I Was A Male Feminist But Will Avoid Marriage After ‘Marital Rape’

‘Marital Rape’ hype by feminists are making more male feminists nervous about marriage. No woman can be trusted now.

Male feminist vows not to marry if ‘rape’ is introduced in marriage –

Male Feminist Comment on Marital Rape

Hi Partha,

First of all, I appreciate your effort in pinpointing the sorry state of our country affected by feminism. I am following your blog for several months and strongly feel the articles are well deserved. Now, feminism has become more and more vicious and those following this ‘ism’ are more engaged in spreading misandry. Some years back, I was also a male feminist, who believed feminism is needed in our society. Then later, I came to read more articles on the same and found the ‘ism’ mainly points its fingers on men, spreads misandry, seems to fight against the so-called monster, ‘patriarchy’, and so on. Whatever wrongdoings did by women are also depicted as a result of patriarchy. Now all we are seeing the real face of this movement. In short, we can simply say that the main slogan of feminism is “women are always right and men are always waste”. And all these are in the name of ‘equality’!

Now, I am sorry to say, but I strongly feel this ‘marriage rape’ law will be passed in the nearest future. If that happens, surely I will keep away from all marriage proposals. Why should a man spoil his life for the sake of society or for the whims of his family? It’s so hard to live under the threat of such laws which are highly misused. After all, the purpose of life is nothing but “to live”.

When our fellow men will rise to stand against such legal harassment?

Note: There is a quote in Bible – “It is good for a man not to have sexual relations with a woman”. Even that I am not that much religious, now I understood well the meaning of this sentence!

Keep on going. Have a nice day!


Is this ‘marital rape’ hype really in favor of women?


  1. Dear Partha,

    Thanks for accepting my view points. As pointed out in my first comment, I “was” a male feminist, but not now.

    The topmost 3 reasons for any male feminists to quit this ism are:

    (1) It doesn’t consider men as part of the human race. According to feminism, other than women & LGBTQ (recently added), there exist only ‘rapists’, ‘abusers’, etc. And all these labels are well reserved for the half of human race – men!

    (2) An idea or movement which spreads half bacon truths and lies cannot make any positive change in our society.

    (3) The concept of Patriarchy and Privilege, as illustrated by feminists, is not well suited in this modern world. But they need to promote feminism as a fight against patriarchy simply because without patriarchy, feminism is just a cart without wheels.

    Think well before supporting such movements.

    Wish you all a Happy Suicide Prevention Day!


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