You Need To Remember These 10 Lessons Learnt And BoycottCCD

[We express our deep condolences to the family of the Cafe Coffee Day Founder Mr V G Siddhartha for his tragic death. When we raised this campaign to boycott his chain CCD, we wanted to highlight the wrong practices by him and misandric attitude. Wish he could get our message at that time. Aum Shanti.]


Original BoycottCCD campaign article of 2017 – 

In a recent incident in a Jaipur outlet of CafecoffeDay, a customer found cockroaches in their fridge and when he was recording the same using his mobile phone, he was slapped by a woman staffer of the outlet and later the company filed a false sexual harassment complaint against the man Arpan Verma who is according to his Twitter profile a student of National Law University, Delhi.

Here is a video of the incident shot by Arpan and uploaded by news channel Aaj Tak –

The Jaipur CCD incident teaches us 10 important lessons of life –

1. Unhygienic food served at CCD

After watching the video Arpan has shown to the world, this point does not need any more explanation. These images circling in social media thus become a correct representation of hygiene in CCD.

Meme going viral on CCD incidence

2. CCD would not hesitate to file a false case to cover gross violations

According to news Cafe Coffee Day officials took their female staffer to the police station and filed a sexual harassment complaint against Arpan instead of punishing their staff. This shows how arrogant V G Siddhartha’s company could be when all they needed was to punish the staff for her misbehaviour and compensate the consumer adequately. Filing a false sexual harassment complaint not only undermines the gravity of such crime but also raises serious questions about the Indian legal system and how public money can be exploited to deal with such baseless complaints. This raises a serious question on the safety of the general public under the hands of criminals.

3. Legal terrorism by CCD is not an isolated incident

After filing a false complaint against Arpan CafecoffeDay actually tried to negotiate terms with Arpan by saying that he needed to withdraw his complaint and they will withdraw theirs. Per this tweet from Arpan’s friend, this becomes a gross violation of the civil rights of humans –

The man who got false sexual harassment complaint on raising the cockroach issue

This shows to all so-called justice warriors that laws are not only grossly misused but they are meant to harass people. Many would have already had such experience from family laws, and now even after showing his evidence if Arpan and his law student friends had to undergo this ordeal, we understand legal terrorism is not an isolated and small matter in India.

4. Consumers no longer king to CCD

Not only to CCD but to many companies probably the customer is not the king. They only say that for being in the business but in reality they follow other practice. Even though I mentioned CCD specifically but many of us may have such ordeals in our daily life with other vendors and we just shut our mouth without raising the issue the way Arpan did.

Jaipur Cafecoffeday incident also had other customers in the shop who had protested against serving unhygienic food but the outlet staff was adamant to budge in. That shows clearly that they were not taught to put the customer first because if they did they wouldn’t have allowed those bugs to sneak in.

5. Women are insensitive towards crimes against men

If we check the behaviour of other general women (who do not identify themselves as MRAs) we find a shocking silence everywhere. Arpan’s FB post with the video link was shared mostly by concerned men many of whom would have done the same with nastier comments against the guy if genders were reversed.

We found only a few women’s comments on Arpan’s FB wall and they were not bothered about the crime committed by the woman but was bothered about the hygiene of Cafe Coffee Day food.

Angry netizens on CCD

Some women like her went one step ahead in finding a victim in the CCD staffer –

Tweet supporting CCD staffer

These are sure reasons to understand why Indian women will ever remain in victimhood. If we say even Nirbhaya rapists were also ‘poor souls’ and might be mentally sick too so they needed help and not the punishment the world will break loose.

6. No matter what, feminists will say “All violence is male generated”

It is pertinent to notice that Arpan did not hit back at the girl and said this as a reason –

Feminists still have a very good reason to say ‘All violence is male generated’. They say women are basically nonviolent but becomes violent due to long drawn patriarchal oppression. As Savita Kaur in her series of tweets mentioned ‘she was trying to defend her job’ and feminist theorists say patriarchal bias prohibits employers to employ female employees. This dual tension would have led to her resorting to violence. Men need to learn that feminists have good sounding theories for everything.

