Hidden Figures: A Feminist Movie That Exposes Feminism

Hidden Figures – when that confidence was not arrogance

– Hi, are the calculations done?

– Yes, my guys are checking them once again

-Get the girl to check the numbers, if she says the numbers are good, I am okay to go.

It was a conversation between US astronaut John Glenn and director of Space Task Group, Al Harrison minutes before the launch of Friendship mission, a mission to make a human orbit around the earth. They were talking about calculations of astronaut’s re-entry point into earth’s gravity and precise landing point on earth.

Hidden Figures – when those were not nude marches

The calculations were mind-boggling. There was an army of male engineers deployed at NASA’s Space Research Center to solve those complicated mathematical puzzles to derive complex Fibonacci numbers.

There was a woman who checked the computational accuracy of those numbers. And all including the director of the space program and the astronaut himself trusted her calculations more than that of even IBM mainframe computers.

Hidden Figures – when feminism was also being responsible

Hidden Figures is a story written by Margot Lee Shetterly based on what the movie makers demand to be true but we don’t guarantee such truth, about three African-American female mathematicians at NASA and directed by Theodore Melfi.

Hidden Figures – when feminism was also about caring for family

This film on NASA’s mission shows the equality movement for ‘colored’ people in early ‘60s Americas and the racism that they had to overcome. But while showing the fight for equality and the initial struggle of feminists there the movie also exposes feminists a big way.

Hidden Figures – when feminism was not about hating boys

Movie’s main female characters – display the natural human traits that gained respect and empathy of billions. Their struggle was valued and created trend-setting changes to the world because they were still humans and took care of their responsibilities.

Hidden Figures – when feminists showed different sorts of curves

Today’s feminists, however, have gone overboard with their demands (I call these “shemands”) that create hatred against males and society to a great extent. The movie clearly shows how feminism and equality movement shaped in those days and why that was a necessity. But with unprecedented success feminists have become ever jealous and narrow-minded and became female chauvinists.

Hidden Figures – when merrymaking was not about drunken bash and abusive gestures

Today feminism has become a symbol of nude protests, showing bodily curves, male hatred, drunken irresponsible behavior, self-centered narrow-minded attitude. Those confident yet polite gestures had become rude and violent outbursts. The movie Hidden Figures bares it all for feminists. That is why today’s feminists need to watch this and know what feminism truly was.

Hidden Figures – when feminists respected religious cultural values

The film shows the struggle that one goes through while accomplishing something for the first time. The legitimate demands get widespread support and acceptability in due course and one does not need to be vulgar. Often we do not recognize the value of these accomplishments if we inherit those by birth. That is when our demands start hurting humanity. That is what happened to feminism today. Hidden Figures a movie that upholds feminism also exposes them.

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*This article is based on whatever is shown in the movie. That does not mean these incidents really happened or are true as shown in the movie


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  1. Today’s modern woman is demeaning, demanding, insulting, condescending, controlling, manipulative all wrapped up in a me, me, me selfish attitude


  2. Are you truly as ignorant as your article purports you to be, or have you exaggerated your idiocy specifically on this platform? Clearly you don’t understand anything about feminism and feminists, so maybe you should refrain from writing poignantly on such topics and stick to what you know instead. I just wasted five minutes of my life reading this piece of jackassery, and that actually maddens me more than your ill advised opinion on this movie and feminism. Also, please get someone to proofread your articles before you publish them? It’s painful to take on the additional task of trying to somehow decipher sentences which are otherwise incomprehensible. Thanks for nothing, buddy


    • This shows you also have no idea about feminism. Don’t just try to give free advice here because I may be knowing more about feminism than you do. So if you have any real point to make, please do else be where you are. Your comment shows feminism is actually some shit that even feminists have no idea about


      • Hahahha lololol. You really are ignorant. Wow. Although, it’s my fault really. This website reeks of ignorance and stupidity. “On behalf of the ignored gender” hahahahha what a joke. Good laugh


      • Hi. As a man, and sincerely, as a human being, if you feel men are an ignored gender, buddy, whoever you are, you need help.


  3. Usually people who don’t know the basic information about a particular stuff can get into an argument with you on that topic…and that’s the case right here Partha…but remember that brother….nowadays as soon as they don’t agree …they will not reason with you and straight go over to tell you that you are ignorant, fool, misogynist, male chauvinist…And that you don’t know about the topic…at the same time they will not give you any proof of why they think you’re wrong and they are right….u can’t win an argument against someone who doesn’t get into reason and straight away curse the one they don’t agree with…because slander becomes the weapon of fool when he has no reasoning….that’s why these girls above pointed that you don’t know feminists and feminism…but why didn’t she explain feminism …why don’t we just let reasons and fact decide what the truth is here…its a common tactic by women to declare any man ignorant ,misogynist, chauvinist…because of new trend everyone I don’t like is hitler….i saw your replies and you were replying to them in the same way…but my whole point(soory to make it long) is that you can not convince a feminist about the truth of feminism, you can’t show light to the one who is blind…so this site is extremely useful for men community …but you will keep getting backlash from these women in non sensible ways like just cursing without providing reasons for their comments……IF YOU WILL MAKE A SIMILAR COMMENT ,YOU WILL GO DOWN TO THEIR CHEAP LOW LEVEL…SO PARTHA EITHER DON’T REPLY TO THESE BITCHES…OR ONE SURE EASY WAY TO WIN ANY ARGUMENT IS TO FORCE THE ARGUMENT IN THE DIRECTION OF FACTS AND REASONS…WHICH CAN BE DONE BY ASKING QUESTIONS AND THEN THESE NON SENSE PEOPLE WILL RUN AWAY AND WILL DELETE THEIR COMMENT…IF YOU ASKED THE GIRL ABOVE TO EXPLAIN FEMINISM AND GIVE NAME OF ANY OF THE FEMINISTS….YOU COULD END THE THE ARGUMENT RIGHT AWAY THROUGH FACTS….AND WHO KNOWS FACTS MORE THAN YOU BROTHER…..SO NEXT TIME EITHER DON’T REPLY OR IF YOU DO ASK THEM AND PUT THEM IN SILENT MODE…LET THE FACTS TALK…LETS BE ON THE NEUTRAL GROUND …LET THE REASON DECIDE WHAT IS TRUE….


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