Dear Men! This Is How Delhi Metro Hates You

Notice Against Men in Delhi Metro

This message found in Delhi Metro is sending shock waves through India. Social media is shocked by the extreme form of misandry shown by Metro authorities that left men in India fuming in anger.

The message displayed in Delhi Metro read –

Do you know why we don’t have a men’s coach in metro?

That’s because there are hardly any men in Delhi.


be a man”

The message in a way term all men as molesters and that enraged women too. However, many women were found to support this message and bashed men for being butthurt by this.

If this was done against women, NCW, WCD or even courts would have taken suo moto action against Metro authorities for such sexist message. However, because this is said against men, no authority seems to be bothered.

Men’s rights groups are however taking on metro authorities directly and planning strict action against metro authorities.



  1. I register my strong protest against the misandrist notice in Delhi Metro. The men’s right activists along with women supporters should take the Delhi Metro authorities to task. Though I myself a woman, I observe that these days women are harassing men by taking advantage of the women tilted laws. There are many bad women as well and men needs legal protection from loose women. Also, all men are not bad.

    The radical feminism imported from the USA by some English speaking populace would ruin Indian families. We all should be on guard.


  2. Really a time will come when indeed there will be no men to protect women. Lets see what feminists have to blame then on.
    F@** feminism and maginas like F Akthar.
    Hail Donald Trump


  3. I am more shocked in a pleasant way at the outrage among 90% of people including men and women. We are now slowly realizing the harm done by feminism.


  4. This is insane how can they right this

    No respect for their own father’s brothers

    Do he’ll with it I will post some banners inside metro and the let’s see how public reacts

    Wtf is wrong with these feminist


  5. Hi Partha

    Firstly, I begin by appreciating the good work you are doing by raising awareness about discrimination against men inherent in our society through your blog.

    I believe that Delhi Metro as a transport system that has emerged as an institution with the most rampant discrimination against its men. Delhi Metro prides itself as being a safe haven for its women passengers but it serves as a transport mode detrimental to the interests of its male passengers.

    This poster with anti-male hate speech scribbled all over it is the last thing needed in the metro coaches. Aren’t these coaches already littered with anti-male signage marking seats meant exclusively for women and yes, a women-only coach too in addition to that in every train.

    Though I don’t use Delhi Metro, but I have used it atleast once on of the rare occasions in the past. Whoa! And, what an experience it has been with its crowded bogies with people packed like sardines, jostling for space.

    I have heard horror stories of men being mobbed & beaten-up by the female passengers & fined for mistakenly entering a female-only coach.

    Would any first time traveler even have an inkling that a coach could be reserved exclusively for women in some public mode of transport meant to serve the interests of the public (ie. men and women) and not just women alone? Such a pathetic set-up has no parallel in any of the subway systems around the world.

    Do the Metro authorities consider the pink-colored women-only arrow painted on the floor of the very crowded station platform, conspicuous and comprehensive enough to warn the naive male passengers against boarding that reserved-for-women coach. They must be nuts if they think so.
    And, on top of that, the trains have rest of its coaches with seats meant only for women travelers as if an entire separate coach wasn’t enough for them. These seats often go empty for the want of women passengers but male passengers can’t use them for the fear of being humiliated in public.

    What irks me the most is the chivalry (read: slavery) extended by some fellow men as they willingly offer their own seats to other women despite all the above mentioned, in-built reservations protecting the female interests.

    How about women standing up and offering their seats to men in the name of gender equality for a change? I know there wouldn’t be any takers for it and the mere suggestion would be laughed-off with great insensitivity by many.
    What about women who themselves push & shove men in these crowded coaches and then, turn around to portray themselves as victims and falsely accuse men of ‘improper touch’, thanks to the wonderful laws of our land.

    Delhi Metro has become a bastion of gender apartheid (anti-male discrimination).
    It might be an impractical idea to boycott it as a mode of transport but protesting against this flawed set-up may help.


    • Not only in Delhi, friend.. But I have seen the same chivalry and the lack of seats in Kolkata Metro. This is also seen in state buses (if you ever come to or have traveled in the blue- yellow colored ones) of Kolkata (probably in other metros also) where in a group of seats are reserved for ladies yet I have seen the ladies sitting and chatting (while in a crowded bus) nonchalantly on seats which should have been (but obviously are not c/o Supreme Court) reserved for men. They NEVER even care to get up when a tired man is standing near them. (except in case if the person is a senior citizen).Obviously I have also seen senior men who are sitting in lades seats ford to give up their seats (out f their own accord or the more obvious one, a condescending glance from the lady in waiting or the over chivalrous men surrounding her) Moreover it is in that (general as is named) side that the Sr citizens/ Handicapped seats are. So on the average the number of seats allocated to a man is less as compared to a woman. I even talked to a conductor about it. But he grinned helplessly…


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