Homecoming of Terror with House of Cards

House of Cards
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“” – I do not care, and I also do not care about your investigative committees

– I am on my way to the funeral of an American patriot

– A good man, a husband…

– A father, who was beheaded on American soil

– And this chamber chooses to debate me?””

When is the last time you have seen any global leader talk like that in any parliament in favor of a man defying the Speaker? Well, hearing those words in the midst of strong opposition from opposition leaders was like a music in this widespread misandry. This is how the Season 5 of House of Cards starts.

To those who are wondering what I am referring to, here is the good news – Frank Underwood is coming to India with the television premiere of House Of Cards Season 5 on Saturday, 3rd June, 5 PM onwards, only on Zee Café. A series that gives us a brutal truth of global politics and power.

For the fans of the series there may be no novelty in that drama but for anyone else, this brings surprise and shock. And that is what has been the USP of this series. Shock, surprise, cheating, crime, terror and above all a quality show to keep you glued to your TV.

Really politics is so unpredictable!!

Season 5 of House of Cards starts with an intense parliamentary debate where the President of The United States of America was pushing the country for a war. A war against terrorism, a war against the ICO terrorists who had just killed an American patriot, a husband, a father John Miller. In the previous episode (the last one of season 4) we have seen how John Miller was killed and how the President had negotiated the safe release of two other captives the wife and the daughter of Miller.

We were fascinated by the steel nerves of Frank Underwood in the previous episode. The unyielding attitude of a global leader, the razor-sharp negotiation skills and the built up tension during the negotiation process with ICO terrorists kept our blood pumping in the previous episode. Frank showed a strong resolve to fight against terror and gave a clear message to the terrorists. But when the negotiation came to keeping at least one hostage in lieu of safe return of Al Ahmadi, the alleged leader of ICO terrorists; the president wanted the release of two women and not the patriotic man.

Then what was wrong? If John was a patriot, a good man and was supposed to be close to the President then why did he ask for the release of his wife and daughter when the negotiating terrorist wanted to keep a woman with them as a hostage? Didn’t it also show male disposability in global politics? This showed that no matter how important men are for a state, a state can always sacrifice men for a comparatively less or not so important female.

At one hand when in chapter 52 we have seen how the president pushed John Miller to death by declaring war against ICO, on the other hand, he tried to justify his declaration of war based on the same killing. There was intense politics throughout. And how can we forget his discussion with the First Lady, Claire where she proposed the concept of creating fear in people’s mind. A strong weapon to distract them from real problems –

– I am done trying to win over people’s hearts

– Let’s attack their hearts

– We can work with fear

– Yes we can“

I am sure feminist scholars who claim women leaders to be more compassionate in crisis situations will sulk with this. Real Power and Politics seem to disagree with them.

So Frank Underwood, the man who had pushed John Miller to death in the previous episode, fights for his justice in the next and pushes the whole country to war. And we know this war was not for justice for Miller but for his own political gain. To distract people from the allegations against him. This is brutal, honest political truth today.

But what happens after the parliamentary debate? Do the country go to war or the opposition could successfully thwart President’s political agenda? This will be revealed in the upcoming episodes of House of Cards Season 5 on Zee Café from 3rd June at 5 pm.


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