Bangalore Woman Created Molestation Drama. This Is How She Was Exposed

A Bangalore woman tried to create a molestation drama when she posted a story about her molestation by an auto driver in a Facebook page named ‘Bengalis in Bangalore’. This woman named Joyeeta Mukherjee posted this story in Bengali –

Joyita Mukherjee
The post by Joyeeta Mukherjee

The story written in Bengali, says this –

“I heard Bangalore is safe for girls….

My foot!!!

I am new to Bangalore. I got married one year ago. I live with my husband in Cotton Pet area. I don’t know Bangalore roads properly and I am a housewife. For one work I had to go to Rajaji Nagar area alone. My husband was out of station for work.

When I was returning from Rajaji Nagar, the auto driver was not a human. Even the mad dogs on streets are better. He took me to a wrong route. When I asked where he was taking me, he said, it was shortcut. In the end, he stopped in a lonely area and was touching me all over. He was a local guy. …”

The last part of her update on the FB page was something like this –

“I somehow managed to set myself free with my pepper spray and also managed to take the auto number. I suggest all girls should keep pepper spray and a small knife with them for their safety.”

Immediately she got a lot of members sympathizing with her and people talking about how bad Bangalore roads had become for women. Men who tried to reason out was summarily bashed up by all.

Then another member of the group found that profile to be fake. This is what he had to post after some time –

Sameer Roy
Summary – I asked vehicle number to Joyeeta Mukherjee, she blocked me. Someone else asked the police station she blocked them as well. This is a fake profile.

He noticed that Joyeeta was not answering the questions on her thread properly and that raised his doubt and then he found that profile was fake after some analysis.

A woman member of the group found her story similar to a video they had seen earlier. When she raised that point in Joyeeta’s post, she was blocked –

Sayantani Biswas
Sayantani Biswas – I saw a video similar to her story. the moment I shared that in her post I was blocked.

Naturally other women in the group were shocked –

Mouparna Biswas
Mouparna Biswas – Shocking!! Being a woman she posted like this. Now I will be afraid of showing sympathy to anyone. Sameer Ray – Show sympathy after analyzing. Avi Chakraborty – First evaluate the story. If you had opened the profile, you would have understood.

People could catch easily that she wanted to be popular –

Bhaswati Chakroborty – But what could be the intention behind posting a story on such a sensitive matter?

Soon women were angry –

Angry women
Nelie Neogi Konar – My god!! So many different types of people. Mentally sick. Suchismita Banerjee – Really..ridiculous…so jobless. Pinki Ghosh – ..and shaming Bangalore

A woman in fact ordered pepper spray after reading her post and later realized that she should not have hurried up –

Pepper Spray
Immediately after reading this post I ordered pepper spray. Looks like I should not have hurried so much.

Members could easily spot the story as shown in a video.

This video exposed her totally. Only the van of the video was changed to auto in her story.

Many writers, filmmakers create stories on women safety issues by exaggerating facts. They might be trying to raise awareness but they don’t realize that their work actually creates extreme male hatred in society. With every such creative work, hatred towards males increase and women start feeling more unsafe. The woman who ordered a pepper spray to survive in Bangalore is not an isolated example. The reason all woman jump to support such stories is that they inherently feel more unsafe with such videos or stories without any reason. It is pertinent to note, that all such stories must be vetted properly before believing, else as a society we will continue to dance to the tune of these criminals.


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