Dear Men – While You Were Busy Making Money, This Is What Happened To You

National Policy for Women poster from WCD ministry

Men – are you sure you are working for your own benefit? Are you sure the economy you want to grow actually cares for you? Are you sure that your taxes are not used against your own welfare? Because what I am going to show you now is most certainly make you realize that it is.

By now many of you might have received an email from Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD) about a National Policy for Women asking for innovative suggestions on women empowerment before 15th May.

Dear men, many of you might not have noticed that mail either because you were too busy with your work, or pre-weekend bash or probably with IPL matches. Dear money making machines of India, most of you might not have read the draft national policy link given in the mail, because you thought it was a trivial matter or something that you won’t affect you. Your disinterest in these ‘trivial’ matters is going to cost your life now.

WCD ministry knows that you men are really busy, so busy that you wouldn’t mind your self-destruction. So while you are busy making money for your loved ones, policymakers in WCD ministry have conspired against you to ensure your future is destroyed. This ministry has conspired to take away your choices of freedom while creating new ones for women.

This Ministry thinks that technological advances had made women weaker and created new challenges for their employment. So this policy creates a pathway for not only giving special training to women but also to create new reservation policies for women in country’s top-notch technology schools. So no matter how capable your son is for quality technical education, his doors to such schools may be closed under this policy.

This policy also creates skill development provision for girl students to sustain their education. This is done at a time when the Gross Enrollment Ratio in Primary and Secondary education is already 1. If you thought girls drop out more in numbers, let me tell you that several studies (including UN study) have shown adolescent girls’ dropping out of schools (secondary education) is due to unhygienic toilets or non-availability of low-cost sanitary pads. Yes, India is a poor country where in the battle of food vs. sanitary pads, food always wins. This policy talks about giving skill development training for girls at primary and pre-primary level. So our boys – the future men of India will already be disadvantaged before they join a school.

Those of you who had suffered the pain of undergoing false cases and still don’t bother because you are busy making money, you should know that this new policy also talks about training judges to be more sensitive to women criminals. As the campaign poster suggests now women criminals will be eligible for bail automatically after serving 33% of their jail term. Your money making machines may still be languishing in jails for longer periods for no crimes. So while you make a lot of money this policy will ensure your money goes to unscrupulous women and lawyers.

So for whom you are really making money? Do you know who will benefit from your money? And this policy also talks about depriving you of urgent medical care and prioritizing women suffering from life-threatening diseases like Cancer, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular diseases all of which are predominant in males. So while women already live longer, this policy will ensure that you men, the money making machines of today, don’t live any longer.

The policy also says that women suffer from more psychological problems and hence this policy will ensure better psychological care for women. This will clearly tell you how dangerous it will be to allow women to be our leaders and the making of this policy itself is one such example.

Dear men, now even getting nutrient food will be difficult for you during emergency situations. The control of quality foodgrains will be with women and women SHGs. So while you men continue to sacrifice more, you will be denied access to food and public distribution of the same. So while you continue to earn money, you will fast and die of fasting.

Those of you who are currently working as teachers or as media personnel, your jobs will be threatened first. Because the National Policy for Women talks about inducting more women in these jobs and creating policies that will debar any media to talk against women (gender sensitive language). So don’t be surprised to see women criminals elevated to the level of angels.

Do you know what will happen with all the assets you create today? Women will be given tax rebates, rate cuts, and legal provisions to snatch your property. So while you work hard and harder to achieve something, women can achieve the same with fewer efforts and probably by snatching your hard-earned assets with the help of the state. All because you guys are still sleeping.

In the name of equal pay and reducing the wage gap, this policy is set to ensure that the work burden is transferred to men from women. So while your women colleagues will continue to enjoy less working hours, flexible hours of work and less complex work assignments, you will continue to bear the brunt of the heavier workload for the same money, all because you are sleeping today.

Even worse will be the condition of our differently abled brothers. The Disabilities Act will be amended to make all clauses women-friendly. That means those of you who are differently able and working may see your jobs going away, you will see women with less disability taking up your jobs while you remain unemployed.

28 Male Hating Policies in Women policy
Male Hating Policies by WCD

Dear men, while you are still busy making money, does this policy rings a bell in you? We see many men giving innovative suggestions to the ministry on women empowerment. They are not bothered about their future. They all are paving the way to their self-destruction and yours as well. Dear Indian men, while you are busy making money, the world around you has changed a lot and will turn upside down if you don’t bother now.

Remember, a hunter will always be glorified unless the lion learns to write. So what are you waiting for?

Write to PMO today against this ministry and why this policy needs to be rolled back completely.



  1. Face it, India is a gone case. Far better to earn money and #checkout of this damaged anti-male society before it gets too bad and getting out ceases to be possible.

    I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but new anti-male legislation is passed every year. In fact, the frequency is increasing every year. The media is also hellbent on demonizing Indian men as a whole. In fact, the demonization is partially complete: Compared to just 10 years ago (2007) there is a substantial change in the attitude of the average Indian woman towards us. Just go to any Tier 1 city like Delhi and Mumbai and watch how differently Indian girls interact with white male tourists/expats and how they interact with us Indian men. Indian girls treat Indian men worse than rabid dogs in metro cities. Unfortunately this virus is spreading to smaller places too because of the massive anti-Indian male propaganda campaign.

