping a daughter and she begging etc. Do you understand what kind of impression it created? Any normal person who doesn’t know about these data or statistics, will think daughters as most raped and fathers as rapists. Read the next article and you will know the details of sexual assault, to have a better understanding.


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