This Woman Used Her Lover To Kill Husband, What Happened Next Will Blow Your Mind

Manua Mazumdar (Source)

The woman in picture conspired with her lover to kill her husband but as their conspiracy was unearthed by the police the events took even uglier turn details of which will blow your mind.

According to news, Manua Majumdar (in the picture) married to businessman Anupam Singh of Barasat, West Bengal around one and half years ago. They were in a relationship for six years before getting married. But after getting married she also started another affair with Ajit Ray.

This cold-blooded murder in Barasat has created huge tension in the area as the details emerging of this case has shocked everyone. According to the details, Manua continued her illicit affair with her college life beau Ajit even after her marriage. Ajit was from a very poor family and in his confession, he said that Manua confirmed many times that she loved him and not was worried about his poor status. Manua claimed to Ajit that her parents had forcefully got her married to Anupam to make Ajit fall into her trap.

According to reports, Manua had not only made the complete murder plan of Anupam but also taught Ajit when and how to kill Anupam. This plan was made after Anupam came to know about Manua’s illicit affair and protested against that.

According to their plan, Ajit made a call to Manua’s alternate mobile number so that she could hear Anupam wail as he died. To make sure that she is not accused of this crime she went to her parents’ house beforehand. However, when the police team could find out that alternate number they could trace it to her and detailed questioning revealed the chilling adultery and murder case details.

The investigating team remained extremely shocked to see how she could execute her murder plan in an extremely cool mind. Even after the murder, she was unfazed and calm so that the investigating team never gets to her.

But what happened during her second remand had shocked everyone including the investigating officer. As she could understand that police had cracked the case and she would be punished for murder, she wanted to become a witness for the state and demanded hanging of her lover Ajit. She thought that she would be spared if she did that. Later the investigating team confirmed that she could not get that opportunity as she is the prime accused in this case.

One ray of hope in this whole cruel case is when the accused were produced in Barasat court in West Bengal, people from Anupam’s area gathered in the court and the lawyer who was praying for leniency in punishment for Manua was beaten up by people.

As Manua Mazumdar could understand that police had cracked the case and she would be punished for murder, she wanted to become a witness for the state and demanded hanging of her lover Ajit. She thought that she would be spared if she did that.

There are many lessons we learn from this case. The most important lesson is that a husband needs to be extremely careful and worried about his life when he informs his wife that he knows about her illicit affair. This should never be done without much caution and without taking expert help from a good MRA. A possible way out of this is to part ways at the earliest and any good MRA or group can advise on that. Without caution, they run the risk of getting killed.

The other important lesson is for the men like Ajit who think that killing a husband and getting married to the woman will bring all happiness in their life. Women who can cheat on the husband, plan to kill him and then execute that plan in cold blood can’t be trusted at all.


A strict punishment to these women is only possible when men stop getting manipulated by these criminals and identify and isolate them early in their life.



  1. Aise ladies ko phaansi se Kam saja nahi honi chaahiye Bahot dukh ki baat hai ki iske against me samaaj ka ya media ka koi bara aandolan nahi hua


  2. Pls note this one more shocking-case also

    16th May, 2017, Puducherry:
    The married Bengali-woman ‘Jayanthi Prasad’ & her parmour/lover (2nd one after marriage) ‘Sheik Peer Mohammed’ 36, assistant of her industrialist-husband hatched a plan to murder her husband ‘Vivek Prasad’. Police said the greedy & lusty woman wanted to grab the “family properties” & obtain Vivek’s Rs “2-crore life insurance money” by eliminating him and live with her “2nd parmour” Sheik Peer Mohammed.

    • Background :
    Vivek hailing from a well-to-do family had his love-marriage with Jayanthi. After marriage, Vivek decided to move out of West Bengal after he came to know about the illicit relationship between his wife and his assistant. He settled with his wife and 2 sons, aged 9 &10 years, in Puducherry almost a year ago. He bought an apartment in “his wife and his name”. He purchased a vast stretch of land to establish packaged water bottling unit. He hired another assistant (who turned out to be his wife’s 2nd parmour/lover). Differences of opinion cropped up between him and his wife again after he learnt that Jayanthi was having an affair with the new assistant as well ‘Sheik Mohammed’. Police also said the unchaste-wife was not keen on seeking a divorce as she was planning to grab her husband’s property!

    • Plot :
    Sheik Mohammed stabbed Vivek in the neck with a long knife as soon as he reached the site, where Vivek died instantly. Later, both attempted to divert police by enacting a drama that Vivek committed suicide.


  3. 24th June, 2017, New Delhi
    Husband slogs to earn & brings money home & with the same money wife ‘MEENAKSHI’ (mother of 2 children) goes to Gym, hits off well with a ‘personal Gym-trainer’ Abdul, gets some ‘oomph’ & obsessed with her ‘true’ love (2nd one) decides to kill her husband who so far sustained her, even the children & husband’s mother.

    • Plot :
    ‘Meenakshi’ did not look back even once while plotting to kill 8 of her family members. She sedated her in-laws, husband and children along with other family members through food. She kept the door open for her parmour Abdul at late-night, when the family were sedated to make it look like a robbery-attempt. Later, she & Abdul slit the throats of her husband and mother-in-law to clear their path to reunite themselves as ‘new love-couples’!


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