    You MRAs forget the one big reason MRA campaigns will never achieve an iota of success here: there are more men then women. A lot more. Men have been treated as ‘disposable’ throughout history but modern Indian men are treated as the most disposable.

    And unlike Europe and United States where the rising right wing is heavily anti-feminist, in India both the right and left are in bed with them.

    Bad days are ahead for men in India…

    That’s why I suggest to all the young Indian boys in my family: get out and focus on getting a first world passport in your 20’s and early 30’s. Then come back as OCI/PIO if you want. A non-Indian passport gives you several options if the going gets too tough in India.

    I know some may call this “anti-national” thinking or anti-patriotic or call me a “desh drohi”. But what good is it serving for a country that sees you as evil incarnate? What good is it contributing to a society that sees you as a rapist until proven innocent?

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      • There is no perfect country on the planet and yes, you are right that most western countries also have anti-male laws to various degrees. Nationality is just a means to an end. You should be attached to your family, your friends, your religion etc. But being attached a single country doesn’t make sense in my worldview.

        On the whole I trust western courts more than Indian courts. Most Indian men have no idea how corrupt the Sessions and District courts are. High courts are corrupt too, depending on the state.

        There is one law whose equivalent doesn’t exist in any other country: 498A. Plus when it comes to rape cases, they all make use of forensic analysis. If your DNA wasn’t found on her then the case will most likely be thrown out. in India, forensic analysis is rarely used and all cases involving women boil down to a he-said she-said scenario where the woman’s testimony is considered true by default. in India, “Innocent under guilty” doesn’t apply to cases where the accused is male and the alleged “victim” is female. These days you have to actively prove your innocence. Otherwise, you are considered guilty from the get-go.

        There is a right to a speedy trial, which doesn’t exist in India. There are thousands of men lying in pre-trial detention (which just another term for jail) awaiting trial all over India.

        Also, I feel like there’s huge pressure by the feminist lobby in India to increase the conviction rate by any means. The lowest courts seem to have a very low bar in convicting males. There have been obvious fake rape cases where the lower court wrongly convicted the accused and the High Court or Supreme Court finally saw that he was innocent and released him on appeal.

        The real reason to move out is, like I said, to get a first world passport. It’s far easier to move around the world (both for work and pleasure) on say, a UK passport than an Indian passport. And like I said, due to OCI/PIO you can always return back to India.

        As far as “what country”. Well, there are only a handful of options where gaining citizenship fairly quickly is a possibility. US isn’t one of them — Indians take decades to get a green card these days, let alone citizenship. The easier countries are Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. If you have a few years of experience in IT and are good in English then moving to any of these countries is easy.

        Don’t believe western MRA’s who whine about the situation in the west etc etc. If they were told about India’s DV act and 498A (and a bunch of others), they’d reverse their stance and thank their lucky stars they weren’t born in India.

        Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not like one of those self-hating Indians who go abroad and start hating their ancestral homeland, their culture, their values, their religion etc. But I see the writing on the wall for us Indian men…


  2. Oh and one more thing I forgot to comment about…

    The average Indian male on the street actually supports these laws. They never think that they’ll be abused to target the innocent. Sure, there are exceptions like you and me but most men are fully in support of such regressive laws. Don’t believe me? Then the next time you use the metro or the local buses, ask as many men about their honest opinion on this. A majority of them will be in favor. Only a tiny minority know the ultimate consequence of these laws — the destruction of the Indian family unit and complete emasculation of the Indian male.

    It’s actually sad to see how naive most Indian men are and how blind they seem to be. They refuse to acknowledge the ever-spreading darkness and evil.

    I saw this in my own family members. When the draconian DV bill was passed it was praised by my father. Same when the one-sided anti-male workplace harassment laws were passed. When I expressed my displeasure about the ever-increasing quotas and privileges for female students, I was chastised by my uncles and told that it was actually a positive change!

    On a sidenote: mark my words — while there won’t be cast-based quota in corporate jobs there will be a female quota sooner or later. These laws are always passed based on the boiling frog principle — if you cook the frog slowly then it won’t jump out and save itself (i.e. there won’t be any rioting in the streets if such regressive policies are adopted little-by-little). At first the quota will be something like 10% and slowly it’ll be increased to 50%. Of course they’ll only target white collar jobs in IT and management first as the men that belong to this segment have the least power in Indian society. I guarantee this will happen before 2025.


  3. I think this is time to fight against gender biased laws and atmosphere created by feminists against Indian men and Indian family system on false and exaggerated grounds of Dowry and Domestic violence while husband is cheated by wife as well as his in laws. His hard earned money is taken away in the name of Stridhan, Maintenance or alimony. Girls father never gives girls share in the property of father while he is supposed to give adequate share at the time of marriage to start new life by spouse. Men now wake up and go to Supreme Court to challenge Gender biased laws- Hindu marriage act, Dowry prohibition Act, Domestic violence Act, etc as these are against natural justice to men and discriminatory , as Muslims laws are discriminatory for women.


