Awesome! Woman Exposes Another Claiming To Be An MRA

Diana of Feminism Lol

No matter what women does, they get instant popularity. When they talk about men’s rights the popularity soars very high, it is like instant fame. Many MRAs start thinking of her as messiah of men without realizing the fact that she may not be bothered about men or men’s rights at all.

Diana Davison who runs the You Tube channel ‘Feminism Lol’ exposes one such female MRA in this video –

ll This video was removed by the channel ll

Points to note for Indian MRAs–

  1. A woman talking about misuse of laws may not be an MRA at all. Any human being irrespective of gender needs to protest against law misuse otherwise they must have vested interest in the corrupt system.
  2. A popular female Indian MRA did not believe Rohtak Sisters were criminals even after watching the video of merciless beating of three men. She fought with other MRAs that the guys might be at fault until those MRAs challenged her to visit Rohtak and take the eye witness account. Rest is history.
  3. That popular Indian female MRA did not believe that Bangalore mass molestation was a false media propaganda after four days of the incident when MRAs started protesting the same. She believed it would have happened since all media was talking about it even if there was no evidence to mass molestation.
  4. A woman lawyer claiming to be an MRA started abusing tenured and seasoned male MRAs in a MRA group by saying – “without we women supporting your rights, do you think you guys will be able to achieve anything?”

Don’t believe that every woman who supports men’s rights is a Men’s Rights Activist. She may be a plain attention seeker without any botheration about men’s issues.



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