7. Feminized Men will forget their right to self-defence

Despite being a law student, Arpan did not use violence for self-defence. This is a typical example of how men feel that their security is unimportant when women almost never think so. Our younger generation today are taught through lessons of feminism and law school in particular that how women are victims of age-old oppression and how men are criminals. These younger minds are easily manipulated into believing that their security is not important before a woman’s security. Many are doubtful if Arpan would observe restraint if the male CCD staff had hit him.

8. Feminized Men will not have their dignity

Another important point to note from Arpan’s ordeal has he still used language like ‘lady’ and not some expletives as a woman in his place would have used. Also, men commenting on either the Youtube videos or Arpan’s FB wall was restrained in slamming the CCD woman. If the genders were reversed in this case we would have seen many women colouring Indian men in general and Arpan in particular in choicest expletives.

In fact not only Arpan, his other friends from NLU too focused more on CCD’s hygiene issue rather than on the assault –

Friend of the man who got false cases

This kind of behaviour from law students only raise serious concern about the public safety of our sons. It is hard to believe that Arpan and his friends are saints who are into law instead of being in the Himalayas by the pressure of patriarchal gender roles. This ignorance of their personal dignity only tells us that feminized men will not only forget to save themselves but will also self-pity them. They don’t understand that when they exhibit such behaviour, that becomes a direct threat to the existence of many other men and the way crime is defined.

9. Police are duty-bound to register false cases

Many are slamming Jaipur police for registering a false case even when Arpan’s video clearly showed that the girl has hit him without provocation. However, it is pertinent to understand that police is duty-bound to register an FIR from any woman otherwise there are hundreds of organizations to corner police and that may lead to punitive action against the concerned police officer too. If this case serves as an eye-opener people should start raising questions in the appropriate forum about why police need to register such complaints that only inflates the crime data that feminists can show in the future. None of these cases can be termed as ‘false’ case yet the hearing will go on for years. A similar example is the Jasleen Kaur case where she had not attended the courts and only Saravjeet is running around the court. Saravjeet was another decent guy who was framed first by Jasleen and then by militant media and such false cases continues to choke our judiciary without punishment of so-called women ‘victims’.

10. Even lawyers need help from biased laws

Arpan’s ordeal reminds us that even lawyers need help from biased laws but they don’t care. The reason, they have a bar council. The case is different for Arpan because he is not yet an advocate. If he was an advocate, he would have informed the bar council and the bar would have protected him from the worse ordeal. If one reason of the lawyers being insensitive to such laws is the feminized way their teachers teach them then the other could be this protection the bar offers. Common men don’t have this luxury of protection and hence it is only common men who suffer, yet they are the ones who get continuously fooled by feminists.


Few Points on VG Siddhartha’s death

On July 30 2019,  V G Siddhartha the founder of CCD committed suicide by jumping into a river in Mangaluru. He claimed in a letter written earlier to his employees that he was being haunted by the Income Tax department on his investments and monetary deals. Even though this death is sad, this is the result of his following unclean path and resorting to illegal ways instead of providing customer service. In the madness of women empowerment, his company continued to misbehave with male customers and there are many incidents reported to Indian MRAs where women employees of CCD misbehaved with male customers.

Such a business which is based on unethical practices were designed to fail and we don’t feel sorry for this loss. He created jobs but in an unethical manner, he humiliated his majority of customers and expected to become profitable. Which two expectations do not match.



  1. Boycott all products which show male in bad taste, spread ill feelings against men or make a mockery of Indian marriage system either Paint companies or any other products and men should remain away from all demonstrations against males. Feminists have only one agenda to criticize Indian customs, traditions to destabilize Indian harmonious relations families.
    Why Nehruji did not talk the Triple Talak system among Muslims while worst sufferers are Muslim women, He introduced Hindu Marriage act in the name of reforms, which have proved most harmful for Indian family system , No gender gained out of Gender biased laws except spoiling Indian harmonious family system.


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