  4. Socialists (Democrats) are the useful idiots of dictators and a fairly ignorant lot. It should be readily apparent to everyone that everyone but the politically elite in Venezuela and Cuba are poor. The Scandinavian welfare state is imploding, too. There will soon be a revolt in Canada as well. It’s plain to see there’s a low IQ correlation with Socialists, Democrats and the left in general and that Democrats feel entitled to other people’s money – making them clear socialists.

    Tis why the MSM never talks about the ‘dark side’ of socialism. You’ll never hear about the suffering already well underway in Scandinavia because the state controls the media. The same is happening across Europe – more and more they forbid the media from posting bad press regarding socialism, ‘diversity’ and mass immigration. They want you to remain ignorant so that their plan to force wealth and power from others to themselves can succeed. They don’t want you to know that the real reason for mass immigration is to cover the failures of feminism and the rapidly declining native birth and marriage rates. The MSM loves Castro and Maduro, because the MSM is now chock to the brim with wanna be dictators – aka ‘journalists’.

    Prostate cancer is an illness. Having a baby is a life choice. Should men pay for women’s cars as well as their maternity ‘life choices’? If women decide to get into accidents on purpose, should men still have to pay for that, too? What about reducing the world population, reducing resource consumption and climate change? Shouldn’t women be punished for having babies? So if you decide not to do much with your life or obtain a worthless degree, everyone else should pay for it? Same with your health – if you decide to destroy it through bad habits and choices – should everyone else have to pay for your bad choices? To a socialist (Democrat) – the answer is of course a resounding “YES!”

    Free food, free housing, free healthcare, free childcare, free minimum income, free education, mandatory paid maternity leave, minimum mandatory income, open borders! Wow. You socialists sure do love your forced wealth and power transfer from the producers to the consumers. Ah…the joys of the welfare state (socialism) and the millions upon millions that will be murdered should they stand in socialism’s (Democrat’s) way.

    It’s all so obvious. Since men built and maintained all of civilization, since men were trafficked, exploited and disposed of for women’s and the states advancement and all of the laws that give women and the state their rights and privileges over the common man, shouldn’t there be a female-only draft and a 100% female-only front-line fighting force, in reparation to men, as it was men’s lives that were sacrificed at the alter of two circles and a triangle and women’s true husband (the state). Shouldn’t the state be the first sent to the front lines since they’re the primary tax payer teat suckers?

    How bouts some quotas for women in the most dirty, most dangerous, most life threatening and life shortening jobs (traditional male roles) instead of only the most prestigious, most powerful, most lucrative positions? You see, this is why socialism sucks. It’s so easy to defeat logically, but only if you’re able to think logically and not just wif yo feewings.

    Hypocrisy and double standards are synonymous with socialism (aka feminism, aka Democrats). Socialists are so ignorant that they don’t realize the ‘leaders’ of socialist states eventually plunder the ‘public trust’ and transfer it all to their personal offshore accounts, leaving the vast majority of the population enslaved and in deep poverty. But no one knows until it’s too late because the state controls the media. By the time the public learns the truth – it’s all over but the dying. Shared misery – it’s a Democrat/socialist thing.

    Go to Venezuela, Democrats. Please go and please don’t come back. There you’ll find your socialist utopia. That or go to South Africa, where they kill non-blacks for sport – with full government support. Or illegally immigrate to the Middle East, where you’ll be beaten, raped, ransomed, tortured and only then beheaded and thrown in prison.

    The most amoral ideology on the planet is in fact socialism – and Democrats are the primary supporters of socialism in America; hence Democrats are enemies of the state, a clear and present danger to America’s Constitution and a direct threat to freedom loving peoples the globe over.

    Socialism = Feminism = Democrat. It’s the forced wealth and power transfer from men to women & the state, because two circles and a triangle. The common men build and maintain society – get used, exploited and disposed of – do all of the fighting and dying for women’s and the state’s advancement – and then women and the state destroy those same men and ‘culturally appropriate’ the spoils of ‘toxic masculinity’ for themselves. It’s a good game if you’re a part of the many resplendent ‘oppressed’ victim groups (i.e, a female, gay, lesbian, transgender, minority or politician).

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    • you are so right. You said it all.

      we need to realize there is no short cut out, no route to escape: we get ready to meet the axis of Jihad-Feminazism-Communism (whatever they might call themselves is irrelevant, multiculturalism-epowermemnt-Anti-Islamophobics).


  5. Yes, become a brahmachari, you do not have to depend on the women. If you are not around them, then all of the problems are solved. This world itself is a place of misery. One way or other you have to suffer. If you can control your sex desire, you are free. Only chant Hare Krishna and be happy and go back home back to Godhead. We should not try to enjoy this dirty critical material nature, which is full of complicity. Haribol!.


  6. What if they don’t listen? Shouldn’t we start preparing our boys for it. Like starting schools only for boys to fight it, discouraging co education for better future.

    Teaching boys how to make money using share market and giving them a indefinite edge. Teaching boys how and why you should stay away from women especially Indian women.

    If we have above things in our minds boys will be unbeatable and I am pretty sure about it.


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